Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Anti-Bullying Week and Canada's Forgotten Kids

In case you hadn't noticed...and I don't blame you...this is Anti-Bullying Week.

In places like Britain it's a big deal.

The government takes bullying seriously.

And YouTube has even created a beatbullying channel.

Good for them.

And in Canada?

Er....not so much. As in practically nothing. Nada. Fuck all.

Even though bullying is a huge problem in this country... and kills so many Canadian kids.

In the immediate aftermath of Joshua's death, Melo painted anti-bullying messages on the side of his white van. The main messages were, "Bullying kills" and "Where are the teachers and parents?"

But what do you expect? Our disgusting SoCon government doesn't do anything to stop bullying...because the religious fanatics who make up their base and demand the freedom to preach hatred against gay kids...would be really angry if they did.

And apart from a dedicated few practically nobody even writes or blogs about the problem...or does ANYTHING to help bullied kids...especially gay ones.

Although while doing a little googling today I came across this trailer for a new short movie from this guy in Saskatoon...about what can happen when bullying is ignored.

Good for him. Anything is better than nothing.

But oh boy. Does it really have to come to that? First the bully. Then the bullied kid with a knife or a gun in his hand. And blood EVERYWHERE.

Wake up Canada. Don't be so retarded.

Do we really have to find out the hard way...with dead kids scattered like broken dolls....

That bullying is EVERYONE'S problem?


Anonymous said...

Hi Simon,

I was quilty of not knowing that it was anti-bullying week. Thanks for this post. I have just emailed same info to friends (mostly those who know young people)

Simon said...

Hi Sassy!!! Don't say guilty. It's just that I'm afraid the media doesn't do a good enough job of getting the message out. I have since found out that there were quite a few events in schools across the country. So I feel better. But there is still so much work to be done...