Monday, December 04, 2017

Will Bizarro Trump Start a War This Week?

You don't have to be a psychiatrist to know that Donald Trump is slowly cracking up. 

Or a political scientist to know that he has never been so dangerous.

Mike Flynn's decision to squeal to Robert Mueller, has clearly sent Trump spiralling into the Twilight Zone.

He's been tweeting crazy stuff for days, promoting snuff videos made by some deranged Muslim hating group in Britain. He's been attacking the "fake news." 

Dredging up weird conspiracy theories.

And now he's going after those who would dare to investigate him. 

By attacking the FBI. 

As the F.B.I.’s Russia investigation draws closer to him, President Trump on Sunday unleashed an extraordinary assault on the nation’s premier law enforcement agency, calling it a biased institution whose reputation for fairness was “in tatters.”

Even though he likes to pose as a champion of law and order.

While going into full defensive mode over this tweet...

Where he seems to be convicting himself of obstruction of justice.

But is now trying desperately to disown that tweet, by getting the White House to claim that Trump didn't write it. 

It was the butler, or the lawyer that done it. 

President Donald Trump's personal lawyer, John Dowd, told CNN on Sunday that he wrote a tweet for the @realDonaldTrump Twitter account about the firing of former White House national security adviser Michael Flynn.


It's all so weird it's like Trump and his mob are now living in Superman's Bizarro World...

As CNN's Jake Tapper suggests in this little cartoon...

It's all quite amusing until you remember that Trump really is going crazy.

We really are being held hostage by a madman... 

And that war really could start tomorrow.

Six of the U.S. Air Force's advanced stealth fighter jets reportedly arrived in South Korea on Saturday for joint air drills and war rehearsals scheduled next week in a show of force against North Korea.

The U.S. is also expected to send F-35A and F-35B stealth jets, F-16C fighters and B-1B bombers to join the demonstrations, according to the report.

Because that's the kind of deployment that might make the madman in North Korea believe that the U.S. is planning a first strike, and who knows how he might react in his Bizarro World.

Donald Trump should never have been elected president.

And he must be removed from office by whatever means necessary.

Before he kills us all....


  1. <that's the kind of deployment that might make the madman in North Korea believe that the U.S. is planning a first strike.

    Gee, after Afghanistan and Iraq (and a few dozen other countries) how could anyone think that?

    The thing is that the madman in North Korea is not crazy in the same way that Trump is. He is faced with an irrational and implacable foe---the USA---which is now "led" by a crazy man. Kim's development of intercontinental ballistic missiles strikes me as mad but given what appears to be a total American disregard for South Korean or Japanese casualties, he may have made a very risky gamble that the only way to defend North Korea is to directly threaten the USA. Kim's gamble probably was based on the idea that there was some level of rationality in Washington.

    One has to wonder just how pleased the South Koreans are to watch their "ally" call down destruction on Seoul at the very least. Or just how happy Japan is? And this leaves out China which, if I remember correctly, has said it will come to North Korea's aid if it is attacked

    It looks like Trump is in a mad panic and likely to do just about anything. And I think it is very clear that he does not have the mental capacity to understand that attacking North Korea is not the same as invading Granada. One can only hope that he has few advisors including top military people who can restrain him.

    1. Anonymous6:06 PM

      "Gee, after Afghanistan and Iraq (and a few dozen other countries) how could anyone think that?"

      NB: This maniac actually said during the campaign that he wouldn't even rule out nuking Europe as a final solution to their "Muslim problem." Stanley Kubrick hit the nail on the head. War is a bigly yuge d!ck measuring contest among immature little boys -- as Stevie Wonder concurred, in his pro-peace holiday tune "Someday at Christmas" (which I actually like better than John Lennon's), "playing with bombs like kids play with toys."

      The Freudian brat will resort to anything to get attention for himself and prove that he's "biglier" than someone else he doesn't like for whatever reason. He hates Macron and Merkel for the stupidest reasons (Macron beat him at the inane arm-wrestling "handshake" contest like Trudeau did, and Merkel is a woman who doesn't bake cookies and isn't a "ten"). He also believes there's a rampaging mob of ISIS vandals running amok in Britain and posing a threat to his golf course in Scotland. He obviously doesn't like ol' Maggie Mayhem for the same reasons he doesn't like Merkel. Not to mention, they have a Muslim mayor, and Harry and Meghan have so far refused to extend an invite to their wedding. Well, we'll show them! AMERICA FIRST AND AMERICA ONLY!

