Thursday, October 04, 2007

Nuit Blanche: Toronto's Excuse For a Party

After more than three years in Hogtown I have to admit that on a beautiful warm day like today it's pretty hard not to like Toronto.

Even though as a Montrealer it's still impossible to love it.

It's just too fixated on making money. And not enough on having fun.

So when I saw this event last excuse to mix art with an all night street party...I was very excited. Especially about the party part.

I grabbed S├ębastien, a couple of other friends, and my video camera, and set off to check it out.

I WAS hoping to make a really classy art video...offer you some quality material for a change.

And there was some really great artsy in the park.

But as for the wasn't as long and as artsy as I hoped....

After that I gave up and joined the party.... And it was wild and good.

Although of course the tightass snooty critics didn't like it at all.

In the parks and on the streets were mostly just a bunch of goofy things – people dressed in costumes or singing silly songs. There were balloons holding up strings of lights. Whatever. It was a great night for quirk.

To which I say....fart....or enema. If Toronto had more excuses for street parties like that one it would be a much better place to live.

Oh for the art. Yawn.

Remind me to check it out next year....


Anonymous said...

hrm, maybe i should check it out next year!

I spent that weekend with friends, the biggest drinking night of my university... HEad of the Trent!

rowing was yawn, parties = long lineups. which is why i just chilled with friends!


Simon said...

Hi Rashid!!!

The biggest DRINKING night? Rashid... isn't Ramadan?
Wait till I tell your spiritual are going to be so GROUNDED!!!!!
What's the gay youth of today coming to????? :)