Saturday, December 09, 2017

Donald Trump and the Trumpocalypse

It couldn't have been a more sordid, or scary spectacle. Donald Trump addressing a Make America Great Again rally in Pensacola, Florida.

Weaponizing Christmas, and urging his deplorables across the border in Alabama to vote for Roy Moore. 

Because in Trump's rapidly degenerating mind, an old perv who sexually harassed teenage girls is still better than a Democrat. 

And the scary part is that Trump is now in full blown demagogue mode, or out of his mind, so you know what's coming next.

He will be going after Robert Mueller, and it will be the End Game, or as Timothy Egan calls it, the Trumpocalypse. 

You can see where this is headed, the once bright and shiny democracy going down the drain before the holidays are out. The Russians, the special counsel Robert S. Mueller III and his agents, desperate men flipped and singing to save their souls — all may soon be gone, by President Trump’s design.

If there’s any outrage left in the tank, use it now, because Trump has signaled exactly what he’s going to do.

Or the day fascism finally arrives in America....

But luckily getting rid of Mueller won't be THAT easy. 

The facts are the facts. Trump is a mess.

The facts are what matter. And the facts are pointing in a very bad direction for the gang that can’t collude straight. Trump has got to be sweating it; he was said to be “seething” when two of his campaign aides were indicted and a third pleaded guilty in October. He looked punch-drunk at recent public events.

And this is probably enough to make him explode, or drive him even crazier. 

And the even better news?

The Resistance is mobilizing. 

So if Trump does fire Mueller he can expect to see some of the biggest, loudest, and angriest protests the U.S. has ever seen.

You know, two years ago Trump held a rally in Pensacola. And the opening act shocked a lot of decent people.

But it would have driven Roy Moore WILD...

And what happened to the Freedom Girls?

They ended up suing Trump. 

Only to have Trump's supporters turn on them, and be forced to drop the suit and run for cover.

But of course, that's the old Con artist Trump...

Old Uncle Scam, who is about to cross the line and bring down a Trumpocalypse on HIMSELF.

Donald Trump and Roy Moore two peas perverts in a pod...

A sign of how low the Cons of America have fallen.

And along with their rotten party both heading for oblivion.

And the apocalypse that will destroy them...


  1. Anonymous9:33 AM

    Well now to be fair it's not just the Republicans. Al Franken comes to mind.

    1. Jackie Blue12:45 PM

      Except Franken at least had the humility to step down. Funny thing about the Democrats: they're in the process of cleaning out their house, while the other guys are hoarding toxic waste.

      When is Cowboy Roy going to hitch up his wagon and board up his campaign HQ like a foreclosed shopping mall he once got booted from? Or that creep Blake Fahrenthold pack up his rubber-duck pajamas and move out? Or Trump himself, when's he going to admit to any wrongdoing, turn himself in and say "Book me, Bob-O"?

      At least the Democrats are draining their swamp. The Republicans may end up winning out politically (to the detriment of the majority of us), because they fight dirty and don't care about enabling the worst subhuman elements of society -- rapists, Nazis, pedophiles, wife-beaters, Russian mobsters, you name it -- as long as Paul Ryan gets his Ebenezer Scrooge tax cuts for Christmas and Mitch McConnell gets to leave a turtle turd in everyone's stocking. And as long as Mike Pence, the Jason Kenney of Washington D.C., gets to give "glowing" reviews for the self-fulfilling prophecy of his Revelation bedtime story coming true in the Middle East.

      There really is no valid equivalency between Al Franken or even Bill Clinton and the utter cesspit that is the GOP. Perhaps if anything, it'll teach America a lesson to stop electing TV hosts, movie stars, and pro athletes to higher office. People are always talking about wanting a separation of "entertainment and state" when it comes to political activism by the NFL, pop singers, or actors, so let them put their money where their mouth is. Quit turning civics and statecraft into a combination reality show, pro-wrestling event, monster-truck rally, beauty pageant, TMZ segment, shock-jock morning zoo, viral YouTube meme, R-rated raunchy comedy flick, Saturday Night Live skit, and high-school popularity contest. Stop voting for Frankens, Trumps, Schwarzeneggers, Eastwoods, and senile monkey trainers like Reagan. (How about that: only one of them is a Democrat. So much for showbiz being the sole domain of "liberals.") Hollywood is a veritable superfund site of debauchery, willful ignorance, greed, and abuse as it is, and proudly so by design. The last thing we need is to add more sleaze to the wretched hive of scum and villainy that is the American political system.

      Or, at the risk of kicking another hornet's nest, maybe it's just long overdue for the old boys' club to be shown the door. Clinton/Warren 2020. Make America for Girls Again.

