Sunday, February 28, 2010

Stephen Harper and the Golden Moment

There have been many magnificent moments during the Vancouver Olympics, but I think it's safe to say this isn't one of them.

The pathetic sight of Stephen Harper desperately trolling for a golden moment, like an old hooker on the last day of a Baptist convention. Pretending he's a hockey fan, rubbing up against Wayne Gretzky like a cat in heat. Hoping he can ride a wave of patriotic sentiment all the way to a majority.

I mean seriously eh? Look at those eyes. Does that look like a hockey fan....or the kind of man you're parents warned you about ? Is he thinking about owning the podium or is he thinking about owning us?

The good news is I don't think it's going to work.

Because if all they got was two points from their Haiti photo-op and the Olympics, nothing is going to save them once the cheering stops.

He won't be able to buy votes like he once did. He won't be able to run away from allegations that he covered up torture.

And since the Cons shutdown Parliament we know so much more about the secret war these rabid ideologues have been waging against decent Canadian institutions like KAIROS and Rights and Democracy.

Now we know all about the brutish bullies in the PMO. And so do Canadians.

Stephen Harper says the Senate needs reform, but more Canadians think that it's the Prime Minister's Office that has too much power.

"It's not just the usual suspects," said pollster Nik Nanos. "There are more Canadians that think the office of the prime minister is one of the parts of our democracy that requires a second look."

And the moment we shine a light into that monstrous darkness, the Cons will run like roaches, and the game will be OVER.

Oh boy. Once I thought we were losing our beautiful country.

But now I've changed my mind...


  1. Geordie Tom9:25 AM

    You need to get your opinions in line with the other liberal bloggers. They are all upset that Mr. Harper IS a hockey supporter!
    Of course he's a Conservative so anything he does is wrong.

  2. Anonymous10:45 AM

    You mention trolling for the golden moment. That's so yesterday.

    Today is the gold medal final in men's hockey and I've said it before and repeat it now; Harper is going to present the gold medals IF Canada wins the hockey game.

    Sorta fitting, yanno. Hokey guy gives out hockey medals.

    But, ya gotta admit his hair was a nice grey on CTV last night. That's thanks to his make-up lady.

    Fortunately he was on late at night for us in the east but CTV shouldn't be his shameless platform.

    From the CTV studios and Vancouver and on to Ottawa, the halo-effect of the games will fade quickly and he'll be cast in a different light once the House resumes.

    Soon, we'll have a REAL prime minister worthy of the title.

  3. The most telling images yesterday of Harper were the crowd shots after we won the gold in men's curling. He looked positively displeased. Maybe not so much displeased as indifferent. The games - the golds - the sport - mean so little to this man. It's all about the power. The athletes - the country - was usurping the spotlight before his eyes and he was not happy.

  4. We could still lose our country. Read why:

    I do fear that with Stevie's rising numbers due to 'olympic bounce' imagine how his numbers will shoot up again if Canada wins gold in hockey? Yikes!

    No, unfortunately, these days, I don't give Canadians too much credit. The potential spurt in Stevie's numbers being caused by hockey gold medal win would be for the same reasoning many blogging tories are now touting for Ex-Lax Max as PM or the tea-baggers in the US will more than likely boost See Sawah run for president in 2012. We've become increasingly shallow.

  5. Jeesh.
    Criticizing PM Chretien's, err, Harper's 'looks' as a bad person. and that he's pretending to be a hockey fan? Or that Ottawa has been prologued while never a peep against provincial Liberals prologuing in Ontario (or the multiple prologue record of Rae when he was a majority gov't premier), an elected Liberal giving the finger in New Brunswick's legislature, a conviction of driving drunk during our hosting of the Olympics in B.C., and an fervently anti-Harper "Conservative", flag banning, Nfld. premier choosing Stateside for private healthcare rather than simply travelling to a bigger Cdn. city for his cosmetic, lesser scar, procedure, and an Ont. Conservative 'star', of a delighted MSM's former power-couple, Minister screaming at a PEI airport.
    Yea, PM Harper's our complaint.

  6. the Cons will run like roaches, and the game will be OVER.

