Monday, January 13, 2020

Justin Trudeau and the Hate-Mongering Wexiteers

The contrast couldn't have been clearer, or more brutal. 

At a vigil in Edmonton to remember those killed in the downing of that Ukrainian airliner, Justin Trudeau calling the crash a "Canadian tragedy."

“Your entire country stands with you tonight, tomorrow, and in all the years to come,” he told about 2,300 people who attended a memorial service on Sunday.

And asking Canadians to unite in this "moment of national pain."

Which was as beautiful as this is ugly.

A billboard like others all over Alberta, that suggests that the real pain is being Canadian and being governed by Justin Trudeau.

And that Albertans should lock Trudeau up and separate.

Peter Downing, leader of Wexit Canada, says he and the rest of the Wexit supporters don't want to be governed by Eastern Canada and don't want to be ruled by the Trudeau government.

But sadly for Downing, and his followers...

His small band of mostly old white rednecks call Alberta a "nation" which it most certainly isn't. 

And their LOCK HIM UP slogan only serves to show that the wacky Wexiteers are more American, or more Trumpling, than Canadian.

Or whatever...

Who is that freak with the big ears? Is
 he the one who will lead them to their hallowed Albertonia?

Why are they maquerading as a federal political party?

And can we now call them the Block Redneckois?

But of course, that's not funny. 

All that Toxic Trudeau Hate is ugly and dangerous.

And all decent Albertans must unite to defeat those hate mongering rednecks.

Before they tear this country apart.

Or set it on fire...

Or blow themselves up.

In the meantime, I am just glad that we have a real Canadian leader...

Who is attacked like no other prime minister.

But is still trying to unite this country.

And defending our precious Canadian values... 


Jackie Blue said...

I hope the RCMP has their eyes on this bastard because I get a really bad Oswald kind of feeling from him. Maybe the Confederacy of Confederation that is Saskaberta should just file for divorce and GTFO. Save Trudeau a lot of headaches, especially in terms of the ecology/economy tightrope he is trying to walk. It would also cut the Cons' seat could by about half and raise the national IQ average by at least 50 points. Go ahead Stinky Pete, Make Alberta Great Again and don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Anonymous said...

"And can we now call them the Block Redneckois?"

Actually, I find that to be an apt description and rather funny, Simon. Seeing that huuuge crowd of JT deranged prairiebillies seemingly transfixed on Cousin Clem's rousing whine and cheese party speech is as inspiring as watching paint dry. Zzzzzz. His depiction is a striking image of a baggy clothed, overweight, unshaven, white, middle-aged, angry male with a probable drinking problem and an employability rating of zero. What an inspiration he must be to losers everywhere.
Easy money never lasts forever and in a boom/bust economy it's a fact of life. If Cousin Clem and his Con governments of past and present had done their jobs a plan B would have been in place but is not due to their incompetence. And that is somehow JT's fault?
To borrow a line from a classic song, "will it make it easier on you now, you got someone to blame..."


lagatta à montréal said...

Er... Justin is half Western. His mum comes from an important political family from .... errr ... west of the Prairies.

Gyor said...

I don't like Trudeau, but the lock him up stupidity only builds sympathy for him. The Westexit party pulls mostly from the Tories, not other parties so they help the Liberals more then anything.

Anonymous said...

Hate mongering is just another propaganda strategy promoted by a group of morally bankrupt politicians. They can no longer convince a majority of the population that climate change is fake and ramping up global warming CO2 emissions through the expansion of the tar sands amounts to a crime against humanity. Better to accuse your opposition of being a criminal before the focus turns to you as it eventually will. A page taken directly out of Trumps playbook.