Sunday, December 24, 2017

The Con Media's Pornographic Assault On Our Democracy

I think by now you probably know what I think about our grubby Con media, and how much they disgust me.

You know what I thought about them during Stephen Harper's monstrous decade in power, when they fell over themselves trying to polish his behind, or blow his tiny trumpet.

And I'm sure you also know what I think about them now that they are attempting to bring down the Liberal government after only two years, by trying to turn a minor mistake by Justin Trudeau into a huge scandal.

But this is the absolute limit.

The grubby Postmedia writer Colby "Cosher" Cosh going after the decent Canadians who voted for Trudeau.

In a manner that couldn't be more disgusting or pornographic.

Clearly many Canadians do not make much distinction between electing a new government and having a handsome celebrity PM with a fashionable wife. Their genuine, legitimate political hopes are wadded together with their sexy daydreams in one glutinous, moist wad of feeling.

Even though as I pointed out the other day, the Ethics Commissioner's ruling was  hideously flawed, and an epic failure in the court of common sense. 

And what is truly pornographic is the way those in the Con media seek to pleasure their corporate masters...

By sucking up their glutinous excrement.

Or the way that small little group of Ottawa reporters band together in a moist wad of Trudeau hatred.

With both the over the hill hack Susan Delacourt, and the pathetic Con cheerleader David Akin, both suggesting that Trudeau was lying.

Only to end up looking like idiots...

Or filthy Con stooges...

When in fact the real scandal is why the creepy Andrew Scheer has been allowed to get away with hiring the Rebel director Hamish Marshall to be the Con campaign manager.

And is trying to turn the Cons into an alt-right party, even as right-wing extremism is a growing concern.

Extremists inspired by groups such as Daesh and Al Qaeda remain the top terrorism threat to Canada, but a new report from the federal government warns of growing far-right movements online that could translate into real-world violence.

And during the time Marshall was at the Rebel, working with the grotesque hate monger Ezra Levant...

It was attacking Muslims, women, and gays, and printing one murderous comment after the other like this one:

And yes, enough is enough.

For let's be clear, Justin Trudeau has more decency in him than all those dirty Con stooges put together...

Canada is a much better and more Canadian country since he became Prime Minister.

By demeaning his supporters in such a disgusting manner the Con media scumbags are undermining the very pillars of our democracy.

And they need to be taught a lesson they'll never forget.

I have never seen so many progressives so angry and so frustrated. But there are ways we can get back at those who would negate our democratic choice, and smear us with their contempt.

We can boycott them, we can cancel our subscriptions, we can attack their supporters on Twitter or in the blogosphere.

We can go after their advertisers just like we are doing with those who would support The Rebel.

And see how many of those ghastly Con media stooges we can put out of business...

For they are a monstrous threat to this country and its values.

But they have never been more vulnerable, or glutinous.

And in the name of human decency, and our precious democracy.

We cannot punish them enough...


  1. Anonymous10:38 AM

    The sooner the public drives a steak through the heart of the debt fueled Postmedia zombie the better. Although possibly a little outdated, excerpts from the attached article sums up its retched history and legacy thanks to the great oily messiah.

    "There is a cancer on Canadian journalism.

    The malignancy is Postmedia Network Canada Corp., a foreign-controlled, debt-burdened contrivance flirting with insolvency that nonetheless is relied upon by about 21 million Canadian readers. Postmedia’s 200-plus media outlets, mostly newspapers, including some of the biggest dailies in the country, represent a far greater concentration of news media ownership than exists in any other major economy. And a degree of foreign ownership of the free press that would not be tolerated in the U.S., France, Japan or Germany.
    For generations, Canadian law has forbidden foreign ownership or control of Canadian cultural assets. But after permitting the sale to non-Canadians of practically the entire Canadian-owned steel and mining industries, then PM Stephen Harper’s government signed off on Postmedia’s creation as well. The Americans put a Canadian face on the deal by selecting Paul Godfrey, 77, as Postmedia’s CEO. Not by coincidence, Harper and Godfrey, a diehard Tory, are kindred spirits."


    1. hi RT...thanks for the link to the David Olive story. I like to think that Postmedia is cursed by the ghost of Conrad Black, but of course the situation is more complex than that. The media concentration it has caused is bad enough, and the way its editorial direction is determined from Paul Godfrey's executive offices makes it a threat to our democracy. I can never forget the day he dictated that the National Post should place a banner on its from page to warn readers not to vote for the Liberals. If any of their reporters and columnists had any integrity they should have quit there and then. It actually distresses me to have to rail against the media in this country because I want us to have a strong and vibrant press, but I can't see that happening until Postmedia is broken up and hopefully from the ruins new and independent publications will rise up and flower...

  2. Its seems the Cons are trying another end run around the courts. Sign the petition, it cant hurt.

    1. hi Steve...thanks for that petition. I need to study this situation because I must admit I'm not up to speed on the issue. Who exactly are they trying to ban? Are they hate sites or ones that run pirated material? What I do know is that those Telcom pirates are already holding us hostage with their outrageous rates. So yes, it's definitely an issue we must be prepared to mobilize against...

