Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Stephen Harper and the Blogging Woollies

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When I saw this disturbing picture I couldn't make up my mind whether it was Stephen Harper clinging to power by pretending to be a bunny.... or a Liberal.

Or whether it was just the Blogging Tories faithfully humping Great Desperate Leader's leg, no matter what he says or does. And I just HAD to find out.

So I put on my tinfoil tuque and headed over to the BT site. Only to find them grazing peacefully in their pen.

Baaing about how the Obamamessiah is baaaad, and killing children in Gaza is good. And how global warming is a myth. In short: the usual shite.

But not even a little Bo Peep about how Great Con Leader had just betrayed EVERYTHING they've been bleating about all their lives.You know like big government, deficit spending, arts funding, and helping poor people.

Except from this little lamb. Soon to be known as Unambiguously Confused.

Or just a traitor... judging by this exchange in the comments:

------Well buh byeeee
and be sure to take yourself off this blogroll

------I remain on this blogroll at the pleasure of Stephen Taylor, the administrator. When he asks me to leave, I’ll do so.

But what WAS the Dark Shepherd of the Blogging Woollies up to anyway? On the day his Lord and Master was delivering the most apocalyptic Throne Speech ever written on the back of a matchbox.

Once again I just HAD to find out.

Wow. Can you believe that? Obsessing about Krista Erickson. Again. Will he EVER get over her? And on the day his beloved Leader is trying his best to sound like a LIBERAL. Shame on him.

Look I knew the right-wing was dying. That it had been overtaken by events and discredited beyond repair. And that the Great Recession would do to the Cons what the Great Asteroid did to the dinosaurs.

But who knew they would go out not with a bang but a baaaa?

Who knew that watching the Con sheep squirming on the shish kebab of history could be so DELICIOUS?

Anyone like mint sauce with their mutton? Mmmm.... I do.



Beijing York said...

...apocalyptic Throne Speech ever written on the back of a matchbox.

Brilliant summary Simon. LOL!

Simon said...

Hi Beijing....thanks...I was going to write that it was written on the back of a pack of Iggy ciggies...but it wasn't long enough... :)