Thursday, August 13, 2020

Andrew Scheer's Foul Legacy of Hate

In my last post I looked at some of the ways Andrew Scheer poisoned politics in Canada, during his two years as Con leader.

How he debased our parliament with his bigotry, his ugly attack ads, his never-ending lies, his American values.

And of course how his obsessive hatred for Justin Trudeau couldn't have been more diseased or more disturbing.

Or more dangerous.

For surprise, surprise, it seems all that hatred is fuelling a rise in murderous threats against Trudeau and his ministers.

Threats against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and federal cabinet ministers are on the rise, according to new RCMP data obtained by the Star.

The RCMP’s protective policing division logged 130 threats made against Trudeau or members of his cabinet between January and July, up from 100 recorded during the same period in 2019.

And although the RCMP won't talk about it, we've all seen the ugliness aimed at the prime minister.

Who can forget these pictures of Trudeau with a bulletproof vest under his shirt after a gunman was spotted at an election rally in Ontario?

Who can forget the murderous Con who crashed through the gates of Rideau Hall.

The one our media insisted on calling an "intruder" rather than a heavily armed would be terrorist.

And who can forget the ugly Con who turned up last week outside Catherine McKenna's office, and started yelling obscenities at her staff.

As only a miserable misogynist could, in a country where Scheer helped normalize hatred by viciously attacking the prime minister every day of the year.

I've been warning about the rising tide of hatred for years, and denouncing toxic Trudeau haters all over the place, including at Progressive  Kinsella Bloggers...

Where some dirty old men hate Trudeau as much as the Cons.

While what I'm saying now, is what I've always said...

Enough is Enough.

Those who would kill our leaders would also kill our country.

The RCMP must do more to arrest and punish those domestic terrorists.

And we must go after the Cons, the DipperCons, and our shabby bought media who stir up the hatred that kills, harder than we ever have before.

Andrew Scheer tried to poison our Canada, but he couldn't intimidate Justin Trudeau.

And hopefully the decent people of this country will acknowledge that strength.

Recognize what Trudeau has done for Canada.

And reward him with a crushing majority...


Jackie Blue said...

Scheer's legacy of hate is a deepening of Harper's. He wasn't even leader yet when the first anti-Trudeau death threats were posted to CPC official social media pages. In all the years since, the Cons have not only done nothing about it, but continued to fan the flames and make it worse. Scheer and Kinsella collaborating on that vile conspiracy theory about Trudeau's departure from teaching was the absolute lowest of the low. But changing the head of the Hydra won't change anything about this party. There is something institutionally wrong with the CPC. Scott Gilmore is tilting at windmills if he really thinks they'll ever have an epiphany. (McKenna's husband, as the commenters never cease to point out.) It started when Petey Putsch MMMKay handed Adolf Harper the keys to the kingdom. The fact they're running him as the deja vu candidate shows they haven't changed a bit.

But he wasn't alone. The NDP have to own Layton's complicity in aiding and abetting Harper's ravages, and stop holding him up as a saint. He was no better than Sanders paving the way for Trump, and now Singh and his merry miscreants are attempting the same thing again. Smearing Margaret as a gold-digger and a crook who rode her husband and son's coattails, while accusing JT and his ministers of leaving the vulnerable to rot and die so they could "help out their rich friends" and pad the Trudeau family nest egg, is a really bad look for the "conscience of parliament." Everything that jerk shouted into McKenna's office intercom was a Con talking point parroted by the NDP. The New Deplorable Party's new slogan should be "the ends justify the means." Every time I think the Cons can't get any worse, the NDP says hold my beer.

The media, however, are the ones who amplify this hate. Postmedia is a metastasizing cancer and Brian Lilley in particular should be criminally charged for stalking. Then they back off and downplay the monster they created. Stochastic terrorists with blood on their hands. Does anyone really think that an assassination attempt against the PM would have been shrugged off if the PM wasn't a Trudeau and the would-be Oswald was a halal sausage maker? Gee, I can't qwhite figure out why this didn't get the coverage it deserved!

The more this keeps getting shrugged off or pushed back against as "partisan deflection" from "Liberal Twitter" attempting to "change the channel" on god-knows-what manufactured scandal-of-the-week the DipperConBloc coalition and their MSM fart catchers are chasing, the more likely the odds of a tragic outcome. Canada is going to have a Jo Cox or even JFK moment. It's not a matter of if but when. Scheer is only a symptom and he will soon be forgotten. But "Trudeau derangement syndrome" remains the disease for which Canada is so far unable to flatten the curve.

Anonymous said...

The deranged individual in the video should be in a cage or a padded cell and any other whack job, right wing mental case for that matter. There simply is no place in society for these people who feed off of the vomitorium of online hate that's readily available for the feeble minded rage machines out there. Now they've taken it to the next step of going out and acting upon their delusions which is totally unacceptable. JT needs to beef up everyone's security to deal with this as well as IT experts to track down and lay criminal charges against anyone making online death threats. A minimum 10 year sentence should give these assholes lots of time to cool off I think.
Which brings us to the "The Man Who Couldn't Be King". Andrew A. Scheer. I actually don't know his middle name but Asshole's a good place to start. He, while as Con leader, was a huge contributor in fomenting the rage and hatred being spewed towards JT and the Liberals and now he's reduced to being just another drone turd in the ReformaCon septic tank. It's been quite a journey for Mr. Schmear. I hope he's proud of what he's accomplished because then he can say at least one person sincerely was. Anything other would be lip service. Good riddance Andrew.

Anonymous said...

