Monday, November 19, 2007

Japan's Disgusting Humpback Whale Hunt

I see the Japanese pirate fleet is off on another mission to turn the sea red with whale blood. And this time they're also going after the magnificent humpbacks.

Japan says such research is vital to understanding the size of whale populations, the age and reproductive status of the creatures and the effects of environmental damage, but critics denounce it as commercial whaling in disguise. Most of the meat from the scientific hunts is sold to markets and restaurants, and the profits are used to fund future expeditions.

Outlaws.... liars.... greedy gluttons ......monsters.

Some studies of Japanese and Norwegian hunts indicate that fewer than 30% of whales are killed instantaneously by the harpoon, with wounded animals surviving up to one hour.

The IWC permits "Secondary killing methods" to be applied to an injured whale, including towing it to the side of the boat and electrocuting it with an "electric lance", and shooting it with a rifle.

Unlike other mammals, whales are conscious breathers - their breathing is a voluntary action. Therefore, it has been suggested that an injured whale which continues to breath is awake, and potentially suffering high levels of pain and stress.

I hope something can be done to stop this criminal slaughter. Personally I'm hoping for a perfect storm....or a lucky iceberg.

But just in case that doesn't happen....I think sending the Japanese embassy an e-mail ....and urging them to recall their fleet or we'll boycott the hell out of their Made in Japan products.....might be a good idea.

I think we should tell them what most of the civilized world already knows.That it doesn't matter how many humpbacks there are out there singing to each other.

Those gentle giants should NEVER AGAIN be hunted.

Except with a camera....

Now imagine a harpoon exploding in their backs...and then go tell the Japanese what you think of them.

If we don't stand up for these magnificent, gentle, smart and sentient, but defenceless giants...

Who will?


Jay said...

Be sure to mention in any correspondence that the hunt is a great dishonour for the nation of Japan.

Simon said...

Hi Jay!! hey good idea...although when I saw that they has a brass band on hand to see off the ships...I'm not sure it will work. I admire the Japanese for so many things. But on this one they seem to have a blind spot....