    2. Anonymous4:49 PM

      John Conyers, Anthony Weiner, Eliot Spitzer... just off the top of my head. Don't know why you're making excuses for old Slick Willie.

      Thanks for the great reply though. You had me laughing out loud at shock-jock morning zoo. :P

    3. hi anon 9:33 am...Yes Al Franken too. But at least he had the decency to apologize, and resign. And at least his transgressions didn't involve children...

    4. Hi Jackie Blue... well said, and I agree with this too:

      Quit turning civics and statecraft into a combination reality show, pro-wrestling event, monster-truck rally, beauty pageant, TMZ segment, shock-jock morning zoo, viral YouTube meme, R-rated raunchy comedy flick, Saturday Night Live skit, and high-school popularity contest.

      But I don't know how you can fix the problem when the 24/7 news channels need to feed their hungry beasts.

      And as for the Boy's Club, I'm all for telling them to take a hike. I've always believed that only women can save the world. And they've never been more needed...

  2. Civil unrest is coming to the we have never witnessed in history! "The Future, it is murder".....LC!

    1. e.a.f.1:32 AM

      Civil unrest will be met with an army of police officers who are weaponized as the armed forces are in the middle east. It will be all over in very short order. Then the guerillia type war begins. Civil unrest will be dealt with very quickly because each of the American states has a national guard and the last time they were used, well some of us remember Kent State and they won't be any less ruthless this time.

    2. hi Kathleen... The Future, it is murder? I see the prevailing darkness has made you feel really cheery ;) But I prefer to think of it this way: it's always darkest before the dawn...

  3. Jackie Blue12:15 PM

    The GOP is a full-blown Heaven's Gate death cult at this point. A congressman introduced Trump with a terrifying fire-and-brimstone speech hailing the self-deified lunatic as the one who will bring about the end times by "building a temple" in Jerusalem. The crowd actually cheered because they seriously believe Jesus is going to come home from college and take them all home on Santa's sleigh or some other irrational nonsense. Mine eyes have seen the moron and the dumbing of the land... His teeth are falling out...

    This boneheaded move has the brat Kushner and the Dominionist nutcase Pence written all over it. Not to mention Jared helping out Uncle Bibi, the fascist hypocrite who himself is facing a corruption investigation and needs a good-old-fashioned war and to drum up the persecution complex in order to save his sorry tuchus.

    As for the Jim Jones fanatics at that circus-tent-revival rally, if they want to "rapture" so damn much, why don't they just go ahead and binge-drink Orangeade at the Waco compound in Mar-a-Lago and leave the rest of us alone? They can have a "business merger" with Sea Org in Clearwater, and sink into the ocean or scuba-dive into Xenu's volcano for all anyone cares. It is a very big ocean, after all. "Drain the swamp." No signs of intelligent life to be found anywhere in the vicinity. (And as a bonus, Scientology won't call for Donald Koresh to be sectioned either, because they don't believe mental illness even exists. Gee, I wonder why...)

    Organized religion has proven itself time and time again to be mass psychosis. It is possible to be "spiritual" and to apply universal teachings about benevolence toward humanity and the environment, without following insane dogmas from thousands of years ago declared immutable and infallible by centralized fiat. On that account, the Trudeaus and Jimmy Carter are far better "Christians" than the escaped mental patients and sexual predators of the cons or GOP. Welcoming the stranger and building homes for the poor, versus greed, perverted abuse of the vulnerable, and genocidal pyromania. Yet according to the fanatics, it's the Trudeaus and Jimmy Carter who are heretics. Not the mass-murdering militarists or the depraved likes of Moore and Trump.

    There's no question Trump is dangerously bonkers. The problem is, he's enabled and has the beast of his ego fed by people who are just as deluded. Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers. Or as George Carlin once said, "if you want to understand the meaning of 'average intelligence', think of the dumbest moron you know -- and realize that half the people are dumber than that!"

    I've said as much before. The American spelling of ISIS is MAGA. But, hey, at least we'll all be saying "Merry Christmas" whether we like it or not, once the Middle East gets lit up like a holiday in Vegas. Call it Dotard with a Vengeance. "Now I have a nuclear arsenal for Jesus, ho-ho-ho..."

  4. e.a.f.1:34 AM

    thanks for the reminder of Carlin's quote, yes its something to remember and be thankful we live in Canada.

  5. Hi Jackie...I heard about that speaker who actually said he believed that his Godzilla made Trump president. It's mind-blowing and scary. I've always wanted to take a trip through the America south, but I think I'm going to have to delay it, until the place is liberated. Of all Trump's sins one of the ones I find hardest to forgive, is restoring the waning influence of the Religious Right. For that one he will burn in the hell of his own making...