Thursday, February 11, 2010

Stephen Harper's Scary Speech in B.C.

Well hit me with a Con cow bell. I have to admit that my image of Stephen Harper's speech to the B.C. legislature today was slightly off.

It did sound a bit like the Sound of Music. As sweet as maple syrup, boring as shit, and as sticky as flypaper. Bzzzzzzzz...

And it was all about our Lord of the Onion Ring. One more desperate attempt to try to fool Canadians into thinking he's just a nice average guy who LOVES Canada...and freedom...and hockey and donuts...and women and children.

But it was actually worse than even I had imagined eh?

It was positively SCARY.

Because how can the nasty monster invite himself to address another Parliament, and talk about democracy and freedom, when he's shutdown the one in Ottawa, to avoid questions about TORTURE? Is he just taunting our democratic values, or mooning them?

And how can he talk about Canadian values when he's prepared to allow tens of thousands of poor women to die because his ReformCons aren't prepared to pay for birth control or safe abortions?

And what in the names of Jebesus was this religious babble?

And so, when we, in our national anthem, ask God to keep our land glorious and free, we mean all of us, all men and women who choose to be Canadians of equal worth, not just in His eyes but in each other’s.

Glory Hally Boobah. How can He say that ? When the theocons in the PMO are waging a secret war against everything that makes our land glorious and free. By attacking decent human rights organizations like a pack of rabid wolves.

And how can he talk about how he's made us proud to be Canadians, when he's shamed us in the eyes of the world?

Gawd. He must think Canadians are idiots. Flatter them a little and they'll roll over and purr.

The bad news? This monster is delusional, desperate and dangerous. And I'll NEVER be able to think of him and the Sound of Music again. Damn.

And the good news? You can fool some of the people but you can't fool them all.

And from now on when I think of Great Ugly Leader and his paen to patriotism. And the Olympics.

And how the future belongs to Con Canada.

I'll think of this movie instead...

Fight them. Fight them. Fight them.

Don't let them win...

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Anonymous said...

" . . . no Prime Minister has ever formally addressed this great Assembly. And I want to thank the speaker of the house for providing me with this special opportunity. . . ."


From that wording, I don't believe he was invited. I gather he said he was coming west and wanted to speak to the legislature.

Harper is the past master at sucking all the air and life out of a venue in 5 minutes flat.

It's a wonder there were any survivors.