  3. Anonymous12:47 PM

    "Extremists inspired by groups such as Daesh and Al Qaeda remain the top terrorism threat to Canada, but a new report from the federal government warns of growing far-right movements online that could translate into real-world violence."

    Hogwash! Jackie Blue clearly stated yesterday that Muslims are not a threat, and therefore that statement is incorrect! *sarcasm*

    1. Jackie Blue2:38 PM

      Why pick on me? Unless I'm reading the sarcasm statement in your quote wrong. But to clarify in general for anyone else: The report, or at least that snippet in the citation, didn't say anything about Muslims. It clearly said "extremists inspired by groups such as Daesh and Al Qaeda." Not "Muslims" as a whole group. We're talking about two billion people, only a percentage of whom subscribe to an extremist and perverted interpretation of their religion. Many of whom have underlying mental-health issues and trauma from poverty and war and get sucked into these groups out of despair, just like any other form of gang or cult recruitment. MS-13 is a threat. "Hispanic people" as an entirety are not.

      Are "Christians" a threat? No, because Jimmy Carter and Pope Francis are not a threat to anyone and neither is Justin Trudeau. Extremists, using a perverted interpretation of Christianity to justify greed, abuse of the vulnerable, and religious warfare are, which means Jason Kenney, Andrew Scheer, Steve Bannon, and the various televangelist grifters exerting political influence on the U.S. government are a threat. Just like the IRA, "God's Army" in Uganda, or Putin's weaponized Orthodox clerics in Russia. The Dalai Lama is not a threat, but the Buddhist-majority government in Burma is a threat to Rohingya Muslims. George Harrison posed no harm to anybody, but Narendra Modi's brand of Hindu nationalism puts Muslims, Buddhists and anyone else he doesn't like for whatever reason, at risk. Even weaponized atheism turned into a God complex for Stalin and Mao, and unfortunately became a justification for the Iraq War in the mind of Christopher Hitchens. That doesn't mean everything Hitchens ever said automatically becomes hogwash, or that atheists pose a threat just because Stalin was a monster.

      There is no such thing, however, as a wrong-headed interpretation of Nazism. I'm a lot more afraid of white-supremacists fueling the next Roof or Bissonnette, rape apologists fueling the next Rodger or Lepine, rapture-obsessed Crusaders like Pence and Cruz getting antsy for apocalyptic warfare in the Middle East, Levitical wankers like Kenney persecuting gay teenagers, and prosperity-gospel Mammonists like Paul Ryan leaving us all broke, than I will ever be of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Cat Stevens, Malala Yousafzai, or the Aga Khan. Plus many more people who don't have the same high-profile name recognition but still pose no greater of a danger than a retired NBA player, a 1970s rock musician, a women's rights activist who got shot by extremists, or a philanthropist and spiritual leader who is trying to fight extremism but whose efforts at doing so have been labeled "corruption" by the con opposition in the country where a friend of his is the PM.

      So my point stands, and Muslims are not a threat. Extremists of all sorts are.

    2. Anonymous4:09 PM

      Anon 12:47, MC!! Is that you? Did you understand Jackie's reply or did it sail right over your head? Do you pick on Jackie because you have a problem with women or is it more like what Lurleen Harper posted regarding that hunter, compensating for a small...?

    3. Anonymous7:06 PM

      Excellent argument Jackie but totally lost on any one who missed set theory 101 or anyone whose brain is not wired for the slightest amount of rational thought. Their thinking is that for all problems someone is out to get us, if we imagine it to be a BIG problem then its logical a BIG group is out to get us. It just could not be that a relatively small strategic thinking group are playing us like a bunch of morons.

    4. hi anon 12:47...I'm not quite sure what you're talking about. It seems to me the paragraph you quote speaks for itself. But you can't extend warnings about certain terrorist groups to all Muslims. Do the terrorist actions of right-wing groups in the U.S. mean that we have to put a terrorist watch on all Christians? I had to delete a comment earlier today from someone who managed to smear seven different groups in one comment, and all that does is divide us and make us more vulnerable to the extremists in our midst. Fighting terrorism is a complex task, and simplistic solutions will get us nowhere...

    5. Hi Jackie...don't let that Con bother you. Sarcasm is obviously not their forte, and I'm afraid that all the peace and love of the season upsets them so much they start howling at the moon. Your original comment was fine, and your latest as brilliant as usual. Although I give Cons a hard time, I do try my best to understand them, but so far all I can figure out is that they are driven mainly by fear. That enlarged fear gland is no myth.
      It appears to make them distrust anybody they don't know, and while this might have been useful in our long journey from apes to humans, now it's a real problem. We don't just need de-radicalization programs for some Muslims, we clearly need them for some white people...

