Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Donald Trump's Ugly and Embarrassing Christmas

I hope you enjoyed your Christmas as much as I did, or at least had a better time than the turkey Donald Trump.

For he spent the holiday making an absolute fool out of himself. 

First claiming that thanks to him Christmas was saved.

No doubt to pleasure his hairy Christianist bigots, or boost sales of this tacky ornament. 

Or try to make people forget this stinging humiliation...

When hardly anyone turned up for his first White House Christmas tree-lighting ceremony.  

Compared to all those who turned up the year before to watch Obama light the tree...

And then to make matters worse, Trump made the difference between him and Obama even more obvious... 

By clearly demonstrating that while Obama has an abundance of class, he has absolutely none.

And then of course there was that other embarrassing story. 

The one that surfaced about Trump's one-time War on Christmas.

In the 1980s, his political rise still decades away, Trump bought an old apartment building across the street from Central Park in New York that he hoped to tear down and rebuild as a high-rent tower. 

When the longtime residents wouldn't move out voluntarily, the New York Times wrote, Trump hired a management company that essentially ran the building into the ground. 

And while Trump threatened to house homeless people in the building, the management company used creative tactics that included covering windows in tin and forbidding Christmas decorations in the lobby.

And the way he used to wish people Happy Holidays for so long.

Even as he groped one young woman after the other. And even when Obama was wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, and a Happy Holiday.

Oh well, I guess if those tacky MAGA Christmas ornaments don't sell, maybe Trump can sell these "very gold" coins to his very dumb followers. 

In addition to his signature, Trump’s name appears three times on the coin, which is thicker than those made for past presidents.

And forget the traditional subdued silver and copper: Trump’s coin, a White House aide marveled, is “very gold.” 

The aide said the president, whose real estate properties are known for their gilded displays of wealth and status, was personally involved in redesigning the coin. Trump, who also had a hand in creating his famous red campaign hat, “wanted to weigh in on it,” the aide said. “It’s beautifully made.”

Because his supporters are so dumb they actually believe he saved Christmas, and is Making America Great Again... 

So he might be able to sell those dumb deplorables these sweaters as well...

For they are the real thing, or the real Trump.

And one thing is for sure eh?

A man who retweets this image on Christmas Eve...

Is by any measure a born loser, and unfit to be president.

Has syphilis for brains.

And a criminal mentality.

And sooner or later will be wearing prison orange...


  1. Anonymous7:23 AM

    Mueller, hurry!

    1. Hi anon...now now don't be impatient. I like to think that a little bit more time could make the difference between a long prison sentence and the death penalty for treason. And that's definitely worth waiting for...😎

  2. Do you remember that the old Nazi Ernst Zündel also used to sport a similar baseball cap? He seemed like a silly crank, but his followers were extremely violent and a threat to anyone who wasn't whiter than white...

    1. Jackie Blue3:40 PM

      I bet his cousin from another mother (or sister, or both), Ezra Zündel, has a Trump baseball cap too, and dipped into his slush fund to get brown-shirt tiki-and-khaki uniforms for the cultist elves at his two-minute hate channel. Now we have a wardrobe line, ho ho ho!

      But if anyone finds a rush order for "Lustin' for Justin" footie pajamas from an outlet called "Shelfies of Canada," well, obviously that must be a fashionable straitjacket for him and him alone.

      Kind of like that Looney Tunes episode where Elmer Fudd put on a bunny costume and made himself appear crazy so as to be declared too incompetent to pay his taxes. "My name is Ezra J. Fudd, I own a money-pit Toronto mansion and a Titanic-replica yacht..."

    2. Hi lagatta...I remember Zundel used to wear two hats. One was a baseball cap modelled after the one the Nazi general Erwin Rommel used to wear. And the other one was a blue hard hat which made him look even more ridiculous, if that's possible. As for his followers they are the same people who are now hoping Trump will recreate the Reich. Good luck with that one...

    3. hi Jackie....well we do know that Ezra Zunder does call himself the "Rebel Commandsr" so it won't be long before him and his bestial, ignorant, Nazis are parading around in their home made uniforms. All fifty of them. And thanks for reminding me of that mansion the Rebel Commander is building for himself. Which of course explains why he is always hitting up his mouth breathing suckers for money. One can only hope that he is building a bunker in the basement so he can hold out for at least two days when the Canada Revenue Agency comes after him...🕵

  3. Anonymous9:02 AM

    I'm having a very merry Donald Trump Christmas! Best Christmas ever!

