Monday, November 11, 2019

Jason Kenney and the Wacky Wexit Weiners

I have always believed that Jason Kenney's religious fanaticism, his inner demons, and his burning ambition, would eventually threaten the survival of this country.

And sure enough, first he stoked the fires of western alienation to unite the Cons and get himself elected premier. 

Now he's using the threat of separation to try to blackmail Justin Trudeau, and force him to surrender to him and Big Oil. 

For now, in his mind at least, he's Kenney of Albertonia. 

The fearless leader who has been sent by his Lord to save his province from the satanic Justin Trudeau. And demand that Ottawa stop choking the golden goose. 

Albertans have been working for Ottawa for too long. It's time for Ottawa to start working for us … they must stop taking us for granted," Kenney said. "They need to understand they're killing the golden goose. They have both fists wrapped around the throat of that goose."

And as if that image isn't horrifying enough, the sinister Con godfather Preston Pappy Manning has come stumbling out, to pour even more fuel on the glowing embers of secession. 

Manning made the case that Alberta and Saskatchewan need to define “what is a fair deal for the West” within confederation and put it forward to Ottawa, but added that if it fails an independence referendum needs to be a part of the plan.

And reveal his true colours at last.

Which will no doubt further inflame the wacky Wexit weiners, like the ones who were spotted recently flying the Canadian flag upside down, at a rally in Edmonton.

And chanting and belching "the west wants out!" over and over again, in what looked like a scene from The Night of the Living Dead.

But then what do you expect with leaders like these?

Over the past year, Peter Downing, an ex-RCMP officer and Patrick King, a self-styled journalist, have accused Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government of “normalizing pedophilia,” tolerating ISIS terrorists penetrating the country apparently disguised as refugees, and pursuing an immigration policy aimed to “depopulate the white, Anglo-Saxon race.”

And can you believe Michelle Rempel?

The Conservatives warned on Sunday that they will use every measure available to force the Trudeau government to bend to their demands over western alienation.

"Justin Trudeau has not come close to seeing the force of three million mobilized Albertans actively opposing his policies and actively showing the country the consequences of a unity crisis," Rempel Garner said. "So my message to him is giddy up."

Giddy up? Who does she think she is? Has she been drinking? And does she really believe  that Justin Trudeau will surrender to the demands of those Wexit weiners? 

And their absurd leader...

I don't think so. Why would he?

When he can now portray the Cons as the Western Separatist Party.

Accuse their leader of plotting with Jason Kenney to destroy this country...

And crush Scheer and his Cons in the next election.

It will be Canada versus the Redneck Separatists.

And guess who is going to win... 


  1. Anonymous10:15 AM

    Could somebody please articulate what Alberta's grievances are? I'm trying to be objective and come up with a list, but all I can find is made-up bullshit. Literally, not a single thing that is real.


    1. The prime minister is a Liberal named Trudeau. That's pretty much it.

    2. Sixth Estate12:01 PM

      I cannot speak for Alberta but can speak for my various conversations with friends and relatives who live there since the election, and least on that, I think the reason you're having trouble is quite simply because most Albertans are not living in reality and/or are so politically ignorant that they are unable to formulate what you're calling "real" grievances.

      For instance, at least in my circles, there is a widespread belief that Trudeau bought the Trans Mountain pipeline so that he could covertly shut it down, whereas Kinder Morgan wanted to go ahead with it. I've tried on at least a dozen occasions with as many people to very carefully and painstakingly lay out why the line has encountered delays -- not even why I think it shouldn't be built, just purely the convoluted process that has led to delays by people actually trying to build it -- and they are completely unfazed. They are absolutely certain that they understand what is happening, and since there is no obvious reason to them why the world isn't going their way, the explanation must be that it's a conspiracy.

      Most of them also think that climate change is liberal hogwash.

      I don't know how you reason with irrational people. I think they have to be firewalled off from the national discussion and ignored.

    3. Anonymous9:49 PM

      Alberta has a resource based economy with the boom / bust cycles that tends to be a hallmark of those economies blessed with this type of affliction. Before the modern age of government sponsored social nets the good times were good but during the bad times many simply perished in spite of praying to the rain gods or offering up their first born. Now with government safety nets the bad times are not as bad but not as good as desired so rather than praying to the gods they blame the government for their predestined fate. One of the few countries that decided to actually do something about the boom bust resource cycle is Norway with a rainy day fund of approximately $500,000 for every person in the country. In Canada the federal government is partially to blame for siphoning off tax dollars during the good times but they would also funnel in more safety net type aid if times were really bad not just perceived bad. Hey bad is all relative just ask those living in some of the less fortunate provincial districts! The only anti federal argument that can be made is that the Feds should have saved some of the Alberta monetary surplus for a rainy day fund rather than redistributing or spending it but without provincial leadership there was no mechanism. Imagine the Feds levying a special resource tax to protect those already drunk on free enterprise kool aid. So here we are... the really good times are all gone ( sort of) and they are not ready for moving on.


    4. Hi anon@ 10:15 AM....I hope you enjoyed the answers to your question fro Jackie, the Sixty Estate, and RT, as much as I did. This blog is lucky to have such great readers. And I'm lucky they spared me from replying because I'm so sleepy today, I probably would have written "it's a long story..." And then collapsed. 😉

  2. Charles Adler reads the writing on the wall that Stevie Wonder could see from far away. Kenney is drunk on power; Scheer is drunk on sour milk and sour grapes; while Rempel is just, well, drunk.

    As Kenney implements vision unveiled today at Manning Centre event, it will stress out any federal #Conservative leader. #Trudeau team will aim at regaining majority gov't by running attack ads featuring #Kenney's grievance grocery list.

