Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Omar Khadr and the Yankee Monster Man

Sometimes living in Stephen Harper's Con Canada I feel like I'm trapped in a bad horror movie. Like I fell asleep one day and woke up in a country I don't recognize.

And few things make me feel more like that than this story.

I like what Jack Layton and Michael Ignatieff had to say:

“It’s a disgraceful slap in the face to the Supreme Court and to the concept the Canadian government should be defending human rights pursuant to our Charter,” said Layton.

“In our view,” said Ignatieff, “they should have added a crucial additional fact in a diplomatic note … that he was a child soldier.”

Because it does make a mockery of our Charter of Rights. Omar Khadr WAS a child soldier. And his kangaroo trial is a travesty of justice.

Which is why I have always believed that this should be a non-partisan issue. And why I wish there was one decent Con in this land who had the courage and the integrity to stand up and speak the truth. This is wrong, and this is not Canada.

But none of them will. They'd rather stir up their rabid base, create yet another wedge issue, and play cheap and ugly politics with the life of a young Canadian.

I mean can you believe that garbage?

As if it matters who supports him, when he will be a ward of the state. As if it matters whether you hate his family. As someone who hates all religious extremists, I don't exactly love them either. But so what?

The only thing that counts is that Omar Khadr was a child soldier and should NEVER have been tortured or imprisoned. And the only decent and Canadian thing to do is to bring him home immediately. Period.

Oh well. I thought Stephen Taylor was better than that, but I guess the Yankee Monster Man has corrupted every one of those pathetic Cons. And quite a few other Canadians as well. By making Canada a meaner, uglier, and more Amerikan country.

Which is why I admire Romeo Dallaire.

"Canada was a leader. Canada is not a leader in human rights anymore. Canada led the optional protocol on child rights regarding child soldiers ... Canada was a big player in a number of different departments in the UN, not only peacekeeping, and we've abandoned it.

Because that's my idea of a real Canadian. His Canada is my Canada. And I want it BACK.

Which always takes me to the same place eh?

Defeat them, crush them, end this horror movie.

Send these ugly Cons back to Amerika...or Alberta.

Before they corrupt us ALL...

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