    Thank you President Trump for bringing back Christmas! I think it's time for a swing back to more traditional values. This anti-White anti-Christian anti-Western ideology is for the birds! Instead of scrubbing history like ISIS, maybe we should learn from it!

    The Western culture of 'cease the day' is what all our systems of law, math, science and technology are founded on. Focusing on the real world. Real human development. Real progressive values.

    This neo-progressive neo-Victorian neo-McCarthyite cult is repeating mistakes of the past. One day they'll make racist suspects where a scarlet 'R.' Install telescreens in your home to monitor you for thought crimes. Priestesses will determine which media gets the holy imprimatur: no Dr. Seuss for the kiddies – that's "racist"; no 'Paw Patrol' – that's "fascist". (Seriously, google this stuff.)

    So you get 71 gender pronouns, refugees and illegals up to the rafters and a promise of a never-ending tide of economic misery while upper-crust moochers, leeches, looters and gougers take more and more and more. Not much social justice in these SJWs, that's for sure!

    1. Anonymous11:19 AM

      I think you mean seize the day not cease the day. Please try to get bullshit together

    2. Anonymous12:49 PM

      Oh great now the Cheka and Simon's comrades are going to come out in force for their 2 minutes of Hate.

    3. Jackie Blue3:22 PM

      @Anon 12:49 — Who the fuddle-duddle is "Cheka"? Are you trying to say "the Chaka Khan," confusing the '70s R&B singer with the religious philanthropist known as the Aga Khan, who the real corrupt terrorists known as the MAGA Cons are trying to tag in a BS "scandal" to attack Trudeau with?

      @Anon 9:02 (if this is the same anonymous coward) — This has to be satire. Poe's law must have been added to Godwin's law as one of Trump's executive orders. (Along with Rule 34, because there's no limit to the deplorable depravity the minds of perverts like Trump and Moore can come up with.)

      Funny you should mention Paw Patrol. Nobody gives a fuddle-duddle about that cartoon — I honestly don't know of anyone personally who's even heard of it, so maybe it's a Canadian thing like that French-language kids' show with the pineapple — except the vile morons who excoriated Hadrien Trudeau for dressing up as a poodle character from the show for Halloween. When the Pépé and Rebel Media freaks start picking on a three-year-old is where my "social justice warrior" comes out with full-bore Wolverine claws. As they should among anyone with even a... shred of human decency.

      This is new levels of deplorable that I honestly don't think have ever been seen before. I'm sure plenty of people got upset with Pierre for this or that policy over sixteen years in office, but nobody to the best of my knowledge wrote letters to the editor at Canadian papers or called the phone lines at Canadian radio programs to pick on Justin or his younger brothers. But then, the Internet didn't exist in the 1970s and 1980s either, and didn't reveal a subset of Canadians for how impolite they really are.

      But I digress. If this isn't satire, and you really mean this crap, might I "politely" suggest you take a bath for the first time in your life and bring your electric toaster girlfriend along with you? While you're in the bathroom, perhaps you should flush your keyboard diarrhea through the Google Translate sewer system to see if it stinks any less in the original Russian...

    4. Anonymous4:51 PM

      Anon@9:02am I can't tell whether you're drunk or having a complete nervous breakdown. But if you still worship Trumpy after everything he has done you must be as perverted as he is. Don't you realize that he is laughing at you?

