Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Is This the Worst Music Video Ever Made?

Sunset on the waterfront. The sky lights up like gold. But it's only four fucking-o-clock in the afternoon. The horror. The horror. The darkness of Canada in November is closing in on me. Help!!!!

It's so hard to be my cheery self. If the gloom doesn't get me down. The news does...

The prospect of living in a fascist country can be soooooo DEPRESSING.

So I thought I'd try to lighten things up by looking for some new videos to add to my awesome collection.

Starting with the oldies on Andrew's list.

But I didn't like any of them...except for the gay classic Smalltown Boy....and that's hardly the song you want to listen to at this time of the year. Unless you're planning to commit suicide.

And then there was the video of the guy who burns his balls trying to light a candle with a flaming fart. But it didn't do it for me either. What an idiot. Didn't anybody tell him you're supposed to use a Bic lighter or a match.....not a Zippo?

Until....just as I was about to give up.... I hit the mother lode.

I stumbled across a buried treasure that I honestly believe MUST be recognized as perhaps the worst music video ever made!!!

But you be the judge....

Ooga chakka... Ooga chakka. What a feeling. What a hoot. It's so bad....... it's TERRIBLE!!!!

But it did make me forget the gloom and my troubles....for at least five minutes. While I changed my underpants.

Until I remembered that Stephen Harper and his neocon thugs are STILL in power.Tomorrow it will get darker sooner that it did today.

And on Thursday it's going to SNOW.

November in Canada.

Isn't life a BEACH?

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