Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Donald Trump and the Miracle in Alabama

As you know, I didn't think that Doug Jones, the Democratic candidate for Senator, had much of a chance of defeating the homophobic Bible thumping pervert Roy Moore.

Not in backward Alabama, where ignorance is a virtue, religion is a weapon, and inbreeding is a major problem.

In fact, I had already started working on my campaign to boycott that state.

But then the miracle happened. 

In a stunning setback for the Republican Party, Democrat Doug Jones was elected Alabama’s next senator Tuesday, flipping a deeply red state after a campaign that showcased the increasing power of sexual misconduct allegations and the limits of President Trump’s political influence.

Jones won, Moore went up in flames like a Klan cross, and Donald Trump who had tweeted this earlier in the day:

Was made to look like a fool...

And humiliated beyond recognition.

So like so many, including the Times' Frank Bruni, I found myself saying thank heaven for... Alabama?

Good riddance to Roy Moore and the horse he rode in on. 

If I sound jubilant, you bet I am. And if I’m being snarky, well, Moore of all people warrants it. He actually arrived at the polls Tuesday on a steed named Sassy. What an endearing adjective for an awful man.

For Moore's defeat couldn't be more encouraging.

If Alabama isn’t beyond redemption, then the country isn’t, either. To use a word that Moore would appreciate: hallelujah.

Or more embarrassing for the evangelicals who supported him so blindly...

And their would be leader Donald Trump.

Trump, a man amply unbalanced, is being thrown further off stride and out of whack. In Alabama’s Republican primary in September, he followed the advice of the party’s Congressional leaders, backed Luther Strange over Moore, perceived Moore’s victory as an embarrassment and blamed those leaders for subjecting him to it. 

Then he got behind Moore even as some of those leaders refused to, and now this.

Or more devastating for Trump's grubby gauleiter Steve Bannon, seen here at a Moore rally...

Who may end up being blamed for this unholy debacle. 

Stephen K. Bannon and his alt-right movement have helped accomplish something no one in a quarter-century has been able to do: get a Democrat elected in the state of Alabama.

Bannon helped nominate a man who was credibly accused of pursuing and sexually molesting teenage girls — and then stood by him when his loathsome alleged conduct was exposed. Bannon counted on distrust of the mainstream media and conservative voters’ repulsion at the Democrats’ pro-abortion views to put his man over the top. It didn’t work. Because while the state’s evangelical Christian majority is appalled by abortion, they are also appalled by grown men who prey on high-school girls.

For enabling a pervert...

For helping to set Trump on the road to his own destruction.

Jones’s victory also put the Democrats within striking distance of taking back control of the Senate in 2018. If that happens, the Trump presidency is over. The “resistance” will control Congress, and Trump’s ability to pass conservative legislation and continue appointing conservative judges — especially another Supreme Court justice — will be gone. Moreover, Democrats will run the Russia investigation and Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.), as majority leader, will have unbridled subpoena power. Trump could face impeachment proceedings.

And who if challenged by Trump and the Republican establishment could tear the GOP apart...

So the situation couldn't be better.

Of course, Moore has challenged the result, and it still is Alabama, so I'm still cautious.

But Trump's America is now looking at last more like a nightmare out of the past.

And as I have always believed, the future belongs to us...


  1. The Democract narrowly defeats the pedophile. Yes progress can be slow. Baby Steps.

    1. hi Steve...yes, I'm a pretty impatient guy, but even I recognize that this is a marathon not a sprint. One battle does not win a war, but if the Democrats can seize a few more seats in Congress, Trump will be neutralized and unable to do more damage than he has already done...

  2. Trump has been threatening to finance primary opponents to any senator who doesn't bow low enough. Silly enough, he lives on borrowed money and self finances nothing. Now this threat has evaporated with Trump's failure to influence voters. The senate cats will no longer be herded.

    1. hi rumleyfips...yes, the Senate cats will see the writing on the wall, and once they get their tax bill to please their plutocratic sponsors, they won't be so willing to take orders from Trump, which should drive that ghastly demagogue stark raving mad...

  3. Anonymous11:10 AM

    As close as it was there's still hope for Alabama Simon. As red as Bannon's nose, there were still enough decent people there to reject the likes of Roy Moore.
    Just as Roy trotted in like a "gallant" knight on his trusty steed, fate would have him ridden out of town on his sorry ass.

    1. Jackie Blue11:24 PM

      Even funnier is that a football coach reportedly got as high as 2% of the write-in vote. 'Bama just couldn't bring themselves to actually cast their ballot for the libruhl who put away good ol' boys behind bars for bombing the black church, but at least they couldn't bring themselves to vote for a pedophile who wasn't just all hat and no cattle, he was all ass and no saddle.

      At least Roy didn't ride up in his trusty windowless candy van. But at least the ones who would have voted for him otherwise ended up voting for Nick Saban. Tide rolls in, Roy washed out. You can't explain that.

    2. hi JD...yes. I may have been a bit too harsh on that Klan state, it seems that it has some hidden qualities, and most of them are black. But as for the horse, you'll have to read my next post to see what I do with that one... ;)

  4. 97% of Black women voters supported Jones. Remember that Doug Jones also managed to convict the last two of the KKK terrorists who murdered four other young girls at a church in Birmingham, back in 1963...

    Moore's wife also said he wasn't racist, "his lawyer is a Jew"...

    I pity his horse.

    I'm an atheist, but today would like to believe in a heaven so they could look down at their notorious homeland and see some justice done.

    1. hi lagatta...although I had never heard of Doug Jones two things impressed the hell out of me. His unconditional support for a women's right to choose, and the fact that he prosecuted and convicted two of the cowardly KKK terrorists who bombed that black church, and killed four young black girls. I saw the sister of one of the victims on TV, and she said when the verdict was announced all the black people were weeping, and so was Doug Jones. And that's my kind of man....