      Heck, I wouldn't even count out him bombing Dearborn, Michigan because of the demographics there, or bombing his own golf course in Mar-a-Lago just to collect on the insurance payouts. Word to the wise: start building underground shelters in Vancouver as a contingency for if he ever decides to collect on his hotel. Start building them in Ottawa while you're at it, Justin Case the deplorable snowman has a tantrum that his "new found friend" didn't invite him to the hockey rink and didn't deliver a public apology for his public apology to the local Pocahontas people and didn't once mention Donald J. Trump.

      Fuddle-duddle and fa-la-la-la-la. "Now I have a nuclear arsenal, ho-ho-ho!" Yippie kai-yay! CLEAN COAL in everyone's stocking, and the earth lit up like the Donald J. Rockefeller Christmas tree! Bad Santa is delivering so much winning this holiday season! Are you tired of winning yet? Good grief, Charlie Brown...

    2. HI jrkrideau....I call the little dictator a madman because of the way he is playing with fire.His decision to try to make his country a nuclear power is lamentable but understandable considering North Korea's history and the fate of other dictators who didn't have nuclear weapons to keep the U.S. at bay. But what I find scary is that he doesn't seem to understand that Trump is just looking for an excuse to attack someone, so he needs to chill out and stop shooting his mouth off, or it will end badly for everyone....

    3. Hi anon 6:06 pm...good grief Charlie Brown indeed. I would love to paste some electrodes to his head and watch his brainwaves shooting in every direction. There is something definitely wrong with Trump, and giving a man like that the power to wipe out life on earth is the worst mistake humanity ever made as far as I'm concerned. My only hope is that his depraved regime will shock not just the US but the whole world into working for real change before it's too late....

  2. I have been down on Trump long before he became President. He is a living conservative wet dream in action. There is no bar to low for him to get under.
    I could name a hundred terrible things he has done since taking office. I cant think of one good reasonable move he has made.

    However this whole Russian Collusion Obstruction of Justice is Trumped up.
    There is not a single bit of evidence the Russians interferred with the election.

    Its all opinion and headlines, later retracted.

    Being afraid of a Trump vanity war is a real thing. The neo cons lead by lukid are in full war on Iran mode. The US has not won a war since WW2. A draw in Korea, and then loss loss loss, the latest being Syria.

    There will be no war with Korea. However keep your eyes on Iran. Watch how the mainstream press starts printing headlines with IRAN in the sentance.

    1. Hi Steve...obviously I don't know whether Trump is guilty of anything, but he sure acts if he has done something wrong. And I find his mental state to be alarming, to say the least. So I'm not as confident as you that he will not attack North Korea. But I do agree that A war with Iran is a real possibility. Trump wants a war so does Netanyahu, and so does Saudi Arabia. And if Tom Cotton becomes the new head of the CIA some kind of military confrontation with Iran will be all but inevitable.......

  3. Trump is a master of Kabuki theater first dan.

    While he and his masters have us all distracted with nonsense, beneath the surface they are tunneling under everything.

    1. Hi Steve....yes that's true, the many distractions of Trump conceal a lot of other bad things he is doing, like the dismantling of the EPA. But when the day of justice finally arrives nothing will save him from the fury of the American people....

  4. Anonymous4:36 PM

    Bizarro is the right word. I dread to think what that lying pervert might do next, and war wouldn't surprise me. My consolation is that his approval ratings are now down to 33% so he is going down even before his legal problems finish him off.

    1. Hi anon....yes, I think Jake Tapper was brilliant to compare Trump World to Bizarre World. And I remain confident that it the long run justice will catch up to Trump. But to enjoy that moment we have to survive him, and at this point nobody can be sure of that....

  5. Anonymous5:45 PM

    Hoo boy. I hope he doesn't turn Michael Moore's only fictional movie Canadian Bacon into a documentary. The plot revolves around an unpopular president with abysmal approval ratings who plans to bomb Canada as a way to secure reëlection. (Presidents almost always get reëlected as a way to "steady the course" during times of war.) A lot of us on this side of the 49th honestly thought that would be the case when Martin's Liberals told off Shrub with Iraq. Now it looks like a bigly yuge possibility, with Hair Drumpfsterfire at the helm and his lunatic fringe out for blood against your Trudeau. Especially if he allows his deranged mob of deplorables to decide where he's going to war, based purely on a poll he puts to a vote on Twitter!

    Then again, if he does go after "Rocket Man," and North Korea in turn bombs the Pacific Coastline as retaliation, British Columbia (and its attendant Chinese-owned properties) will probably be toast (which doesn't even count the possibility of him letting Putin roll his tanks through Alaska and on their way to the Albertan oil patch to "refuel"). I think it's gonna be a long, long time...

