Saturday, October 06, 2007

Prince Harry and the Nasty Buzzard

You know something REALLY bothered me about this story.

And not just the sight of one of the Windsor Boys lying on his back dead...instead of just dead drunk.

Or that Harry is missing his ears. But you can buy them if you want.

A bronze casting of his "severed ears" will also be on display at the hotel and will go on sale on the popular auction website eBay at a later date.

Or that the sculptor doesn't know what he is doing or what he is talking about...

"Prince Harry's spirit must have died the day they told him he couldn't serve."

Like fuck it did.

Or even why people would pay tribute to a royal wanker who never went to Iraq because it was too dangerous...and he was too rich. Instead of paying tribute to those who did.

Although that one does bother me a lot.

No. I have to admit that what REALLY disturbs me is why Dead Harry seems to be in a state


And what IS that nasty buzzard looking at?

Oh no. What an awful statue. What a nasty bird. What a horrible thought. That's enough to make ME snort vodka. And I don't even drink.

But of course it could have been worse. Dead Harry could have been wearing his Nazi fancy dress costume. With a swastika on his arm, a drink in one hand, and a cigarette (gasp) in the other.

And instead of his ears they could have put his humongous cock up for auction on e-bay. Can you imagine how much THAT would have been worth?!!!!!!!

Lawdy Lawdy. What WOULD we humble hosers do without the monarchy?

Do you really think we could be a REAL country one day?

And STILL keep Dirty Harry around to entertain us INSPIRE us?

What a lovely thought...


Anonymous said...

haha, great, either my eyesight is getting too bad or i'm losing my dirty old lady ways.

Simon said...

Hi Scout!!! You better get your eyes checked...because I'm not a size queen but even I can see that !!! ;)
Of course to really appreciate the statue you have to see some of the artist's other works of art. Like the statue of Paris Hilton naked with a chihuahua at her throat...and her intestines exposed... Although if you do check it out...don't say I didn't warn you :)