Sunday, April 08, 2012

My Easter Message and the Real Christians

Well I must admit I can't think of a better Easter message, than this one outside a church in Oregon. 

Tom Tate, the pastor of Rose City Park United Methodist Church in northeast Portland, told The Blaze that the sign shows his 385-member church's "radical hospitality" towards people who feel alienated from faith.

"The ones that are upset think we are pitting atheism against Christianity," Pastor Tate told The Huffington Post, "We are actually pitting kindness against hatefulness."

Because goodness knows so many Christians, and other religious folk, can be so hateful. 

Charles McVety, president of Canada Christian College, spoke to the crowd, many of whom held signs that referenced Biblical verses. He said Bill 13 “violates the Charter of Rights and Freedoms by forcing radical lifestyles on religious families.”

Another protester, Dan McCash, a member of Campaign Life Coalition, said Catholics are being bullied into allowing “homosexual sex clubs." McCash believes a GSA is the same as a gay bathhouse. “I’m going by my past observations of these clubs, which are places where people meet and have their sexual encounters when they want to have them and meet people of a like mind,” he said.

Or just plain EVIL.

But not all of them eh? Hi Mum. Many of them are actually real Christians.

Do purple skullcaps dull the mind? The Jesus of the Gospels preaches human decency, not dogma. Life experience teaches us that the essence of marriage is the same whether people are straight or gay. Two people affirm their love and make a commitment to each other. Lots of gay and lesbian couples are raising children: Should they be denied the right to raise those children as legally married couples? 

Catholic governors in Washington, Maryland, New York and California have not submitted to church dogma, or the hierarchy's convoluted reasoning. And a vast majority of young people -- including Catholic young people -- want the happiness of friends whatever their age or race or sexual preference.

You know, if  I bumped into Jesus, probably in a jail somewhere, I'd say this to him, after begging him to deliver us from Stephen Harper:

Spare me the bit about Big Daddy in the Sky with Diamonds Wings. Because although I love fairy tales, I don't believe them.

But the bit about treating people like you wish to be treated, or loving your brothers and sisters, that's still excellent advise.

And what better way to celebrate that spirit than by playing this video, where a  kid wrote and performed an anti-bullying song.

And the whole school joined in...

Hey, if the bigot Pope can have an Easter message, so can I.

To all my real Christian friends and loved ones.

Save me a hot cross bun eh?

Happy Easter everyone !!


Anonymous said...

That video was truly awesome!

cheena1 said...

Loved it! So many smart kids these days - does the heart good!

Omar said...

I was going to get all spiffed up for Easter Family Dinner Day, but decided to go instead with that 'risen from the dead' look. No shower, no shave, hair a mess, yesterday's socks and underwear. You know, much like thy lord Jesus must have appeared stumbling outta that cave all those years ago. It's the least I can do. Happy Easter, Simon. Get stuffed! ;-)

Simon said...

hi Way Way Up...yes it was. Herding teenagers is harder than herding cats, so goodness knows how they did it. But it was fabulous....

Simon said...

hi cheena...yes it really was a pretty professional little video. I'm horribly jealous. Why didn't they do those things when I was in high school? Damn. ;)

Simon said...

hi Steve...good one. Of course I'd enjoy it even more if I didn't have that "risen from the dead" look every morning of the year. But I did get stuffed,and praise the lord,it was delicious... ;)

Easter messages said...

I agree with @way way up. It's a good video. And a fun blog post about Easter, yet meaningful one ;-) thumbs up.