Saturday, December 23, 2017

Jason Kenney and the Fake War on Christmas

OK I have to admit it, Jason Kenney would NOT be my first choice to play Santa Claus.

And I did think he was just a little too chubby, and not quite green enough to play the Grinch.

But surprise surprise, that is who he is playing.

Except that he's accusing progressives of stealing Christmas !!!! 

People online were left scratching their heads Thursday morning over comments made by Jason Kenney suggesting a potential war on Christmas. 

Kenney was quoted in a Calgary Sun column saying “people on the left think saying Merry Christmas is hateful. 

 “Those voices of crazed political correctness will not govern what is allowed,” Kenney continued.

But of course the only reason that crazed Con is saying that is to deflect attention away from his own hateful acts, which this year included trying to bully gay kids. 

And is about as low as you can go.

Especially since many LGBT children are still bullied to death in our schools, and make up about thirty per cent of the homeless kids in our streets...

Driven from their homes, or forced to flee, with no place to go.

Although thanks to the Trudeau government that is changing.

Albeit way too slowly.

But what makes the situation in Alberta so horrible is that it's not hard to figure out where Kenney is getting his inspiration from...

From the flaming orange orifice of another bloated bigot just like him.

And even worse than that, if that's possible, some people keep trying to convince me that Kenney is gay himself !!!! 

And that he'd make a fabulous drag queen at the pride parade...

Or that he can dance like one of us...

And all I can say is if I saw a drag queen that looked like that I'd run for my life eh?

And as for the dancing, I'm afraid that sorry bigot has got a long way to go before he can dance like some of my brothers.

But this is an annual tradition on this blog.

So Merry Christmas anyway...

As for me, I like to wish everyone out there Merry Christmas, or Happy Holidays, or Happy Saturnalia, or Happy Whatever, especially to those who are sick, alone, and lonely.

But I'll save that for the day itself.

And in the meantime I'd just like to remind people of another person who was born on Christmas Day...

To deliver the LGBT people of this country from the bigotry of Stephen Harper, Jason Kenney, and all the other bestial Cons.

And lead us out of the darkness of the Harper years.

Praise Jesus or the Justin !!!

The Cons will be defeated, and the bullies will be beaten...


  1. Anonymous8:06 AM

    Happy Festivus. Let the airing of grievances begin.

    1. hi anon...yes, and who will bring the pole to pleasure Jason Kenney with?

  2. And a merry Christmas to you too, Simon

    1. hi Willy...thank you, and Merry Christmas to you too. I'm hoping to get into the Christmas spirit by Sunday at midnight. But I'm in such an angry mood it may take longer than that... ;)

  3. Anonymous10:03 AM

    I'm off topic here, but last night I was reading how the FBI stopped a terrorist attack being planned for Christmas Day on the west coast. Now the FBI are no angels, but when it comes to counter terrorism, they absolutely kick ass. You would think that cons with their massive fear glands would support the guys who are keeping them safe from durr terrorists, but no, they are too fucking stupid to see this and instead they tear them down to save the orange motherfucker who is ripping them off.

    1. Anonymous12:23 PM

      Ah yes, another loser convert entrapped into a terror plot cooked up by the FBI. Just the thing to keep everyone's crazy MAGA uncle ranting and raving through Christmas dinner.

    2. Anonymous12:56 PM

      He's not a terrorist you dumb islamophobe.

    3. It is really not that hard to stop a terrorist attack when your own agent provacateur helped set it up.

      It can be more difficult to incite the terrorists in the first place.

  4. Anonymous1:30 PM

    Jason Kenney is such a reactionary, and a reminder of how lucky we are that Justin was able to evict the Harperites from power. Can you imagine what they might be like with Trump in power across the border? Now let's pray that the people of Alberta can end Kenney's career once and for all.

    1. hi anon...yes Jason Kenney is a reactionary, and a bully, and a coward. And if the Cons had won the last election this country would be on its way to becoming a mere satellite of Trump's America. As it is if or when Kenney becomes Premier of Alberta it may well lead to the break up of this country. He is a dangerous fanatic, and although I like to mock him, he should be considered a major threat to Canada's future....

