Wednesday, February 24, 2010

When Women Strike Back

I didn't watch the Super Bowl, but when I saw this Super Bowl commercial the other day it just about knocked me out of my chair...

Like millions of men out there I was filled with rage and resentment. I vowed that as soon as S├ębastien got back from Haiti, I would REALLY let him have it.

Tell him I'm not taking the recycling to the depot on my bicycle anymore. Buddy. I need a MUSCLE CAR !!!!!!!!

But then I realized this is not a guy-guy thing. This is about Him and Her.

And I should just duck and cover.

And let the women strike back...

So now I'm thinking some people will say ANYTHING to sell a crappy Dodge.

But that should teach them eh?

And after all, since the depot is within easy walking distance.

Who needs a muscle car when I got S├ębastien?


prin said...

Go women in the second one. :D

The first one is ridiculous. It's the reason the divorce rate is so high, imo. What women do to contribute to a relationship is "normal" but if men do anything, they're "helping".

Sorry, hit a nerve. :D

Simon said...

hi prin...I agree completely.
In fact I thought that ad was pathetic trying to sell cars by appealing to male resentment. There are a lot of funny things to say about couples but that was a complete FAIL.
As for hitting a nerve...yup...guilty as charged... :)