Monday, February 22, 2010

Own the Podium and the Cons

I know that a lot of Canadians are soooo disappointed by the apparently stunning news that despite all the hype, we are NOT going to own the podium.

Canada will not own the podium, Chris Rudge, the chief executive of the Canadian Olympic Committee, said Monday in the wake of disappointing results from Canadian athletes at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

But I'm not one of them.

For one thing I hate that name. It's pretentious, more American than Canadian, it's made us the butt of a million jokes. And to make matters worse, it's probably motivating and helping our opponents more than it's helping our side. As this article suggests.

Secondly, although I'm hoping we do win more medals...and I'm sure we will... it doesn't change anything for me. I'm proud of ALL our athletes, Vancouver has never looked more beautiful, and I only wish I was there to join in the fun.

And lastly but not leastly, I'm not slapping myself in the face with one of those red mittens, because all this collapsing hype can only hurt the Cons.

You know how those porkers have been hanging around the games sniffing for golden moments like their relatives sniff for truffles?

And how the Porcus Maximus Stephen Harper was hoping that a frenzy of patriotic fervour would provide him with his Nuremberg moment. And carry him to a majority in the next election?

Ms. Greene Raine compares the athletes to “our strong leader,” Mr. Harper, who is in a competition of his own: “With our strong leader Canada will continue to compete with the world’s best,” she says. And Mr. Duffy, who also refers to his colleague as “my Olympic champion,” goes on to say, “We Conservatives are champions in our own right.”

Well some things are for sure eh?

Mike Duffy deserves a truffle.

The porkers are no champions.

And Great Strong Leader is a lot more disappointed than I am...

Defeat, crush, pwn those piggy AmeriCons.

Go Canada GO !!!!


  1. Anonymous11:25 PM

    I agree, I hated the own the podium idea, it sounds so... Conservative, as though if you say it, it's true. It sounds like the spawn of Steve, one of those high-flying, dreamy ideas that could never possibly go wrong because you thought of it, right?

    Obviously the Olympics are about competition, but there's nothing wrong with being a good host nation and providing an opportunity for everyone to compete and have a good time.

    Another one of those bright Conservative ideas that turned out be yet another lead balloon, let them take all the credit they want for it and wear the tin medal.

  2. Dear Simon, I just love the way you write. Have I ever told you that?

    Dr. Prole

  3. hi Bruce...yes this own the podium nonsense is something the Conservatives could have come up with. Just like they're trying to define us as a Warrior Nation. As you know I'm proud of this country and I like to think we're pretty tough. I mean we have to be to live in the Great White North eh?
    But that ridiculous slogan, and the fact that we didn't allow others to train with us is taking things too far.
    How about Portage to the Podium? It's a long haul, it's mostly uphill, but we will get there one day..and we WILL have fun... :)

  4. hi Dr you haven't, and you're the first so thank you :)
    I'm a bit embarrassed about the way I write. I do like writing little poems, but grammar isn't my strongest suit. So I just try to keep it simple and as entertaining as possible.
    But of course, now that you said that, I'm starting to feel my head swelling, and didn't Shakespeare also have a slow start? ;)