Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bigots ,Boo Gays, and the Night The Party Died

What can you say when in the gay capital of the world they had to cancel this big Halloween party in the Castro?

Because of the threat of violence.

The festivities started decades ago as a homegrown celebration for San Francisco's gay and lesbian community, but has drawn a scarier element in recent years. In 2002, five people were stabbed. Three years ago, someone wandered the crowds wielding a chain saw.

Last year, nine revelers were shot when a confrontation between two groups of young people erupted into gunfire, despite ramped-up security.

What can you say when a gay which everyone gay and straight is attacked by thugs? Just like the ones who used to attack gay people on Canada's National Homophobia Day.

What can you say about the insane hate aimed at gay love? And the fevered way they maul our lives.

The Gays. They are all over the news lately...And why shouldn't they be? What other topic evokes such anger? What other subject can cause a conversation to devolve into sermons, with people intoning the Bible like the sky was swirling above them in almighty agreement? Certainly not the wars causing all that death. Maybe evolution? Science? Booor-ring! Let's talk about the Gays!

Or exclude us from their world.

While the center stage of the drama "Boo Gays" is occupied by conservative religious groups there are other players lurking in the background, over by the fake tree and cardboard sun. This is a group of people who don't identify themselves as homophobic, per se, (who would want to be some crazy Bible-thumper?) but still don't accept homosexuals as "regular" people.

A gay couple raising a family is somehow weirder than housewives swinging around stripper poles at the local Crunch for their husbands. Hmm.

What can you say about all of that that doesn't sound despairing?

Except matter what the homophobes say or do we're fighting for our human rights...and we'll never stop fighting until we win.. and we get them. As we will. And we're left the fuck alone to live our everyone else.

Oh yes...and that no matter what they say or do...

Halloween is and always will be Gay Christmas !!!

Have a happy and safe one everyone....

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