Tuesday, October 23, 2007

General Hillier's Secret Mission to Change Canada

I see that General Blow Hard has arrived in Kandahar on a surprise visit. Just to "visit his soldiers." Right.

And of course it has NOTHING to do with the Throne Speech where Prime Minister Chickenhawk vowed to keep us in Afghanistan until 2011. But he'll meet with the media later. You KNOW he will.

Just like you know I hate this war in Afghanistan for a whole bunch of reasons....not the least of which is having to argue with some of my best friends all the time... trying to convince them that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

I hate it because the NATO mission doesn't have enough soldiers or resources to carry out the mission. And never will.

I hate it because the conflict been turned into a white hat/ black turban cartoon of a war when the reality is far more complex.

In academic circles, the biggest issue now is: `Are we shooting the right guys?' It stems from the realization that the Taliban is a motley bunch that shifts like a virus and is riddled with seams," said van Kappen, a senior analyst with the Hague Centre for Strategic Studies.

What the Dutch are finding in Uruzgan is that there are many groups who have joined the Taliban for all kinds of reasons – business interests, family reasons, tribal conflicts, smuggling, drugs – layers and layers of factors far too complex for us to ever truly understand.

I hate it because it has made ALL of our political parties look bad. The Stephen Harper Party wants to use it to please George Bush....and to pump up cheap patriotism to win themselves votes.The Liberals want to try to suck and blow at the same time. And the NDP wants us to break our promise to stay there until 2009.

I hate it because these hacks rigged the Afghanistan Study Group...even though the real lives of our soldiers are at stake.

I hate it because it has turned most of our national media into nothing more than pathetic cheerleaders.

But I think that even more than ALL of that I hate Blow Hard Hillier....the most yankee worshipping General we've ever had....for using the the war in Afghanistan...for political purposes.

By setting up Operation Connection. Which masquerades as a recruiting operation. But is really an attempt to change our whole Canadian culture into a more warlike one. And make our military just another cog in the crazy Pentagon war machine.

As Brian Stewart of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reports in this video...Operation Connection is nothing more than a giant propaganda exercise.

I know it's 17 minutes long...but unless you watch it you won't know what's really going on...or understand why General Blow Hard turned up in Kandahar so soon after the Throne Speech.

Hint...hint....it's all about a suitable backdrop.

You know I hate arguing with my friends over Afghanistan because I know their intentions are noble...and their hearts are in the right place.

But if they can't see how Rick Hillier is using the war and the lives of our troops to try to change our country...by acting more like a politician than a General...then they must have blinkers on.

And if they don't see how THAT threatens our democratic system AND our sovereignty. Then nothing I will ever say will ever change their minds.

And they'll wake up one day in a country they won't recognize...

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