Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Throne Speech: Is it Time to Leave Canada?

I wanted to write about the Throne Speech today. But I just couldn't.

Life is too short. The weather in Canada is gloomy enough. And the possibility that I could soon be living in a fascist country is enough to depress ANYONE.

Besides I thought Chet summed it up well.

All I would add to that is a little advice for the Liberals: Don't fall into Harper's trap.

Retreat when you have to retreat. Pick the right moment to strike. Let Great Fat Leader get more and more frustrated and crazy...until he's foaming at the mouth.

And people start asking themselves the obvious question: Why does this yankee ass licking bully tyrant want a majority so BADLY?

And then hit him with all you have.

Oh yes...and when he presents his fascist law and order bills ask him why a Big Fat Crime Fighter would scrap the gun registry that police consult about 3,000 times a day to try to stop people from killing THEM.

Aren't our cops TOPS?

Does he REALLY want to turn our country into this one?

One for each side of the bed?

Why Great Fat Leader? Why?

But of course this pathetic yankee stooge wants to change Canada beyond recognition. And if he gets a majority that's exactly what he will do.

Saddle us with a quasi-totalitarian nightmare where women, poor people, gays and lesbians, natives and others will be treated like second class citizens. Religious fanatics will run amok. Bullied gay kids won't stand a chance.

And our country will be hollowed out and turned into a pathetic Mini Me Amerika.

I hope the Liberals and others understand that, and can stop their idiotic bickering and put Canada first.

And I'm certainly preparing to do my part.

But just in case the unthinkable happens...because these days you never know... I'm also planning to move.

Remember how I told you the other day that I had an island?

Well I really do.

Yup. Canada under a fascist government might be exciting...for a while.

And I am trying to keep things in some kind of perspective.

But if Canadians are dum enough to hand a fascist pig like Harper a majority...when they weep about it later....all I'll have to say to them is you DESERVE it.

And isn't life a beach?


Anonymous said...

Yes, the conservatives will keep winning federally. And a majority, they will probably get at some point. The conservatives may be trying to please all sides at the moment, but once they get their full government, you can kiss our freedoms goodbye.

I do mind, but I will enjoy it once those idiots who voted for him realize who they actually voted for.

Unfortunately, however, there is no actual decent party at the moment to rival the conservatives. The liberals have no leader, and the NDP... well, its the NDP. Let's not talk about the green party.

Now, if only there was a member of the communist pary of Canada that one could vote for.... that would shake things up a bit... oh dear.

Anonymous said...

Simon - "Yup. Canada under a fascist government might be exciting...for a while."

Perhaps but PLEASE no longer than .000000001 nanoseconds, and even that would be far too long for me.

Rachid - "kiss freedoms goodbye" No other way to say that, but to imagine the horror of it. Canada - a nation of IDPs.

Oh, my goodness, heavens above, gosh darn and ()#*# $(#)*$ **^#$&*!!!!!!

I also wonder how much more of this sh*t and, how much longer of shoveling it, will it take to wake people (the average Canadian of voting age) up enough speak up at the polls.

Who was it that said "stay calm and wait for the signs"?