  5. Anonymous2:49 PM

    I would have loved to see the look on Trump's face as Doug Jones passed Roy Moore. I bet they had to change his diapers. I also would have liked to have listened to the first minute at least of Trump's call to Bannon, that too would be special. The dotard is cracking up, and if the bad news continues he'll have to be wheeled out on a stretcher.

    1. hi anon...So would I, according to reports the scene in the White House was pretty stormy. And if Moore's loss helps marginalize that scummy boozer Steve Bannon, that will indeed be God's work... ;)

  6. Anonymous3:55 PM

    Just shows you that the Dems can win with a solid moderate candidate and a GOTV campaign aimed at disenfranchised black voters. Socialist fraud Bernie Sanders can piss off now.

    1. Well, perhaps that is all one can hope for in a backward place like Alabama, unless we see a resurgence of a militant (but peaceful) movement of African-American-Alabamans and Allies... AAAAA!

      Vermont is just across the lines from Québec; Bernie waves at us across Lac Champlain. Montréal is the closest major city to Burlington, closer than Boston.

      They know that social-democratic measures have nothing to do with fraud, but making life far easier and more pleasant for ordinary working people.

    2. hi anon 3:55 pm...I have no problems with Bernie Sanders, or any other Democratic leader. All I ask is that they put partisanship aside, and unite to fight the real enemy. Division will get us nowhere, and as it is in Canada, can only help the scummy Cons...

    3. hi Lagatta...I used to love visiting Burlington when I was at McGill. A beautiful university town by the lake with some magnificent old mansions. And on one of those trips I met Bernie Sanders, outside what I believe was the original Ben and Jerrys. I had never seen an American socialist so I was very impressed... ;)

    4. Anonymous10:49 AM

      Simon, I was a huge supporter of Sanders in 2015-16 but his behaviour since the election has been pathetic. Bashing Democrats, railing against identity politics aka civil rights, and shouting out the foul and disgusting white working class. Yesterday he came out urging trump to hold the line on screwing Mexico and Canada on NAFTA. I have a lot of respect for you Simon, but please open your eyes on this disgusting fraud of a man.

  7. Anonymous9:03 PM

    The thing Moore and Trump have in common is that both are predators. Moore likes to prey on the innocent and vulnerable whereas Trump likes a challenge whether its an illicit thrill or a worthy opponent. Unlike Moore easy taking just doesn't do it. The tide seems to be turning against Trump and once the wave crashes hopefully it will be the Epstein party days that that deals the final blow and highlights his legacy. In the early 1990's he stated that he could not do politics because his exploits rivaled (worse?)than Clinton's. He was right but then ego, cynicism for the immoral morals or the Russians convinced him otherwise.

    1. hi RT...I agree, and I remain absolutely disgusted that two men who have treated women so badly are so popular and have got away with murder for so long. The only good thing about that situation is that it seems to have given many women the courage to come forward and say enough is enough. Long after Trumpism is just a bad memory, I hope we'll be able to say that it finally led to the liberation of women...

  8. Jackie Blue11:11 PM

    Fuddle-duddle Roy Moore, but not the horse he rode in on. Poor Sassy. The GOP (Glue of Ponies) party probably intends to turn her into some sort of adhesive solution, because their fraught coalition of the lunatic fringe is coming apart at the seams.

    Hopefully this is a sign that the donkey party is going to kick (and not fall victim to a game of horseshoe politics yet again), and send these mad bandits out of Dodge City and into the county jail where they belong.

    Happy trails, Roy. Yippie kai-yay, kiddy f***ker.

    1. hi Jackie...I was on a horse at a riding school when I was only five, and although I didn't much enjoy it at the time, thanks to the Prussian like instructor, I grew to love those magnificent gentle giants. So I was extremely annoyed to see Moore treat his horse so badly, jerking its head, and placing his feet in the wrong position. Which only convinced me that the man is even more of a fraud than I had imagined. And I was very disappointed that the horse didn't throw him on his ass. Oh well, we can't have everything... ;)

  9. e.a.f.11:20 PM

    Moore's horse is named Sassy, which is also the name of a magazine aimed at teen age girls. Nice bit of information from CNN last night.

    It was wonderful to see Jones had won over Moore. The Democrats kept low key so as not to frighten off Republicans who might have voted for Jones. African American political groups had over 20 groups working to get the vote out and Charles Barkley the famed retired basketball player, from Alabama, went there to help get the vote out. It worked.

    There is a lesson there for the Dems. Don't forget a state, it might just be the winner.

    Now the gap is closer in the Senate, but people should not expect that Jones will vote the straight Dem. ticket on all legislation.

    Watching Bannon and Trump take a bath on this one was fun.

    Has clearly demonstrated the African American vote can not be ignored.

    1. hi e.a.f... I didn't realize there was a Sassy magazine, and I shudder to think what that says about Moore. But at least he was defeated thanks mainly to an extraordinary effort by black voters who deserve the thanks of all of us. And although Doug Jones may be a little more conservative than I I would like, he's a good and decent man, and he isn't Moore...

  10. Simon ! as Moore rode up on Sassy ! some body hollered from the crowd lookee seeyall two Assholes on thet there hoss,Moore said Huh turning around lifting the hosses tail saying i can only see one !! DUH Sassy.I would like to see a cartoon depicting this ,LOL.

    1. hi my latest post I compare Moore to a horse's ass, or having him coming out of one. It's not a very good graphic, I didn't have the time to refine it. But like you I didn't want to miss the occasion... ;)