Thursday, January 23, 2020

The Con Leadership Race and the Day of the Dead

It was just another day in the Con clown leadership race, but before it was over the real face of the Harper Party had been revealed. Again.

And it couldn't be more ugly.

Or for the Cons more like the Day of the Dead.

For when the Con queen Rona Ambrose finally fell off her fake throne, and announced she wasn't running.

Rona Ambrose says she won't run to succeed Andrew Scheer as the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. 

She sent a message to Andrew Scheer and his gang of homophobic bigots.

"I know we will choose a strong, compassionate person to lead us — who supports ALL families. I know we'll choose a good leader and I'll be there to support HER…or him!"

But even as she spoke, Ambrose's vision of a kinder, gentler, more Canadian party. was crumbling all around her.

For only hours before, Jean Charest, another potentially more moderate Con candidate, also saw the writing on the wall...

And decided that he wasn't running either. 

Then only hours later the social conservatives marched out and unveiled their candidate. 

The social conservative wing of the Conservative Party looks set to have at least one flag-bearer in the leadership race, as former party staffer Richard Décarie is collecting signatures and has a network forming behind him.

Who thanks to the fact that he once worked for Stephen Harper, can count on the support of the Cons many religious fanatics.

The party’s social conservative wing is a large, energized voting bloc in leadership races and could well be a kingmaker in a close race, given the ranked ballot system.

Even though Décarie is such a grotesque bigot he believes that being gay is a choice. 

And as if that wasn't bad enough, then there's Derek Sloan, who may only be a rookie MP but believes he should be party leader.

And on the question of abortion rights has the enthusiasic support of the anti-abortion fanatics at Campaign Life. 

Campaign Life Coalition, a national anti-abortion lobbying organization, gave Sloan a “green light” after having him fill out a questionnaire about his views on abortion and euthanasia. He answered each question “perfectly,” according to the website, including “no” to one question that read: “Are there any circumstances under which you believe a woman should have access to abortion?”

Which is simply grotesque.

But none of this should be surprising considering the power of the Con's social conservative caucus. Just ask Pierre Poilievre. 

A week ago he was a leadership favourite and getting ready to enter the race. Then he decided to renounce his opposition to gay marriage and abortion rights.Then I exposed his vile voting record.

And today he suddenly announced that he too wouldn't be running.

Poilievre was expected to announce his candidacy on Sunday in his Ottawa-area Carleton riding, but in a Facebook post late Thursday he said he would not be joining the race to replace outgoing leader Andrew Scheer.

Which when you combine all of the above, tells me at least three things:

One, now more than ever the Cons are a party of religious bigots.

Two, as even Don Martin admits, the Con leadership race has been taken over by nobodies. 

The nobodies are pounding on the door while the somebodies bolt for the exit in a Conservative leadership race hemorrhaging political status and credibility. The lineup is getting messier, murkier and less moderate by the day -- and the only smiles are on Liberal faces.

And three, as even Kory Teneycke admits, it's still the Harper Party. 

Even five years after his defeat, the presence of Stephen Harper still defines the Conservative Party of Canada. 

Harper doesn't need to campaign for or against anyone in the party leadership race. Every candidate will be attempting to claim some degree of ownership or continuance of the Harper record, and quietly intimating that they have his private approval. 

There is no path to victory running against Harper's legacy.

But while Teneycke seems to believe that's a good thing, I strongly disagree.
And I believe most Canadians feel the same way.

The Harper Party is the most disgusting, most bigoted, and least Canadian party ever.

I've fought it for years, harder than most.

And no decent people in this country should ever vote for it...


  1. Either this is a coronation for Peter Potato Head (with Décarie pulling a kamikaze move), or Adolf Harper has enough hubris to actually get in and run again. It won't matter, because the more visible this narcissistic control freak makes himself, the more ammunition he provides Trudeau. I already saw several LPC comms people retweeting Kory's article. The war room isn't stupid. Anyone got Telford's email? Or just @ Rob Silver so he can pass along to the missus. I want to recommend that she invite David Orchard and Belinda Stronach to the debates, and/or put them in ads. Maybe with a rented border collie. Fly them in on a helicopter. Hang Judas MacKay's deal with the devil like a stinking albatross around his neck!

    1. Hi Jackie....Yes, I think the slogan "the Cons are the the Harper Party" will be a good one to use in the next election. As you know I've always believed that, but having a Con like Teneycke say it is a real bonus. And goodness knows we already have more than enough ammunition to take down Dumbo MacKay when he flies by in his helicopter. This is going to be so much easier than I had imagined....

