Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Jason Kenney's Outrageous Assault On Democracy

It was all so predictable. Take a religious fanatic who is always raising his arms to the sky as if he was doing God's work.

Add to that a far right extremist with a forty-year chastity vow, who represses himself as he would repress others.

And it should have been obvious what could happen, if you give Jason Kenney too much power:

He'll go hog wild.

And sure enough, he's acting like a porky dictator. 

Alberta’s United Conservative government is firing the province’s election commissioner, but says it’s not because he is investigating the party and has fined it more than $200,000.

Finance Minister Travis Toews says the decision to end Lorne Gibson’s contract is strictly about saving money.

Or a leader so swollen with righteous fervour, or megalomania, he's out of control. 

And now believes, as Keith Gerein writes, he's immune to any political fallout.

When a government charges ahead with a move as seemingly brazen as this, it can indicate only one thing. Alberta is now being governed by those who have lost any fear of political fallout, a machine that has come to interpret its election mandate as a blank cheque to do whatever it wants, no matter the optics, the cost to accountability, or the threat to democracy itself. 

So he can behave like a fascist.

While the stench of corruption wafts across his Albertonia 

The Alberta government will not investigate the controversial $905,000 sole-source contract public inquiry commissioner Steve Allan personally awarded to the law firm in which his son is a partner.

And since Kenney also wants to replace the RCMP, which is investigating his leadership campaign, with an Alberta police force he can control.

I can only wonder where do Albertans think the religious zealot and right-wing extremist Jason Kenney is leading them?

And do they care?

For Kenney is now threatening our Canada and its values.

He is out of control.

And if they don't care now, they will care later...


  1. Anonymous6:12 PM

    If you're asking the Albertans who voted for Kenney, probably not.

    The only time they will care is when it blows up (it probably will) and they start screaming it was all a Trudeau orchestrated conspiracy with UFOs and fake Nazis and gay folks and visible minorities.

    1. Don't forget "foreign-funded environmentalists" and "entitled Laurentian Kweebek." Flip a coin: if it's not (Justin) Trudeau's fault, it's the ghost of Pierre. As usual, the free space on the Bingo card is Blanchet, the new kid on the Bloc. If socks aren't to blame it must be bowties.

    2. Hi anon...I'm afraid you're right. Kenney's supporters are like Trump's supporters, and totally impervious to reason. Their foaming hatred blinds them to what is heppening to their province, so they will always be stuck in the past. The Con media never ceases trying to persuade us that we should genuflect before Kenney and his bigots, or at least feel sorry for them. But my tolerance for them is exhausted....

    3. Hi Jackie....yes indeed, how can we forget the Laurentian elite? When John Ibbitson wrote a book claiming that the Rising West was going to bury the Laurentians I immediately joined them. And look at us now, the Laurentian elite rules, the Alberta Cons are Canada's losers, and the closet Queen Kenney is the biggest loser of all....

  2. But Trughazi! Justin's emails! Bull. Fucking. Shit. Everything cons do and say is projection. EVERYTHING. Didn't I say Trudeau was male Hillary and that whole blowup followed the same pattern of "drain the swamp" distraction almost exactly? I'm with Kathleen Smith, I don't want to hear another goddamn peep about SNL Laugh-In or AMC Javelin or S&M Love-In until these dirty rotten scoundrels clean up their own eyesore of a flophouse. It is no fucking coincidence at all that red herring nontroversy blew up in the papers at almost exactly the same time as the investigation into Kenney Kamikaze Korruption got underway. And nothing short of a miracle that Canada dodged a nuclear bullet not installing that rubber-faced rubber stamp Scheer at a federal level.

    If the federal HarperCons continue to double down on advertising Alberta as a model for peace, order good governance, they're writing a political suicide note. Harper, Ford, Scheer, and now Kenney. The four jackasses of the apocalypse. The Conservative "brand" is toast and it couldn't happen to a more deserving group of assholes. The best bet for decent Albertans is to pack up and move elsewhere and let the Deform/Wexit bastards freeze in the dark.

    1. Hi Jackie...There are a lot of decent Albertans. I saw the numbers the other day and the difference between the Cons and the progressives was only about 200,000 votes. But then the total number of people who live in Alberta is less than the number that live in the Greater Toronto Area. So Kenney and his gang need to stop hyperventilating and get a grip on reality...

  3. Bale of Hay fascists, wheat kings, are kings of everything.

    1. Hi Steve...are you suggesting that the moron Scott Moe is the King of Everything. Because if he is this country is truly doomed....

  4. Keeny and Harper move in very rich circles. So maybe they have cut a deal with we came for the oil Administration.

  5. Jason's oily fat head is about to explode. Like Trump he hates being confronted on his bullshit by strong women. Now he's about to get double teamed by not only Rachel but Chrystia. Normie Bates is on the verge of scurrying back to mom's basement to clutch his blankie and suck his thumb.

  6. Anonymous10:22 AM

    The stench tendrils were rising before he was even elected and they are now fully enveloping the corrupted, hairy greaseball, Kenney. Firing those who are investigating him and wanting to oust the RCMP and form his own secret police are clearly the signs of a tin pot dictator abusing the powers that were bestowed upon him by Albertans. The MSM has a chance to somewhat redeem themselves by shining a giant spotlight on a real scandal for a change and not fake ones like an office spat with an incompetent ex justice minister, an India trip or visiting a dear family friend.
    Let this be a lesson to the rest of Canada who voted for Scheer. If you give a Reform-a-Con a majority mandate, the abuses of power will soon follow. They cheat, they lie and they steal, it's in their DNA. If Albertans can pull their heads out of the sand long enough, they may realize who their true enemy is but I wont hold my breath on that one. However, for the rest of Canada, the spectacle of the corrupted Kenney's power mad rampage should ensure the Cons will never get a federal majority and return us to the scandal plagued Harper era.

    1. I wouldn't count on it, JD. Just heard Joyce Napier on CTV's stream of the cabinet ceremony talk about the committees. She said she's going to be "following" "the opposition" (so, presumably the Cons and their foot soldiers, the NDP) "attempt another go-around" for the SNC-Blahvalin Benghazi Affair. I would expect this from Scheer and his fanatical bloodhounds, but I am so disgusted with the arrogant Singh, and can't fucking believe the goddamn Dippers want to reopen this moldy crypt. I'm so sick of it. Just like Layton making a blood compact with Harper by exploiting Sponsorgate. I hope the BQ gets to "Bloc" it and/or the Liberals can throw a few bones to shut the DipperCons up, because it's time to move on from this shit already and get on with real issues that matter to ordinary Canadians. Waste of fucking time and money for no other reason than to damage the Liberals, distract from Conservative rot and NDP incompetence, and smear a good man the way Republicans and Sanderistas make a pincer attack against "Crooked Hillary." Enough already. Let it die!

    2. Hi JD....You would think that the Con media might make up for its overblown coverage of the SNC Lavalin fake scandal. But when I checked the newspapers in the province they were all but burying the story. However as you point out, the fate of the Cons will be determined by those who live in Canada not the separatist provinces. And their verdict will be a harsh one...

    3. Hi Jackie...I guarantee that the SNC Lavalin fake scandal will never fly again. Canadians are sick of that story, and the Cons should know that even threatening to raise the matter again will cost them votes....