  4. Anonymous1:12 PM

    That quote from the Colby Cosh article really is something, and as you say truly revolting. The National Post must still be inhabited by the ghost of its founder Conrad Black. The surviving tools that work there must still believe like Lord Tubby did, that they can convert a centre-left country into a right-wing one. Let's hope they still believe that as the sinking ship goes down and they forced to swim for their lives. Merry Christmas Simon !

    1. hi anon...yes, I couldn't believe that paragraph when I first read it. It's so contemptuous and so disgusting I don't think it was unfair of me to call it pornographic. I tried to satirize it by placing some captions on that freaky picture of Colby Cosh, but I may have only made the situation worse. ;)
      As for the ghost of Conrad Black, that I borrowed from you in an earlier reply, I think his influence still influences Postmedia's ethos. In its early years the National Post under Black had an almost missionary mission to convert us into Cons. Since then of course it has lost its Con halo, Tubby went to jail, but its relentless assault on Justin Trudeau is a throwback to those earlier times. I read an Ivison piece on Andrew Scheer the other day and it sounded like a prelude to his canonization, and made no mention of Hamish Marshall, or the ties to The Rebel. So yes, let's hope there's an iceberg in its future. And Merry Christmas to you too !!!

  5. Anonymous1:15 PM

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. hi anon...I'm sorry I had to delete your comment. But since you managed to smear women, Jews, LGBT people, Muslims, Christians, black people and what you call "cucked white men" all in one comment I had no choice. Honestly, what kind of hateful world do you inhabit? My advice to you is that you stop making such sweeping generalizations about your fellow humans. All groups have good and bad people, and you should criticize individuals for what they do if you must, and not for who they are. It's never too late to change, make 2018 your change year...

    2. Anonymous8:31 PM

      What hateful world? The same one you live in you gaint hypocrite.

      Warren Kinsella is right about people like you......totally insane.

    3. Hi anon....what hateful world? Are you blind, deaf, and dumb. And how dare you call me a gaint hypocrites!!!! What does that mean anyway? And I hate to disappoint you but I don't care what Warren Kinsella has to say about anything. May I humbly suggest that you sound like the insane one you gaint hypocrite. Merry Christmas and please ask Santa to bring you a life...🙄

  6. Anonymous4:06 PM

    If Cosh thinks that insulting the intelligence of most Canadians will help Toastmedia then okay.
    Surely his fellow hacks will be chortling over JT and the old dehydrated buzzard Godfrey's bones will be rattling together with glee.
    Enjoy while you can losers for the money that keeps you floating is not endless and will one day be as scarce as any decent reporting that ever emanated from the bowels of postmedia.

    1. hi JD...I'm still reeling from Colby's article. First he admits that his colleagues have been keeping that non-story alive, and that's more important than the wishes of all those who support Trudeau's much better than Harper government. And then to add insult to injury he writes that pornographic paragraph that makes it sound like Trudeau's supporters are the perverts, instead of him and his postmedia goons.
      I don't want people to lose their jobs, but until Postmedia goes down or is broken up, nothing will ever change....

  7. Thank you for noticing comments by Delacourt and Akin.

  8. hi're welcome. I should have included Delacourt's classless reply to those who asked her to apologize. And I probably should have thrown in another line on David Akin's shameless behaviour as a Con propagandist. But at least I didn't use Charle's Adler's message of support to Delacourt, after comparing Trudeau's action to Hugh Grant liaison with a prostitute, because we have to draw the line somewhere. ;)
    The Con media disgusts me in so many ways, I promise to try to hammer them even harder in 2018...

  9. Anonymous8:48 PM

    Hello Simon!

    Dropping by to wish you and Sebastian a very Merry Christmas and lots of love, laughter and good health in the new year.


    1. Hi nice to hear from you, thank you and Merry Christmas to you too!!! My health is still not as good as I would wish after my motorcycle accident in the Scottish highlands. But Seb is as great as ever, and our house is still full of love and laughter. May 2018 be our best year ever!!!

  10. e.a.f.3:55 PM

    Its hard to bring down a winner and the MSM is not up to the job. Blogs and such have a much greater impact on involved people. The items the Con media wants to make a big deal about are not big deals for most Canadians.

    If you live on a reservation in Canada, you don't really care about what the Con media has to say about Trudeau. YOu care about clean drinking water, a decent mold free house, and your kids not killing themselves.

    If you're female and Indigenous, staying alive is on your mind.

    What the "white" Con media is talking about are "first world" problems of the chattering media class, which has little to do with what Canadians are concerned about.

    In the Lower Mainland, from Vancouver to Hope, Kelowna, the Comox valley, Nanaimo, Victoria, the biggest concern is keeping a roof over your head. With rents much higher than salaries and houses in the lower mainland and Victoria costing millions. Other areas in B.C. has almost zero vacancies for rentals. People don't care what Post Media is bleeting about. They want a secure place to live.

    The MSM is out of touch. In B.C. we see the same car accident on the news two day in a row. As if that is news. The homeless camps, don't get reported on, until some one wants them out of their neighbourhood. There is a widening disconnect in this country when it comes to the media, what they report on, and who their audience isn't.