Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Stephen Harper's Great Humiliation Tour

Oh no. Stop in the name of humanity!!! I know Stephen Harper is desperate to make Canadians believe that he has morphed into Mr Nice Guy again. But haven't those poor little children suffered enough?

Don't they look happy to see him? And how low will Great Ugly Leader go to stage yet another photo-op? Or play cheap politics?

Prime Minister Stephen Harper took a swipe at the “soft” defence policies of previous Liberal governments as he congratulated Canadian troops for the relief and reconstruction work they are doing in this largely ruined Haitian city.

Gawd. And James Travers wonders whether this a mission of mercy or a political diversion?

Stephen Harper's Haiti visit is premature at best and a political diversion at worst. It's to be fervently hoped that the Prime Minister is there to draw fading attention back to the disaster, not away from his suspension of Parliament here.

But wait. It gets even WORSE. Now not only is he pretending to be a humanitarian/warrior leader instead of a rabid ideologue/tin pot dictator.

He's posing as a hockey mom...

Yikes. Fan me with a hockey stick. Have you ever seen anything so embarrassing? Or heard anything so HUMILIATING?

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is such a fan he even agreed to take the time to meet us with us rink side.

Thus becoming the first Canadian Prime Minister to call up an American sports show and BEG for a photo-op.

And wasn't this part special ?

The Prime Minister loves the game so much he's even writing a book about it.

Oh NOOOOOOOOO!!!! Where's NBC's Truth Squad when we need them?

And how about that BONUS for all those American viewers who don't know much about Canada? Don Cherry dressed like a klown and sounding like a redneck. Yabba dabba doo doo.

Oh boy. If that's my Canada, I don't want it.

But of course it isn't. It might not be perfect, but it's better than that. Or will be as soon as we get rid of Harper and his thugs. And send Don Cherry off to the Hee Haw show at the Grand Old Opry. Or the Yankee Doodle Do Me Hour.

In the meantime, stay tuned eh?

Because I have a feeling that as Great Desperate Leader continues trying to fool Canadians into loving him again.


The best is still to come....


CanNurse said...

Great blog, Simon. The photo of Harper touching the 2 little Haitian girls literally made my flesh crawl. Ewwwww! Get awaaayyy! A hypocrite, an egoist, and a user of poor children in tragedy situations. He HAS no shame.
Btw, did you read the article today in the Toronto Star about "How to tell if you're dating a Narcissist" The list of characteristics sound amazingly familiar!

Simon said...

hi CanNurse...yes it is a horribly creepy photo isn't it? It so phony too. I must admit I had a difficult time thinking of the right blurb...and how to keep it decent. Ugh.
I didn't read the article about dating a narcissist, but I bet Mrs Harper wishes she had... ;)