  2. Anonymous8:03 PM

    Interesting timing that PP renounces his opposition to gay marriage and abortion rights then suddenly, poof, he's dropping out. Me thinks the SoCons didn't like his little revelations and threatened eternal damnation if he didn't drop out. Coward. As for Rona, I'm giving her credit for not entering the race as I believe she sees what a divided shitshow the party has become and I'll bet as she was sipping her mai tai on some billionaire's yacht she decided that she'd had enough and just wants to hang out with us regular folks. So that leaves Dumbo Ace MacKay. A man with more air miles than brains, who's been "flying" under the radar thus far and who CTV has now all but coronated as leader. They're probably right. O'toole's an O'Fool to think he has a chance so who's left? Dougy? Jason? No, they're currently employed and I emphasise currently. Maybe old dead eyes will come out of retirement, warble out a few groaners and give it another shot. I dont think he's particularly fond of MacKay so who knows. The plot sickens and should provide you and us with much entertaining fodder in the coming months, Simon.
    "I've fought it for years, harder than most."
    You most certainly have, Simon and I'm sure most would agree. Your efforts are very much appreciated so please keep up the great work.

    1. Hi JD.. I also believe that Poilievre's decision to try to paint himself as progressive on the gay marriage and abortion right''s issue cooked his goose. He tried to take back what he said about abortion, but it was too late. The SoCons were after him, and I tried to make sure that no progressives were fooled by digging up his vile voting record. I didn't want to brag about that, but it got a lot of play on Twitter so I'll take a tiny bow...😉

  3. Anonymous8:54 PM

    Ambrose, Poilievre, Charest out. McKay and a bunch of nobodies in. Poilievre's run was being captained by Harper stalwarts Baird and Byrne. Is the party clearing the deck for another Harper run?

    1. I still think it's Squidward MacKay collecting his thirty pieces of silver. But if Harper really is that arrogant or crazy, Trudeau would win every seat outside of Saskbertoba, while the Fuhrer would felo-de-se in an IDU survivalist bunker somewhere in Munich. "Because It's 1945."

    2. Hi anon...That's a good question. The way Ambrose, Poilievre, and Charest went down like bowling pins, makes me wonder whether Harper is reasserting his control over the monster he created, knowing that another defeat could force the Cons to reject his foul legacy....

    3. Hi Jackie.....You may be right. I had heard that Dumbo was Mulroney's candidate, but just a little research convinced me that MacKay is probably Harper's tool, and no longer a leader of the Red Tories, he betrayed so shamefully. And all I can say is bring him on...

  4. I believe Harper will run. Airshow, people are already saying this turkey can not fly. So who is left?

    1. Hi Steve... I don't know about Harper, but you're right about the Con line up looking truly pathetic. If this keeps up I may have to run myself...😃

  5. The $399,000 price tag always made me think, it winnowing the field so only a person supported by the south can win.

  6. Anonymous8:50 AM

    I like the sound of this Decarie guy. Seems like a man of principle.

    1. Hi anon @8:50 AM...Of course you do you low life homophobe. And I encourage you to vote for him. For if we can make Decarie Con leader there won't be much left of your party when the smoke clears...☠

    2. Hi John....No he isn't. He's a regular Con troll who bombards me with extreme right homophobia almost every day of the week. I usually delete all his comments before even reading them. But thought I'd publish this one so everyone can appreciate the homophobia of the Con base, and why no decent Canadians should ever vote for the Cons...

  7. Anonymous10:02 AM

    In Con speak, deciding to drop out of the race to spend more time with the family means " better get out of the spot light before the skeletons break out of the closet". At present that only leaves helicopter Pete to assume the role of the great white avenger descending from the heavens to save the impoverished Canadian damsel from the clutches of the demonic Liberal dragon. Perhaps he will be mounted on a multi billion dollar F-35 but the whole scene is still so yesterday. Fake austerity, tax cuts outweighed by impoverishing cuts to social programs, gravy train investments in the military, prisons and privatization of assets. Yeah for Pete!


    1. Hi RT...l think your knowledge of Con speak is exactly right. Poilievre's excuse is simply pathetic. I think he finally realized that Justin Trudeau would have him for breakfast lunch and dinner. And yes, there is something so yesterday about Dumbo MacKay. The Cons are running out of history and they don't even know it..

    2. I think Dear Leader had a talk with him. Resign or we strap you to an artillery piece and fire.

  8. Hi Steve....maybe, with Cons anything is possible. But I think it had more to do when the religious right, which now makes up a big part of the party, put a curse on him for renouncing his bigoted voting record. And shortly after realized that no progressive Cons would vote for him either with that voting record.. Poor Poilievre, he wanted to be leader so bad for so long. And it was all for nothing....

  9. Potato Pete's speech just aired and his French is baaaaaaaad. With Rempelthinskin now teasing a run as the "Western standard bearer" and slamming official bilingualism, expect French-bashing to become a component of the leadership race and probably the general election campaign. Does he realize, or even care, that the policy convention is in Quebec? Wow, this race is already making me tired.