Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Andrew Scheer's Desperate Attempt to Change His Image

As I'm sure you have noticed, Andrew Scheer is looking a little ragged these days. 

For six months he has been attacking Justin Trudeau like a bat out of hell, or a maniac. 

Or an alt-right religious fanatic.

But sadly for him it's just not working.

In fact, it's an absolute disaster.

The Schmeagol is shrinking, Justin Trudeau is growing even more popular. 

The latest Nanos federal ballot tracking has the Liberals at 41.9 per cent support, followed by the Conservatives at 29.3 per cent, the NDP at 19.1 percent, the BQ at 3.4 per cent and the Greens at 5.7 per cent.

He's more than twice as popular as Scheer.

Nanos tracking has Trudeau as the preferred choice as PM at 46.8 per cent of Canadians followed by Scheer (21.9%), Singh (8.2%) and May (5.9%). Sixteen per cent of Canadians were unsure who they preferred.

And at this stage at least, appears to be heading for another crushing majority...

But now at last the Cons seem to have finally realized their fatal mistake.

Appear to have finally understood that the more aggressively you attack Trudeau, who most Canadians perceive to be a nice guy, the more damage you do to yourself.

It's a Canadian thing eh?

So now, believe it or not, the Cons are trying to change Scheer's image, from Mr Ugly to Mr Nice Guy !!!!

Or Mr Nice Nerd.

And good luck with that one...

Coming as it does from a professional politician whose only real life experience was a six-month stint as a stockbroker.

But what I find even more hilarious, is that Scheer recently hired Hamish Marshall from the hate mongering Rebel, presumably to help him destroy Trudeau.

Now he'll have to tell Marshall his mission has changed...

And somehow I don't think that's going to work either.

You know, Geoffrey Stevens recently wrote that Trump was Trudeau's secret weapon.  

For Canadians, part of Trudeau's appeal, as reflected in the Liberals' continued strength in the polls — 11 percentage points ahead of the Conservatives in last week's Nanos Research survey — is probably due to the perception that he is the antithesis of Trump. He is cool where Trump is hot, balanced when Trump seems unhinged, steady where Trump is erratic.

But while that's true, I also think that Trudeau's other secret weapon is Andrew Scheer.

For Schmeagol should never have been made Con leader...

That crazed religious fanatic and Rebel cult member will never be Prime Minister.

But he will be the gift that keeps on giving.

The Cons and other Trudeau haters must be screaming with frustration, which is music to my ears.

But at the end of the dark year of 2017, the Cons are slowly dying.

And our future has never looked brighter...


  1. when you only have one tool in the tool box you only have one tool

    1. Hi Steve... yes the Cons have been using the same tool for ages, it cost them their hold on power, and it should help keep them out of power for at least a generation...

  2. Anonymous9:28 AM

    Oh wonderful news! Hopefully by the time he retires in 2027 (to become secretary general of the UN no less) little Hadrien, Xavier, or better yet Ella-Grace will be ready to take the reigns of this great (now that the Cons are out of power) country. Fuddle duddle Scheer and his racist stormtroopers! Voting conservative is a sign of mental illness, and they need to be heavily medicated and/or institutionalized. May the force be with you Obi Wan Trunobi! What a champion of women's rights, a male feminist leader! What a great time to be alive during Trudeaumania.

    1. Jackie Blue12:43 AM

      I'm not even religious, but on that I can only say AMEN! 😎 But 2027 is a bit soon for the kids to take over, eh? Xavier will only be 20 years old and probably in college. Ella-Grace would be 18 and on her way there, and Hadrien just 13 and in junior-high school.

      How about Sophie take the reins if Justin gets a promotion to the U.N.? There's your first Liberal female PM (Campbell being a footnote, but the first across the line nonetheless). She's very bright and a dedicated activist herself, and despite all the teasing and bullying from insecure knuckle-draggers, Justin is very proud to have an equal partnership and not a 1950s outdated view of what "marriage" should be.

      Or if there's some kind of birthright citizenship rule to become the PM, change it and elect Malala to the top job. Heck, I'd rather we do away with that whole thing in the USA and have Margaret be the president (or Hillary and VP Maggie!) than the dotards we have now. Or the queen just say on her deathbed "Fuddle-duddle, we'll do it live," rescind that whole 1776 error, declare us a co-principality of North and South Canada and put Sacha on the throne. Make America Great Britain Again.

