Friday, October 12, 2007

Ann Coulter and the Poop in the Pool

I see the right-wing shemale bitch goddess Ann Coulter is back on the street peddling her skanky wares.

Good Lord....or Heil Hitler. What are we going to do with that nymphomaniacal Nazi hooker? First she tries to fuck the left. Then she started hanging out with the gay porn star Matt Sanchez.

Now she's fucking herself.

Clearly, Ann Coulter needs a wake-up call about the power of words to injure others and fuel hatred. She needs an education, too, about the roots of anti-Semitism.

It is fair to say that the rails leading to Auschwitz were greased by precisely the opinion Coulter expressed on American television this week.

She got away with insulting gays, or calling for Muslims to be deported. But she won't get away with that.

Just don't tell her faithful groupies....because they're still kissing her ass.

But then he would. You know with all that jebesus spouting gibberish it's scary enough to think he's a doctor. But if the Royster loses any more I.Q. points we're going to have to water him like a geranium. Or flush him like a turd.

As for me I've written so much about Ann Coulter I must confess I've run out of insults. I mean after skanky homophobe nazi hooker what more can you say about her?

So I thought I'd let Henry Rollins just say it for me....again.. know that was EXCELLENT. But a bit too intellectual.

I mean you can't expect Dr Roy and The Nazi Hooker's Fan Club to understand some of those fancy words.

So I think I'm going to have to explain to those conservatards just how much trouble their bitch goddess is in.

By using a simpler....and cruder example...

You know seeing the skanky nazi homophobe hooker drowning in a pool of her own bile would be REALLY great.

But seeing her drown in a pool of her own shit ....while her shrinking band of pathetic right-wing groupies suck and blow like carp.

Will be even MORE enjoyable....

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Anonymous said...

Sign of the sick insular society the bloated US has become when airtime and mention is even given to a low-life, no talent, racist and just plain vile excuse for a human being like Coulterjeist.