Friday, January 16, 2009

Gaza and Israel's Shiny New Weapons

The good news is that there might be a ceasefire in Gaza by this time tomorrow. The bad news is that in the meantime the slaughter of the innocent continues.

Israeli television broadcast desperate cries for help from a Palestinian doctor on Friday after his children were killed in an Israeli attack in the Gaza Strip...

"My girls were sitting at home planning their futures, talking, then suddenly they are being shelled.I want to know why they were killed, who gave the order?"

"All that was ever fired out of our house was love, hugs and acts of peace, nothing else, ever."

He helped deliver Israeli babies, but still they killed his children. Like they've killed so many others.

And then there are the more than 4,500 wounded...many of whom have been horribly injured by Israel's high tech arsenal of new and terrible weapons.

He says the advantage of DIME is that "it strikes a very small area, 10 to 20 meters, and the fire it ignites burns out very quickly; if it hits us now, we will die, but no one around us will be hurt. The problem is that when you are killed - you are ripped to shreds and there is nothing left." Indeed, the injuries DIME causes are in general more severe than those caused by a "regular" bomb.

A paramedic at the Al-Awda Hospital in the Jabalya refugee camp has told the Palestinian Center for Human Rights that about 90 percent of the wounded he has rescued during the past few weeks were brought in with at least one limb missing.

Nothing better than testing shiny new weapons on a helpless population trapped in a cage like laboratory animals. I bet the Pentagon can't wait to see the results.

And can you imagine what life will be like in one of the poorest little places on earth, with not enough shelter, not enough food or water, not enough medical equipment, and so many traumatized people with no arms or legs .....dragging themselves over the ruins.

Believe me, I have no axe to grind in this conflict. I love the Israeli and Palestinian people like I love all the other people of the world.

But what the Israeli hawks have done in Gaza is a war crime pure and simple.

First must come the ceasefire.

Then must come the RECKONING...

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  1. While reading this I began to imagine people boxing up missing limbs and sending them to heads of states.
    Then I remembered that awful tale about Bush waiting up one night to receive the head of Sadaam Hussein on a platter.
    He was told that they had finally got him. Turns out they got they delivered the wrong head.
    I couldn't believe it, but the driver of the van with the head on a platter and ice said it was true.Sick minds must be treated.

  2. Hi Oemissions...I'm sorry I took so long to reply. I haven't been feeling too well recently. That's quite a horrible tale.When I think of what was done in Gaza I have to assign much of the blame to the Bush regime. Not just for not reining in Israel's hawks. But also for brutalizing us all with their so-called War on Terror. And desensitizing people to the ghastly effects of modern weapons with the horrible sanitized videos that don't show you what they do to human beings...