Saturday, February 13, 2010

Benny, Blobby, and the Homophobes

I try to stay away from anti-abortion sites. Because my mum warned me about them.... and I'm allergic to the smell of hate and formaldehyde.

But I couldn't ignore the stench of this steamy little dump from the Big Blue Blob.

Not just because it's so stinky. But also because it's so DUMB.

As if gay kids choose to be gay, like Blobby chose to carry a fetus around like a teddy bear. As if standing up for who they are is what kills them.

When in fact if some gay kids commit suicide it's because they are bullied, beaten and terrorized.

Crucified by the hatred these crazy homophobes and fetus fetishists help stir up against them.

Gay, lesbian and bisexual teenagers are twice as likely to think about killing themselves or to attempt suicide as their heterosexual peers, Montreal researchers have found. But do not blame the sex. Blame society.

But what do you expect? When these religious hatemongers are getting their orders from people like Bishop Fred Henry.

"I thought it was pathetic for a political leader to suggest that abortion is somehow tied to the health of women and children," said Bishop Henry. "It was a particularly crass remark in light of all the orphaned children we now see in Haiti. It was absolutely incredible that he would say that and he is alienating religious people with these comments. This will not win him votes.

You know crazy Uncle Freddy... another great friend of children.

The one who gets his instructions from the twisted old closet queen Pope Benny. Who I see is planning to invade Britain. Again.This time wearing a gold cockroach hat instead of a Nazi helmet. But still acting like a fascist.

Fidelity to the Gospel in no way restricts the freedom of others – on the contrary, it serves their freedom by offering them the truth.

Benny's truth? Our freedom? Mein Gott. Muahahahaha.

Oh boy. I know a lot of decent Catholics...including the person I love the most. But those wretched homophobes aren't even Christians.

I wish they would just shut up and flagellate themselves, like the last Pope did.

Think about it. Blobby might rediscover her humanity, while flogging her teddy bear. Uncle Freddy might reflect on the darkness and the absurdity of his life, while spanking his monkey.

And as for Pope Benny...if he can't be a happy homosexual, maybe he can be a happy sadomasochist.

Or just whip it like DEVO !!!!!

Gawd. It's lucky I believe in the power of love eh? Like Jesus did.

And that gay kids are so beautiful and so strong. And that more and more of them are coming out every day, despite what the bigots do to them.

Because if I was Freddy, Benny, or Blobby.

And I looked at my soul in the mirror.

I'd probably whip myself too...

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