  5. Anonymous2:24 PM

    I believe that Justin Trudeau's support for LGBT rights explains why some of the old men in the Con media hate him so much. They would never admit that of course, but to me it's clear. Only that can explain why they would try to hype the Aga Khan story into a major scandal.

    1. Jackie Blue5:19 PM

      Not just the old men in the con media, but the millennial-aged basement-dwelling failures being groomed and self-radicalized via the Internet. You should see the perverse conspiratorial fanfic the Breitbart/Rebel cultists have been spewing for a whole year ever since Khangate became a thing. They managed somehow to pull this into their Pizzagate fetish that almost resulted with another shooting rampage in the USA, and have been trying to get the RCMP to place Trudeau under arrest for "selling out his kids" to who they believe is a dirty old pervert who did unspeakable things to their father as a boy, while Pierre, supposedly, "sat in the corner and watched."

      The gist of the conspiracy is "the Aga Khan used 'Muslim magic' to turn Justin gay," that Sophie is his "handler," and they are using the children (who are either Sacha's or pizza-trafficked orphans themselves) as guinea pigs for this fantastical NWO/Illuminati/Soros/U.N. Muslim Brotherhood/etc. etc. "agenda." Oh my God, Hillary killed Kenney. Quick, get Geraldo on the scene to investigate the investigation and wake up the sheeple!

      Like Kenney, Roy Moore, Ezra Levant, and the rest of the fundamentalist lunatics whose ideology disturbingly resembles that of Putin and his Russian Orthodox militarized homophobes, the RWNJ keyboard mob makes no distinction between consenting adult relationships and predatory attacks on children. They come up with the most ludicrous "evidence" to justify their hatred that, if it was entered into an actual case, would get them laughed out of court and probably held in contempt.

      Exhibit A, of course, is the fact that J.T. marches at Pride parades and has a great time doing so, as do Sophie and the kids. Exhibit B is his support of feminism, which they deride as him being a "cuck." Exhibit C, however, is lower than low even by Internet troll standards: the pillorying of three-year-old Hadrien over social media this past October because of his creative choice of Halloween costume. What fresh hell they'll come up with for Christmas and exhibits D through Z (if they've even learned that much of the alphabet) remains to be seen.

      Are there no workhouses for these deplorables? Are there no mental institutions?

    2. hi anon 2:24...I think you're right. Thanks to all the layoffs in the media, the surviving journalists tend to be older, and reflect the values of another era. How else to explain that although LGBT people are subjected to the most violent attacks, you never read about that in the Con media? So it follow that they hate Trudeau for his support of gay rights and his support for the rights of women....

    3. hi Jackie....I think there must be a difference between the millennials in Canada and the ones in the United States, for the ones I know are all very progressive. However, as you point out many of the Breitbart Nazis are young, and so are some of the fascists in Europe. It's a depressing situation, and when it comes to gay rights and women's rights I can't help but get the feeling that we are losing some ground. But defending gay kids from bullies was what made me the person I am today, and I am prepared to sacrifice my life if necessary to stop the fascists from taking over....

  6. Anonymous4:13 PM

    That's pretty low what he did and what is still being done to those kids. Especially when the greasy hairball himself is heavily rumored to be gay(thanks K.D.).
    Come out already Jason, maybe the others will follow.

    1. hi JD...the plight of gay kids is one of the hidden horrors in this country. The first horror being that they are still victimized, with the second horror being that not enough people care. Far too many people in Canada think that the battle for gay rights is over and won, but it isn't, and I must live with the knowledge that I could be killed tomorrow. I can't tell you the details because the police are involved, but I have had two people come after me in the last six months, and I haven't the slightest doubt that had they found me I would probably be dead or badly injured. But one thing all those freaks out there can be sure of is that nobody but nobody will ever intimidate me.I've been stabbed, I've had a brick split open my head, but like the Energizer bunny I just keep bouncing along... :)

    2. Anonymous2:53 PM

      Hi Simon, these sickos have no place in our society other than in a cage. I hope the police can apprehend them and anyone else who would take their hatred to that level.
      Though I expect you're doing or would do this I'll say it anyway. Be safe, be aware, don't despair and show no mercy.