The populist Cons of all stripes are desperately tying to frame Trudeau as a poster child for elite corruption. The pandemic has laid bare the fallacy of armchair warrior thinking where all that's required is pass a law or mandate an obvious solution. Most people are now looking to experts to guide us through the pandemic, not pull it out of your ass smash mouths.This in turn has created a generational opportunity to reshape the effectiveness of our institutions that have come under populist attack in order to create a weakened society susceptible to their authoritarian whims. Perhaps Trudeau will not get it right but the opportunity to try is there.


rumleyfips said...

Lisa McLeod too even though she's a Concervative. But as raggedy ass andy says ' who cares she's just a girl '. I can hardly wait till the old tool takes over and makes being female illegal.

Jackie Blue said...


At least Aaron Wherry's article is fair, though it contains some minor errors. The polling numbers are not back to pre-pandemic levels, as pre-pandemic levels were unchanged from the election, and in fact they were behind the Cons at one point due to backlash from the railway blockades. There doesn't seem to be anything new to report, no more "bombshells" to detonate, so it's possible that those numbers could start ticking up again, as they already seem to have started doing in at least a couple of polls this past week. An actual campaign would be very different from the summer silly season, and Blanchet's bluff, if called, would result with electoral suicide for anyone who helped him. Expect the spring budget to be voted down and the coalition of the unwilling to have to answer for why they did. "Trudeau bad" is an asinine hill to die on when presented with what looks to be a "green she-covery" program, but I expect them to do just that.

What is apparent from that article is that Wherry is making use of Betteridge's law of headlines to answer his own question (or the CBC's editor who chose it for the piece). It's already clear that Trudeau's not paying any attention to the noise that Skippy and co are making about the fake scandal. The Cons already have their "competing offers" as to the recovery plan, and it looks no different from the last "offers" they've made for almost 20 years: austerity and oil. As Skippy himself admitted in the Star article over the weekend when he talked about "free-market stimulus" and fast-tracking "energy projects" -- energy being a code word for dirty oil, not solar paneling or wind farms, because that's sissy Lib globalist stuff that makes Ayn Rand have a sad.

So even in spite of the nontroversy, Trudeau has a head start on making plans for the future, and I'm glad at least that he does. Ignoring noise and focusing on actual work served him well during SNC, and hopefully should serve him well again. The Bloc and NDP are irrelevant, while the Cons double down on returning to a past that never existed in the first place. Trudeau may carry "nostalgia baggage" of his own, undeserved because of irrational reactions to his last name, but Petey Mac-and-Cheese is yesterday's man if there ever was one.

Steve said...

even Kory T that Harper tire pumper came out and said that the CONS scandal daily was over the top and hurtful to Canada.

Steve said...

You know how the cons always wail about terrorists returning to Canada, they want to rip up their passports. Well what is Oklahoma Girl doing, should she be allowed back to Canada ever? Why has she not returned to Canada? Has the goverment made her a person of non entry?

Jackie Blue said...

Why the fuck is Kouvalis still allowed to run push polls of Sun readers? Second place in the Maritimes??? After Leger and Nanos showed the Liberals way in the lead, and Leger, even with their BQ bias, even showed that the numbers were even better with either MacToole or O'Kay as leader?

Nobody takes him or the Sun seriously, do they? This poll is a crock of shit. Postmedia needs to be crushed.

Jackie Blue said...

Morneau is out 😶

Sad that the hounds of war got their head on a platter, but apparently the writing was on the wall for some time. I guess he and Trudeau didn't exactly see eye-to-eye on the popular programs that kept Covid Canada afloat, or the plans that Trudeau has for the recovery. The $41K thing seems to have just been the impetus to shuffle sooner rather than later. Which I find kind of ridiculous in how it was blown up in the headlines as being tantamount to "bribery," but that's the way the cheap tabloid scandalmongers operate with their shallow focus on "optics" rather than facts.

I'm sure Charlie Anus, creepy Blanchet, and whoever replaces weak Andy will continue clamoring for Trudeau's resignation like they always do over every little thing, but after today's Mainstreet release and a steady tick upward in other polls (Kouvalis notwithstanding), I doubt it'll go anywhere. I'm just glad this finally seems to be wrapping up as the summer fades out. Cabinet shuffle before Labor Day.

Cue the speculation on his replacement, who I'm sure the media and feckless opposition will find fault with too. Even if it's Carney. I can see the ads already: "He's just not ready! Nice grey hair, though." 🙄

Steve said...

Oky Annie is back

Jackie Blue said...

You again? It's a shame there isn't a mechanism to report Google comments for violent content. When Simon gets back he needs to delete your statement and ban your account ASAP.

Morneau specifically said Trudeau didn't ask him to resign. Or have you not heard of the OECD? Perhaps he got tired of the media and other parties smearing him as a crook and agitating their vulgar mobs to go after his daughter. Bugass and her sidekick were backstabbers, pure and simple. Morneau didn't do anything wrong.

You and your ilk should be ashamed of yourselves. You may very well eventually get your Pyrrhic victory of Trudeau's two weeks' notice after doing the same to him and to Margaret, but Canada will be all the worse off for it.

Now get back under your bridge, troll, and quit stinking up the place. Stop Trumpifying Canada, BS Guy. Fuck off.

rumleyfips said...

CP makes a vague accusation of a nudge by ignoring the facts.

No nudge was needed : WE was already working for the feds on a different contract which enabled a continuation agreement. WE had won and completed other contract. Obviously, there were no problems with WE's work and delivery and WE was well known and regarded within the civil service.

Interestingly, opposition questioners steered clear of WE's record hoping nobody will figure it out. A sin of ommission indeed.