      Haha, I'm kidding of course but, yeah, the cons are truly deplorable and I would sincerely love to see Justin be the prime minister for a long, long time. I'm sure he and the rest of his family will continue carrying the torch for dear old dad's vision of a Just Society for decades to come. To borrow a line from "our buddy Gord," they truly are Ahead by a Century. 😊

    2. hi Jackie...yes don't worry, Trudeau will be in power for a long long time. Neither the Cons or heaven forbid the NDP have candidates who can replace him. And as the millennial generation asserts itself the future will belong to us. The Cons are obsolete and they don't even know it....

  3. Simon says if you are a career politician in 2017 its time to retire. I would be interested to see how many elected MP are career guys and how many have actually lived.

    1. hi Steve...well if you have the time check out their Wikipedia pages, and send me the results. ;) All I know is that there are too many lawyers, and that the new generation is not properly represented, and that's got to change...

  4. We are all convinced the Russians won the USA election, NOT! However I would allegedly make a circumstantial case that the last two Conservative PM have pay stubs issued by the company.

    However even at Langley they would reject Shemgoal. He is not company material. No optics, no native cunning, in the field they call it DOA.

    You want to see a real company man at work, look to Ukraine and try and wrap your brain around WTF is going on there?

    1. Hi Steve...I've never said the Russians won the USA election. What I have said, and this seems to be indisputable, is that they interfered in that election and that's bad enough...

  5. Anonymous2:40 PM

    Can't wait to see the spin Simon puts on this one.

    1. Anonymous4:05 PM

      Here's some spin for you Anon 2:40. Not sure how JT would have personally gained from his vacation but what I do know is he's never been held in contempt of parliament let alone proroguing said parliament to save his sorry ass as Harper had done and we know Harper would have never held a presser to apologize for any of his shameful acts.
      So there you go, JT manned up and Harper hid in a closet.

    2. Anonymous10:20 PM

      JD, that's a fine example of whataboutism, one of Donald Trump's favourite tactics. Harper's moral and ethical bankruptcy in no way excuses JT's breaches of the conflict of interest rules. Nice try though.

    3. Anonymous11:10 PM

      Anon 10:20, well I'm glad we agree on Harper but I wasn't making excuses for JT and I admit I did go a little Con there for a moment.
      However, JT's quick response to the report and sincere apology with a healthy dose of embarrassment took a lot of guts.
      I look forward to a non-partisan breakdown of the report to understand exactly how he broke those rules.

    4. A PM that apologizes and admits he made a mistake and will do better. What a refreshing change to see an adult take responsibility for his actions without the throwing of "another one under, another one under , another one under the bus" (with apologies to Queen.)

    5. These types of Conflicts of Interest will happen when one has a concept of friendship that lies beyond naked self promotion, and self gratification, and engenders individual respect and mutual understanding; an ability that appears to be lacking in the Conservative leadership.

    6. Jackie Blue12:21 AM

      @Anon 2:40/10:20: You must be the guy who basically said I was a Lustin' for Justin groupie on yesterday's thread, or at least someone of the same mindset. Regardless, I've had it up to here with people trying to sabotage those who want to make the world a better place, so I'll take a whack at this strawman anyway.

      Nobody gives a fuddle-duddle about the Aga Khan. They care about the economy and basic human rights. If those two issues alone were a political hockey game, Trudeau would have more hat tricks than Wayne Gretzky. Canada's cons have reached singularity with the Republicans; they're austerity-mad Nazis "with a smile" (more like a toothy, bloody vampire grin), and National Lampoon's Bahamas Vacation is a nothingburger nontroversy that has literally zero bearing on the everyday lives of Canadians. It only matters to policy wonks and conspiracy theorists paranoid about a Muslim under every bed (who conveniently ignore white supremacists hiding in every con closet). That's not whataboutism; that's reality. Anyone who says the cons aren't as bad, "they're all the same," or Trudeau is somehow worse, is engaging in a dangerous false equivalency just like they did with Hillary in 2016.