    No, they won't run. You're assuming they can be shamed but they can't. They'll continue to fight as hard as they can and to promote an alternate reality when the actual reality works against them.

    And if they lose the next election but are returned to the House of Commons in any kind of numbers, they'll dig their heels in and work even harder to disrupt parliament and sabotage the proper functioning of democracy. Aside from gutter politics, being in opposition is what they're really good at. It's their natural habitat. Look south of the border.

  7. Anonymous2:17 PM

    No, his support for Canadian athletes is totally legitimate. Remember how excited he was about the last summer olympics, how he attended and cheered as our athletes came in? Oh, right, he ignored the entire thing.

  8. hi Geordie Tom...look I admit I'm biased against Garper for so many reasons. But if a liberal Prime Minister had prorogued Parliament claiming they needed time to "recalibrate" the economy, and then spent all their time watching the Olympic Games I would have criticized them too. Also I don't believe Harper is the super hockey fan he makes himself out to be. I did a paper on him in school and he was never a team player. The only thing he liked was long distance running. Figures eh? ;)

  9. hi Torontonian...well with that warning I watched the game with a camera on my lap.
    I was expecting him to leap on to the ice, force himself into the group shot. And then claim that the reason he won was because he had buried the Conservative logo at centre-ice.
    But I'm glad to say unless I missed it he didn't get any shots from CTV.
    I guess Harpo's handlers decided that even a shameless hooker can be over exposed... :)

  10. hi Jymn...well needless to say I completely agree with you.
    I believe that this nonsense about him being a hockey fan i.e. ordinary guy is just an obvious attempt to make him look more human. He is only interested in power, and by now it should be obvious this ice-cold clinical psychopath will do ANYTHING for a majority....

  11. Anonymous9:26 PM

    Hello again, Simon,

    Harpo was outranked by Dr. Jacques Rogge. He is outranked every day by the Governor-General.

    He hates being second fiddle--even to a Queen's representative.

    He's only ever been a second-stringer with a minority government and that must rankle him every f'ing day.

    Last night when the men won gold in curling, he looked positively grumpy. And tonight, he wasn't even dressed in a suit and tie like the dignitaries.

    Again--he sets himself apart.

    Let's set him apart back to a firewalled Alberta with the next election.

  12. hi CK...I know what you mean. Wild displays of patriotism always make me a little nervous. But Harper only got a tiny bump in the polls, and I trust my people not to go overboard. We're still reall a teenage country, we do have a beautiful flag, and we do deserve a good party now and then. I am however keeping the cheap champagne on ice until that other big party...the day the Cons are defeated. Because I have already warned my friends that's the night I'm going WILD.... :)

  13. hi CQ...I'm a non-partisand progressive myself, so some of the things you say I would criticize as well. Like Danny Williams going off to the U.S. for an operation, and not coming back and saying I'm going to make damn sure that no other Newfoundlander will ever have to do what I did. Because that needed to be said eh?
    But your prorogation arguments are off base. Nobody has prorogued a Parliament for so long just to avoid answering questions, and McGuinty's four-day prorogation is nothing compared to the two months our federal parliament has been shutdown.
    As for finding Harper ugly, well you know what they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder... ;)

  14. hi pogge...yeah you're right about the running part. I just couldn't help myself. I need an editor !! ;)
    What I do hope though is if Canadians realize the extent of the theocratic influence in the PMO, and how our foreign policy is being shaped by Old Testament prophesy,it will be game over for the Cons.
    In that regard I find the poll I quoted rather encouraging.
    Sadly I think you're also right about the kind of opposition they will be, as mean spirited and destructive as the Republicans. In fact probably even more destructive, because they will pit the West against the East and make it sound like that's the only reason they're not the government.
    However if we can unite progressives, and find some way to split the Cons, they could be reduced to a noisy rump, and we can simply ignore them.
    BTW did I mention I'm incurable optimist? :)

  15. hi anonymous...indeed and that reminds me. If he had turned up at some event where Canadians didn't have a chance to win gold I might have given him a break. But he didn't so all I can conclude is that like so many other things it was all about HIM...