Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Flaming Pope and the Priestly Pervert

You know when I read the story about the flaming Pope in Poland I thought it was crazy enough.

From Mother Theresa in a cinammon bun, to the Virgin Mary on a toasted cheese sandwich - images resembling religious icons are regularly spotted in unlikely places.

Now this fiery figure - photographed in a bonfire in Poland - is being hailed as Pope John Paul II making an appearance from beyond the grave.

But then I took another look at the picture and I thought it was even NUTTIER. I mean EVERYONE knows that there aren't any flames in heaven...only in hell. So WTF are those ignorant Polski peasants yapping about ?

If that's the Pope in the Bonfire he's only out because his Satanic Majesty gave him a day pass.

And that's not something to CELEBRATE. Or is it?

Besides don't these dummies know that if you want to see a flaming Pope you have to go to Rome?

Isn't that as OBVIOUS as this story?

Oh not the fact that the alleged pervert is a Canadian. That's shocking and disgusting...and will shame us in the eyes of the world.

But this part....

The lead suspect in an international pedophile investigation volunteered at a B.C. school and was a chaplain with the air cadets in Nova Scotia.

The volunteer work was part of his training at Christ of the King seminary, where Neil was studying to become a priest.

Praise the Lord. And pass the straitjackets and the handcuffs.

Crazy religion working to make the world a crazier and more dangerous place.

Look ...here's my bottom line.

Let them see the Pope in a Pepperoni Pizza. Or Mary in a Mama Burger.

Or Jesus on a fish stick....or a dental X-ray .... or in a nacho pan ....or EVERYWHERE.

Holy Madunga indeed.

Let them live in their crazy world.

Just keep them away from the children...


Anonymous said...

you said it, simon!!!!!!! send them all to an island , a plane drop off because it's not boat accessible....they can live among themselves.

Anonymous said...

I just spent my last medieval history class condemning the bible... it was awesome... the prof was like, i know this is a touchy subject.... but this is what actually happened :P