Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Could Jason Kenney Sell Alberta To The Americans?

When I see Jason Kenney wearing an oil pimp hoodie to a Grey Cup game, to try to score cheap political points.

And ignoring all the boos.

Or when I see him reviving the tradition of a Christian prayer breakfast.

I can't help thinking that he's acting more like an American than a Canadian.

And I worry when he travels to places like Texas.

As he did last week.

For when I see comments like these from Kenney's wacky Wexiteers: 

"Thanks for working so hard for us Jason but also Let them know albertans would love to become a state and ditch the hypocrite Canada." 

"Head to Ottawa first, tell them we're leaving, and then Alberta WILL be the best place to invest."

I worry that Kenney might end up selling Alberta to the Americans.

Because believe it or not there are some Americans who want to buy it along with other parts of Canada. 

President Trump’s offer to purchase Greenland from Denmark was front-page news in August, but a better option for expanding the country’s geographic footprint would be to offer statehood to the Canadian provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, as well as the interior of British Columbia. 

If these provinces did seriously push for separation, and they were willing to entertain the invite, the United States would be smart to welcome them with open arms.

And I'm pretty sure that Donald Trump would go for Alberta like a trout goes after a fly... 

You know, I gotta be honest.

I'd hate to see the Americans buy Alberta. They are OUR rednecks after all.

But if they took Kenney with them, and called the province Erica.

I wouldn't mind THAT much...


Steve said...

Why buy something you already own?

Jackie Blue said...

Besides taking weak Andy to be a waiter at some vodka bar at Mar-a-Lago, Trump would probably throw Kenney a roll of paper towels to clean up the tar sands.