Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Justin Trudeau and the Con Babies

It couldn't have been easy for Andrew Scheer to meet with the man he had demonized  for so long, but still managed to defeat him.

And the more Justin Trudeau smiled, the more humiliating it must have been.

Although it couldn't have been that enjoyable for Trudeau. He may have forced Scheer to drop his demand that the carbon tax be killed.

But he still had to listen to the Ugly American accusing him of threatening national unity.

When there is no more divisive leader than Andrew Scheer.

And Scheer should focus on his own divided party.

But then, as if that pathetic spactacle wasn't enough, Trudeau met with the hayseed premier of Saskatchewan Scott Moe.

Who seemed even more uncomfortable in the presence of the leader he had insulted so much.

And when the meeting was over vomited up more of the same nonsense.

And as we all know, if Jason Kenney had been there the separatist bullshit would have been even louder.

So I'm really glad to see somebody calling on those absurd Cons to stop acting like spoiled children. 

In the almost three weeks since Liberal MPs were shut out of Alberta and Saskatchewan on election night, Conservative politicians in those provinces haven’t stopped complaining long enough to realize that they are behaving like a spoiled child that didn’t get its way. 

So here is a message to Alberta Premier Jason Kenney, Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe, and federal Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer on behalf of the millions of Canadians who did not vote Conservative across the country — stop lying to Canadians and pouring gasoline on the embers of western alienation.

For that really needed to be said.

Those Con babies should cease playing dangerous games with the future of this country.

Recognize that we won, and they lost.

And that we have the prime minister we need to put those separatists in their place.

And keep our Canada together...


  1. Someone tell weak Andy and his crayon crew that they lost and have no right to be acting like petulant playground bullies? The only leader of the other parties I see acting like an adult is Blanchet. Law 21 "notwithstanding," I actually think the Bloc could be a better partner for Trudeau than the Dippers, because sadly I don't expect much better on the maturity front from Singh either. At least there's hope for him to do some growing up from now until Parliament gets into full swing, and hopefully not make any bonehead moves like attempting to open another SNC-Benghazi "impeachment" case for no good reason whatsoever. But Moe and the other Con stooges are a total lost cause. Nyuk-nyuk-knuckleheads.

    1. Hey look, more evidence that Blanchet is the only other adult in the room. I like this guy the more I see of him. Weak Andy gonna get an earful at the leadership review for picking a fight with Quebec. At least it's a break from piling on Trudeau for a little while. Ha ha ha.

    2. Hi Jackie....A lot of people forget that Gilles Duceppe's Bloc was a pretty progressive group. And although Bill 21 is nonsense I think Blanchet's Bloc could play much of the same role in parliament. And if Scheer kicks up much of a fuss about that, he will only lose even more points in Quebec...

  2. OK, scrap what I said about Singh showing room to grow. He's just as much of a brat as Scheer. Go ahead and bankrupt the party by forcing another election, Jag. The Liberals will win a majority and nothing of value will be lost.

    1. Hi Jackie...I'm not giving up onnSingh yet, but He is certainly off to a bad start. He needs to realize the NDP is the fourth party, and stop sounding like he is ready to bring down the Liberals. Canadians don't want another election, and if he did force one he would be handing Trudeau a majority on a plate....

  3. Anonymous12:27 AM

    Business as usual for these assholes. Their attitudes will further divide this country until they either separate or their meathead base realizes the facts of their situation. However, it's hard to fix stupid so it may be sayonara SaskBerta. And Scheer once again claiming that JT is dividing the country is as believable as Trump, the fighter of worldwide corruption. How can people be so unbelievably stupid?

    1. Hi JD....The idea of Scheer as the Great Uniter is absolutely absurd, and can only come from a man so desperate he is willing to say anything. Thanks to his close links with Kenney and the moron Moe, he too will be seen as a closet separatist and it will be the final nail in his coffin....