Monday, February 15, 2010

Stephen Harper's Shameful Trip To Haiti

Well I see that Stephen Harper is continuing his ridiculous campaign to try to make Canadians love him again.

As if anyone could love a political thug who would shutdown Parliament to avoid questions about torture. As if anyone could love a monster who is prepared to let thousands of poor women die, because his theocons won't fund birth control or safe abortions. As if anyone could love a creepy dictator who is waging war on his own people.

But goodness knows he's trying.

The table had been set perfectly - Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his daughter Rachel were part of an audience of about 12,000 drowned rats wearing red-and-white - for O Canada to ring out, however soggily. Instead, it was The Star Spangled Banner.

Cruising the Olympics like a shark or a sucker fish, looking for some golden glory he can feed on.

And now he's off to Haiti for yet another disgusting photo-op.

Even if that means undermining Haiti's fragile government.

Mr. Preval has been criticized for not being visible enough during the quake recovery and ceding control to the UN peacekeeping mission and its member countries, which include the United States, Canada, Brazil and France.

To try to make Preval look more like a President and less like a stooge, the United States has been reducing its profile. But not our man Harper.

Even if that means taking up space on a cargo plane that could have been used to fly in more food and medicines. Even if it means that some Haitians might not receive treatment today because the medical staff have been forcibly recruited to serve as extras in Great Ugly's photo-op.

Because this has NOTHING to do with helping the poor people of Haiti. It's all about helping Stephen Harper. And it's crass and SHAMEFUL.

The good news is I don't think it's going to work. I was watching the Olympics in the cafeteria yesterday. And when a commercial for his corrupt Porky Action Plan came on, a lot of people started to boo.

Because Canadians aren't IDIOTS. And they know a phony....or a pig monster... when they see one.

Just get ready eh? Prepare your ammunition.

Because when the Olympics are over the real games will begin. Harper won't be able to run anymore. He'll be out of photo-ops.

Canadians will be absolutely sick of his sleazy games.

And we are going to CRUSH him...


  1. Jeezizz i hope so!

  2. Hey, Simon, he promised the Haiti government 12 meeeeelion dollars to provide housing for them and to help them work for the next year.

    So, I'm expecting him to ship them the Canada host pavillion after the Olympics. It cost 10 million didn't it?

  3. Niles, what are you thinking? That shed will be used as his cat's litter box.

    12 000 000$ for gov't hq. I can think of better ways to spend that money: hospitals, housing, food, orphanages; ya know...

  4. hi thwap...If I had any doubts that we will, despite our own deficiencies, eventually find our way to victory, I would be hanging from the rafters instead of sitting here typing and planning our victory party...

    P.S. I also have some cheap champagne on ice, so it will have to happen soon, before it turns to vinegar... :)

  5. hi Niles...oh great. Maybe he could cough up some housing for our own homeless as well. Or provide some relief for all those poor Canadians falling off E.I.
    But as for sending them the Canada pavilion...well that would be too cruel.
    Not only is it horribly ugly with those Con colours, it doesn't look too safe to me. And what is Harper going to do next to try to convince us he's reformed. Offer to suckle the hungry children of the world? Judging by his humungous titties I'm sure he could, but it would be UGLY.... :)

  6. hi CK...personally I hope that Harper will end up living in that shed, in some trailer park in Alberta.
    Preferably in some Apocalyptic Christianist commune with big walls around it.
    So we never have to set eyes on that monstrosity... or that monster again... :)