    5. Hi anon 9:02 AM...what on earth did you put in your turkey stuffing, and can I have some please? Unless of course it's crack. You don't seem to understand where your orange Fuhrer is heading, which is of course a prison cell or a mental hospital. And BTW if you believe that your TV set is reading your mind you won't be far behind. You must understand that when historians look back at this time the big story will be the destruction of the Republican Party. You are the Neo-Victorians and are doomed to disappear. Generational change is coming and it will grind you into the dust. However, if you come out crawling on all fours, with your hands up, and surrender to the Paw Patrol, I'll see what I can do to spare you from the booby hatch....👮🏻

    6. Hi anon 11:19 am...please don't mock the cons, or feed them after midnight. As I keep reminding people their fear glands are so large there is not much room in their Neanderthal skulls for anything else. And it explains why they get frustrated so easily. I deleted four of their comments today and you should have heard them scream. I know I should be be more sympathetic, but it was music to my ears...😀

    7. Hi anon 12:49....the Cheka are coming for OUR two minutes of hate? You guys are delusional. You and your kind are the real hate mongers, that's all you live for. Progressives on the other hand are beautiful and noble, and we don't let hate poison our lives. I know it's a little late for you to change, the Cheka after all were active back in 1917, so you're not exactly a spring chicken. But as I recently told another Con who was running around with the brown shirts in 1933, better late than never...☠

    8. Anonymous9:15 PM

      Jackie Blue,
      Brilliant riposte!
      Expose the trolls. Engagement is unnecessary.


  4. Anonymous3:07 PM

    That shot of Trump with CNN's blood on his shoes is yet another warning that Trump is too dangerous to be allowed to remain in power. He's a psychopath, a moron, and a pervert, and unless he is removed he will lead the world to war. The only ones who can't see that are his supporters who are even dumber than he is, and our only hope is that every day there are less of them.

    1. Hi anon...It should be a warning, or should I say the latest warning, for it does betray the man child's sick mind. Everything he does in life is to get back at his father for not loving him enough, and get back at Obama for making him look like a cheap ugly hustler. He truly is pathetic and when he comes crashing down it's going to be beautiful...🤕

  5. Anonymous4:31 PM

    That video is a scream, but I'm sure they must be paid actors. Trump's deplorables are too dumb to remember even the shortest lines. Let's pray that when the end comes those lemmings will go over the cliff with Trump and his crook family.

    1. Jackie Blue4:43 PM

      When life gives you lemmings, hope that they drink the Jonestown orangeade.

      (Or something like that...)

    2. Hi anon 4:31...I must say the more I watch Trump's deplorables the more they resemble lemmings. Trump is robbing them blind to make his rich friends even richer, and is preparing to take away health benefits from 13 million people. But still the lemmings head for the cliff, and consider him a god. It's simply beyond belief, or just madness...

  6. Anonymous5:44 PM

    Forget the turkey head, I want a wing and a leg !!!!!! :p

    1. Hi anon 5:44 PM...oh no you don't. I might give you a wing, which judging by Trump's tiny fingers won't be too filling, but the legs are mine!!!! Although to make up for that, I might give you a thigh which judging by Trump's enormous ass should be enough to feed a small army...😋

  7. Hi Jackie...that's brilliant, and unfortunately it could be prophetic. When I see what Trump is doing and how his faithful deplorables still cling to him as if he was a god, I worry about the future. Whatever Mueller and others say those ignorant fanatics will believe that their leader has been framed, and I fear it will take military force to put them down. The good news is that the deplorables have offended the security forces so much, those traitors will be shown no mercy...

  8. e.a.f.3:42 PM

    The "then" and "now" picture says it all. One is happy, relaxing, family orientated. The other is just ugly rage not worth of the Christmas spirit.

    By calling news fake, Trump is not doing himself any good. At some time this will come back to cause him trouble. People may well start to think every thing is "false" so they may cease to believe him also.

    Mrs. Trump did a wonderful decorating job at the White House, for which she is to be commended. However, its hard to make a "turd" look good in anything.

  9. Anonymous10:52 PM

    "CHRISTMAS IS HERE!" — A Bad Lip Reading of Donald Trump


  10. Anonymous10:54 PM

    Merry Christmas from Sing Sing

    Complete poem:


    Twas the night before Christmas, when through the White House
    Not a Kushner was resting, not even his spouse;
    The documents were hung by the shredder with care,
    In fears that Bob Mueller soon would be there;



  11. Anonymous11:07 PM

    The little girl in the Trump ad says: "Thank-you President Trump for letting us say 'Merry Christmas' again."

    It is so disgusting to con that little girl into saying those words. The ad implies Obama had somehow banned Americans from saying "Merry Christmas". There are lots of video clips of Obama over his 8 years wishing people "Merry Christmas":

    1:55 mark