  7. Jackie Blue4:52 PM

    The great Isaac Newton was also born on December 25th. Justin Trudeau, who (like his brother Sacha!) shares a birthday with the brilliant mathematician, clearly wants Canada to progress forward from the dark ages of willful ignorance set by his predecessor, and embrace science and exploration of the universe and natural world at a time when reason is under tremendous threat. Witness his appointing of an astronaut to his cabinet and another astronaut (a female one at that!) to Governor-General. His funding of women's health initiatives and promotion of women's rights and education in Canada and around the world. His call to accept and embrace, rather than persecute, diverse groups of people -- including LGBT people and refugees -- and celebrate their membership in the human species and contributions to it. Science says there is nothing "evil" or "wicked" about being gay. But a perverted interpretation of Christianity and an apparent self-hatred prompts Jason Kenney (and probably Ezra Levant) to vehemently disagree.

    Newton's laws evidently apply not only to physics, as in politics too we can see that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Cons and their American clones in the GOP are reactionaries, pure and simple, who thrive on fanning the flames of stupidity and paranoid anger about unfounded threats they claim are posed by some of the most vulnerable people (who they rely on their useful idiots to stomp on).

    Muslims are not a threat, as the Aga Khan, who is a charitable figure and progressive reformer himself who actually funds women's education initiatives (just like Malala does), demonstrates. In fact, it was Muslims who preserved and expanded on mathematics and science that was left among the ashes of Rome, giving the world such advancements as algebra and the numerical concept of zero. Islamic art has been studied by mathematicians of all backgrounds as a brilliant and intricate example of fractal geometry. The legend of the Magi, connected to the Christmas holiday, refers to three "princes" who were in fact Middle Eastern noblemen trained as astronomers. It's the cons, not the Khan, who pose a far greater terrorist threat by promoting rabid, primitive tribalism, backwards dictatorial morality, and "the kind of celebration of ignorance" that Carl Sagan warned was enveloping the world, in his final book published two years before his death -- aptly titled, Science as a Candle in the Dark.

    I certainly believe Justin (who married a woman named Sophia, which happens to be the Greek word for wisdom) wants that candle of illuminated knowledge to burn brightly, just like Sagan and Newton and his Obi-Wan mentor the Aga Khan. The paranoid MAGA Cons interpret that as him being an "elitist" who's part of some cabalistic and satanic cult of "Illuminati," but of course they fear what their evolutionarily-challenged lizard brains are ill-equipped to handle. Fear really is the path to the dark side, but ignorance is the first step to fear. No surprise then, he chose to become a schoolteacher as his own first step to bringing more light to the world. A Newton's apple a day keeps the Dark Side away. (And Sacha became a documentary filmmaker so he could shine the "spotlight" on important issues happening in the darkest corners of the world.)

    Happy Candlemas and Newtonmas and everything-mas to you Simon, and a happy double-birthday too to the surviving brothers Trudeau. Somewhere beyond the stars, in the quantum universe far, far away, is the youngest brother and papa (and Princess Leia) smiling gladly that balance is being returned to the Force. The wretched humbugs of scum and villainy will never be allowed to win their war on all things merry and bright.

    1. Anonymous11:15 PM

      Wonderful comment.
      Thanks Simon for this blog

    2. hi Jackie...when I read your comments I sometimes feel like I'm back in school, for I learn so many things. Although you are much more entertaining than most of my teachers and tutors were. ;) In these ignorant crass times an educated person is someone to treasure. Thank you for all you have contributed to this blog, and happy Candlemas, and Newtonmas, and everything-mas to you too!!!

    3. hi AR...yes it is a wonderful comment, and just one of so many. And you're welcome, I sometimes wonder why I bother to blog anymore, and why I don't just restrict myself to Twitter which is so much easier. But I enjoy writing, and I like creating a safe progressive space for my readers, where we can lament the state of the world and dream about a better one....

  8. Anonymous12:40 PM

    Muslims are not a threat she says... Uh, what about the dozens of deadly attacks in the past few years? Alas, Freud is a fool.