Sunday, October 28, 2007

Crazy Religion and the End of the World

A few questions on a fall afternoon...

If we know where this bomb is going?

The US Department of Defence has asked for an additional $88 million to modify B2 stealth bombers so that they can carry a 30,000lb bomb called the massive ordnance penetrator

And George Bush...who looks crazier every day....warns about the Third World War.

"if you're interested in avoiding World War III . . . you ought to be interested in preventing [Iran] from having the knowledge necessary to make a nuclear weapon."

But we KNOW he is the one who would start it.

And might even welcome it because he believes that Armageddon in the Middle East will lead to the return of "The Messiah."

Just like the equally crazy Ahmedinejad believes that Armageddon will bring back the "Hidden Imam."

Ahmadinejad has publicly declared that one of his missions is to hasten and prepare for the return of the Mahdi.The way to hasten Mahdi's return, Ahmadinejad believes, is to hasten Armageddon.

And meanwhile at the Vatican....a former Nazi Pope beatifies 498 priests who were killed during the Spanish Civil War.

The Vatican staged its largest mass beatification ceremony ever yesterday, putting 498 victims of religious persecution before and during Spain's civil war on the path to possible sainthood.

Tens of thousands attended the ceremony, which drew criticism from some in Spain who saw it as implicit criticism of the Socialist government as it takes a critical look at the country's civil war past and the fascist dictatorship of General Francisco Franco.

But doesn't apologize for the horror his fascist side caused.

And here at home one of Bennie's beastly bishops bans James Loney from addressing a conference on social justice?

Not because he is gay....but because he has a partner.

"I asked if it was because I was gay, and the answer was, 'No, it's because you are in a relationship with man...."

And all over the world people attack others and blow themselves up to please their primitive bloodthirsty gods.

Why are we celebrating ANY kind of religion?

When its monstrous sicko craziness is threatening to destroy us all...


Anonymous said...

simon i love the way you blend several events together and 'bring 'em all home'.

i didn't know about any hidden iman, but that would make sense for ww111 . let's see, if ww1 was 'the great war', and ww11 was 'the war to end all wars....or the big one'....then i think ww111 would be 'the last one'.

ban religion.

Anonymous said...

A message from all of humanity to the crazy people who want to self destruct the planet for their supposed salvation.
Could we have it back and in one piece, thankyou