Friday, November 09, 2007

How Brian Mulroney Could Hurt Stephen Harper

OK forget what I said last night about leaving this country. It's not that Canada has magically improved overnight. In fact, now it's cold AND raining. So it's even MORE depressing.

But the reason I'm not going anywhere Is that NOTHING....however bad or boring could ever ...and I mean EVER...make me miss this.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Friday he will appoint an independent third party to review new allegations by German-Canadian businessman Karlheinz Schreiber over his dealings with former prime minister Brian Mulroney

Not because I care what happens to that old relic Mulroney. The only thing I can't forgive him for is his Bojangles act with Ronald Reagan at the Shamrock Summit.

This public display of sucking up to Reagan may have been the single most demeaning moment in the entire political history of Canada's relations with the United States.

But because I think it could really hurt Stephen Harper and his Noose Party.

Not just because of this stunning allegation.

The court papers also drew Harper into the bitter lawsuit for the first time by claiming Mulroney was to meet with the prime minister last summer to discuss the matter, a claim Harper vehemently denied.

Although I do think if Harper denies it...... and he's serious about protecting the office of the Prime Minister as he says he is......he should take a lie detector test.

But also because there are so many Mulroney loyalists in the Noose Party government who worship the bloated relic. And so many old Reformers who hate him. It could get really interesting in really nasty. Or EXCELLENT...if you love the sight of screeching cons tearing themselves apart. Like I do.

But of course the part I like the BEST is the guilt by association angle. I mean if the Cons used Gomery to smear the entire Liberal Party....I say the Liberals should use the Mulroney paint the Cons from head to toes... with stinky fecal matter. Don't you?

Look I don't know whether Brian Mulroney is guilty of anything. But when you get $300,000 in chunky envelopes of cash...allegedly to set up a pasta business....and somehow shady lobbyist and arms dealer Carl Heinz Schreiber doesn't end up tossing spaghetti ...

It doesn't look good.

And since in politics perception is EVERYTHING. And the inquiry could be carried live on tv, day after day, week after week, month after month. After a while if you ask Canadians what they think of when you say CONS, I wouldn't be surprised if they think SLEAZY CROOKS.

Oh yes...if by any chance this inquiry is conducted in secret...then you NAIL Harper for covering up. And ask Canadians can you trust this man with ANYTHING ? And what about that hidden agenda?

You know if you love Canada you've got to hate Stephen Harper.

If you hate Stephen Harper you've got to LOVE Brian Mulroney.


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