      I'm American, obviously, and I honestly don't give a rat's tail about Obama partying with Beyoncé either. We had a really good run for eight years that could have been better were it not for the intransigent, bought-and-paid-for opposition party and the hysterical birtherism and Bircherism dialed up to 11 by Fox, AM hate radio, and now its Internet equivalents. Racist con morons and GOP traitors to Darth Vlad-er and the evil empire had to go and ruin a good thing, while the purists sat home and pouted because of Hillary's emails and their fantasies of following Grandpa Trotsky onward toward revolution. The rest, of course, is history, but I think Canada is smart enough not to follow the same path.

      I care about Canada, and yes I do support Trudeau fils during this time of the Trumpenreich, just like I would have supported Trudeau père during the Nixon era and Vietnam. I am more concerned by Scheer being in bed with white-wing religious extremists and Bannon-wannabe hate preachers like Levant, not to mention Harper snuggling up to every corrupt interest in the book and the rest of the Crappers following suit. Canada hasn't had a conservative PM worth a damn since Diefenbaker, any more than the USA has had a respectable GOP president since Eisenhower. Every single one of the inane "scandals" the party of whiners and cheats drags out about Trudeau is a BS distraction, just like the Seagram fizz from October. If this was 1993, your kind would be trying to derail Chrétien by calling for Pierre to be retroactively interrogated for dating Barbra Streisand in 1967, while ignoring Moneybags Mulroney getting caught with his pants down. Maybe you should come down here on my side of the border. You can be a contributor at Fox News, and team up with Geraldo to try to catch Hillary Sandiego for an umpteenth time by opening up another "in-depth investigation" about Benghazi. IMPEACH PRESIDENT CLINTON! DO IT, ROCKAPELLA!

      Cons are the most wretched hive of scum and villainy. Full stop. No one of consequence gives a crap about ginger ale any more than they do about risotto or Dijon mustard, just like no one of consequence cares about the Aga Khan any more than they care about Jeremiah Wright. Trudeau won bigly, and cons are dopey, crooked, lying losers. Sad.

    7. hi anon 2:40 pm...I don't have to put any spin on this story. It's a nothingburger of a "scandal." It's just another attempt by the Cons and the NDP to smear Justin Trudeau that will almost certainly blow up in their faces, for the reasons I explained in this post. Most Canadians don't give a damn about such trivial nonsense, and the more the Cons attack Trudeau the more popular he becomes. I'm willing to predict that this "scandalette" will win Justin at least five more seats...

    8. hi JD...well said. Harper was found to be in contempt of Parliament and that didn't stop him from winning a majority. And this tiny fake scandal will have even less impact. Most Canadians think Trudeau should vacation wherever he wants, and if the Cons keep whining about it they will be the ones who pay the price...

    9. hi Filcher...well said too. It's a very tiny scandal, but Trudeau acknowledged he made a mistake by not checking with the Ethics Commissioner, which is more than the Cons ever did during their ten years in power. I find it outrageous that the Ethics Commissioner should decide whether the Aga Khan is a friend of Trudeau or not. I also find it disgusting that the Cons and their bought media are trying to smear the Aga Khan liked they tried to smear Bill Morneau. A Con is too disgusting to sit in judgement on anybody, they should recognize that about themselves, and just be glad they are not in prison. Yet...

    10. hi have had many excellent comments but that one has to be one of your best. I love progressives with fire in the hearts as opposed to the wimpy ones I come across all the time. We're in a war for the future of humanity, and not to at least dream of the total destruction of the Con scum is as far as I am concerned defeatism or treason.
      And I really love your conclusion ;)

      Cons are the most wretched hive of scum and villainy. Full stop. No one of consequence gives a crap about ginger ale any more than they do about risotto or Dijon mustard, just like no one of consequence cares about the Aga Khan any more than they care about Jeremiah Wright. Trudeau won bigly, and cons are dopey, crooked, lying losers. Sad.
      Keep it up, and never let that sacred fire go out...

    11. Anonymous10:26 AM

      Jackie, that's a great perspective into what will soon be known in Con circles as "The Wrath of Khan-Gate"(pitchfork edition).
      As for lustin' for Justin, I'd say Ivanka has that market covered.