    Kenney is a modern-day Jefferson Davis, and for all the overblown nontroversies he's had to deal with, switch the letters around and you'll find that Trudeau has gone from Woke Bae to Woke Abe. Small wonder what the Wexit Republic traitor flag will look like as the parallels between "The West Wants In!" "The West Wants Out!" and "The South Shall Rise Again!" become ever more clear: these wankers are threatening secession if not civil war to sustain an economic model that is increasingly seen as not just obsolete but immoral. They are the neo-Confederates of Confederation, whistling Dixie past the tar sands' graveyard. Their inevitable fate is likely to be the same, but hopefully they won't tear the country apart in the buildup to it. Considering the kind of rhetoric the likes of Downing, King and their Rebel scum acolytes have employed, however, Trudeau should probably avoid attending stage plays for the foreseeable future. At least until the RCMP catches up with the leader of the Kamikaze Kudatah Kampaign.

    1. Hi Jackie....I actually thought of dressing Kenney up as Robert E. Lee but then I thought better. Kenney is just a poseur, but he is trying to set up a quasi theocracy, and that makes him even more dangerous. The good news is that his austerity measures are already causing some of the idiots who voted for him to see the light. One more year of Kenney and he'll only be helping Trudeau win an even bigger majority than he did in 2015.....

  3. The world oil price was down at $56 this morning. Most oil economists think Alberta bitumen needs $60 to break even. I'm sure its Trudeau's fault .

    1. Hi far as those prairie Cons are concerned everything is Trudeau's fault. And no doubt they'll also be blaming him for the very cold weather they'll be getting on the weekend. Nothing like -30 degrees to cool down those absurd Cowboys....

    2. Of course it is Trudeau's fault. And I am blaming him for the cold and unseasonable snow here in my part of Ontario.

      I think that Sixth Estate has it. Many people in Alberta and Saskatchewan just do not seem to have grasped that the world is changing. As rumleyfips points out, the oil sands are probably not econcmically viable at the moment and may never be again, baring a conflagration in the Middle East.

  4. Kenny has come out against separation, abortion, gay marriage, global warming, what else can be in his hideous closet.

    1. Hi Steve...Don't ask. After 40 years of chastity vows you know it's going to be ugly....😉

  5. OT but dunno if you've seen this. Harper IDU minions and colleagues coordinating with Trump.

    Catering to Conflicts: Influence and Self-Dealing at Trump Businesses

    A Public Citizen analysis finds that more than 370 political candidates, foreign governments, businesses, corporate groups, religious groups, charities and other entities have held events at President Donald Trump’s properties since the 2016 election.

    Many foreign government officials and business executives have been photographed at the hotel and have shared those pictures on social media. ... [Among those] spotted at D.C. hotel include former Canadian parliament member Tony Clement, [and] Ontario premier Doug Ford with Canadian ambassador Kelly Craft ...

    Indian diplomats spent $18,650 for 20 nights at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C., during February and March 2017 ... Trump, whose company is pursuing several real estate projects in India, has maintained a close relationship with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, appearing with Modi at a rally in September 2019, and has worked to court Indian-American votes.

    Tony Gazebo the Instagram influencer is Harper's deputy at IDU. Modi is one of his BFFs. Someone should look into whether or not Kenney is among those who've booked a honeymoon suite for himself and his massive ego.

    1. Hi Jackie....From Boris Johnson to Donald Trump it is one big right-wing conspiracy, aided and abetted by the Russians. We're up against a nest of traitors, but one after the other we will take them all down...

    2. Canadian ambassador Kelly Craft
      Should that not read "US ambassador to Canada"?

  6. Anonymous11:34 PM

    "So my message to him is giddy up."
    I didn't know Michelle was running for mare of Calgary. What a nag.
    Sixth Estate explains it well. As long as ignorance and stupidity clouds the facts from the Doofus in the blue MAGA hat and his Wexit wieners, we will never solve a made in Alberta problem.

    1. Hi JD....Rempel has a nerve telling the prime minister to giddy up. And you're right she would make a good mare, which is no doubt why she married that American who owns a horse ranch. I'm finding it hard to laugh at those rednecks, for I'm afraid that Kenney and company are going to lead Alberta and Canada to disaster....

  7. So Parliament comes back Dec 5, soon after it's holiday break where no doubt, Kenney's war room will be pumping out propaganda nonstop calling Trudeau the Ebenezer Grinch who stole yer jerbs. Weak Andy not likely to get any of his or Rempel's ransom demands in the throne speech. He said the only thing they share in common is making parental benefits tax-free. Other than that it's all waa, look at me, Justin's a failure and he won't listen to the west. Bah humbug!

    Then there's the premiers. Trudeau met with the friendly grifter from Costa Rica last week, today it's Moe the Stooge with probably Oil Can Kenney and Doug the Thug soon to follow. Funny how all of them want an NEP, they just want to take credit for it and give it a Trumpian name like "energy corridor" aka bigly yuge wall. I wonder if Trudeau the younger ever looks upward to Papa and throws his head back to laugh. "Nice idea, Dad, wish you'd thought of it." Yippie kai yay and ho ho ho.

  8. Hi Jackie....Justin Trudeau owes the Rebel Confederacy absolutely nothing. He has no votes to lose by telling them to go jump in the lake. Those dunces are playing right into his hands and they don't even know it...

  9. Anonymous12:08 AM

    A fact based story that pretty much sums up the woes of Alberta and Saskatchewan. Reading the comments pretty much sums up the results of having your heads buried in the tarsands.