Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Elephant Man Bites the Dust Again

Well I'm happy to report I don't have to go to Ottawa to confront this murderous homophobe after all. Because the stinky bigot ain't going there either. He just got scratched. Again.

It seems the idiots at the Carleton University Students Association.... who invited Elephant Man to sing for them....have changed their minds.

Sort of...

"I do want to commend Elephant man and his team for offering to sign the Reggae Compassionate Act in front of witnesses and renounce his previous views on homosexuality."


And so have the students at Queens.

“I didn’t want a misunderstanding....I started looking into Elephant Man a little bit more, and along with the managers we decided it was inappropriate for us to be condoning this artist.”

Uh....right. Tell me something...can you REALLY be as dum as a spoon....and still get into a university these days?

And then there's the established gay media. You think they'd be celebrating this latest defeat for murder music. But no...they're not.

They seem to be sympathizing with the idiot organizers instead of with the black and queer groups that are fighting to save our poor brothers and sisters in Jamaica. By trying to make those who have called for gay people to be beaten, or shot, or burned alive PAY for it.

These gay airheads call them "censors." I call them heroes.

People like Akim Larcher of Stop Murder Music (Canada.) You can read more about him in this Warren Kinsella column.

Or this brother and his website.

Isn't THAT great?

You know when a white guy like me goes after murder music and the homophobic zombies of Jamaica I suppose it's worth something.

But when people like him and Akim go after them it's worth a million times more.

And it sends out a powerful message of hope to all our oppressed brothers and sisters in the Caribbean, and sadly many right here in Canada, that some day the oppression and the hate that kills will end.

What I also like about the soulrebels site is that it has a section called "Uplifting." To remind us us that Caribbean music can be so much better than the murder kind.

When it's for everyone and irie.

Just like the Great Bob's music was...

Ok...ok...I know there are too many dorky white people in that video...and not enough Bob.

But the pathetic loser Elephant Man would HATE it.

So don't ya just LOVE that song?


Anonymous said...


These cancellations are good news. As I wrote CUSA to indicate my disappointment with booking Elephant Man, I have also written to commend CUSA for the reversal.

Yes, that is a good song.

Anonymous said...

I’m so out of touch on pop culture I have no idea who Elephant Thingamagig is, (and it better not refer to his dick), but from the photos, me thinks she might consider herself a little special, I’m using the royal She.

"I do want to commend Elephant man and his team for offering to sign the Reggae Compassionate Act in front of witnesses and renounce his previous views on homosexuality."

That’s just polite bullshit.

Somebody must have mentioned record sales, Jamaica isn’t a big market. There still isn’t enough pressure on Jamaica, fucked up stoned breeders with weak egos have had a good time for too long. They need a big reality check.

Simon said...

Hi Sassy..

Yeah it is good news. But as for writing to commend CUSA...that's why you're a nice person and I'm not... :)

Hi Bruce...I know what you mean about the royal She... I mean look at her..and don't you LOVE the cross?
As for CUSA I can't believe university kids could be that dum and naive....oh wait yes I can...:)
But the best part of this is that it helps focus some attention on the plight of Jamaica's gays. And since there is so little of it any little bit helps....