    Heck, we may even be looking at another Cuban Missile Crisis, because diplomats from Pyongyang have been meeting with Raúl to forge an alliance against the mad gringo government yet again. The last time that happened, we had a statesman in charge named Jack Kennedy. Today, we have a psychotic D-list wrestling celebrity with severe Freudian insecurities (h/t Stanley Kubrick), who's chomping at the bit to nuke anything that slightly irks him just so he can show off his "manhood" to the world -- including NFL games, Time magazine, and Hillary Clinton's nonexistent pizza franchise. But the ancillary involvement of the tiny island 90 miles south of Mar-a-Lago puts the Canadian peacekeepers in a helluva bind, eh? Especially with Fox News (the only "news" the Dotard watches) at the ready to recycle more of the same-old same-old conspiracy BS about "Papí Fídel" and his little commie drummer boy with a secret Kenyan birth certificate and Tru' Allegiance to Havana... Rum-pa-pum-pum, Trump is so dumb...

    All the tangerine nightmare cares about is ginning up his frothing base and getting "ratings" anyway, and they're actually rooting for him to egg on Kim to bomb the Pacific because 1) "that's 55 electoral votes we don't have to worry about in the future," 2) "forget the wall, that's how you take care of those illegals here and in Mexico," and as for B.C., "f*** that feminist cuck Trudeau! Show 'em how a REAL MAN does it! #MAGA!" (Which apparently stands for "Make America Glow Again"?)

    But on another front, if he moves the designated capital of Israel to Jerusalem and/or goes after Iran (like Bibi wants him to do, as he himself is facing corruption charges and his country is an international pariah for their maltreatment of Palestinians), we're all hosed. Look up "Samson Option" on Wikipedia. It's the Dominionists' wet dream. They'll build their Rapture, and make everyone else pay for it.

    Oh, well. Bye planet, nice knowing you. Happy Holidays. Soory we yanqui gringo hosers let you roast like chestnuts on a radioactive fire. I should have invested in popcorn futures. Probably a lot more valuable even than Bitcoins at this point! HIGH ENERGY! URANIUM WON! SAD!

    1. Hi anon 5:45 PM...thank you for another great comment. Can I suggest that you use a name or pseudonym so your fans can better appreciate your writing instead of just being another anonymous? As for today's comment it's so true and so tragic. Although I hope you're wrong. I remember reading shortly after Trump was elected that he had a Patton complex, and I knew then that it wouldn't be long before he would go looking for a war. So what you say is only too true. He could start a war anywhere from Korea to Iran to Venezuela. Which is why I believe the resistance needs to step up its protests in the new year. It's been almost a year since Trump became president and I believe that only a massive resistance movement with an alternate vision can halt Trump in his tracks. This may be happening at the grassroot's level, and I just can't see it from here. But I want to be able to close my eyes and hear the patriot roar... ;)

  6. Anonymous5:53 PM

    The problem is too many Americans are now living in the Twilight Zone, and have been numbed by all of the horrible things Trump says and does. Democrats need to focus on grassroots organizing and try to get control of Congress, so Trump can be neutralized before he is finally tossed.

    1. Hi anon....I know how you feel, no sane person can try to keep up with Trump's manic without feeling discombobulated or just exhausted. But just as I told the commenter above you, it's important to focus on the best way to destroy Trump, by organizing in every state and every neighbourhood, to defeat him in each and every election between now and 2020...

  7. Anonymous9:35 PM

    All political parties try to rewrite history to suit their agenda. Progressives usually portray it as a continuous evolution with some important hiccups/lessons along the way to guide future decisions. The Cons tend to resort to a Bizzaro revisionist history where everything is rewritten to support their ideological cause whether its religious, nationalistic or supremacist. Trump is a 70 something party of one with not a lot of rewrite time left so he has to do it faster. At least if he can get the revisions started his family dynasty of can finish it.

    With respect to Korea its surprising the Tillerson hasn't managed to convince Trump and Kim Jong that there is a far more prosperous way to settle the conflict. Unfortunately any mention of a win-win solution which strikes at the core of win all - loose all Con values. That is unless money is involved then terms become more flexible. To a business man like Trump once $$ are involved it should be possible to construct a sort of win-win as long as others are getting stiffed. The key elements of the problem are a)egoism - saving face is not good enough b)safety of the US dynasty in that no one can openly threaten the golden land without swift and complete annihilation c)safety of the Korean dynasty in that continued possession of an arsenal of capable nukes is a deterrent to regime change. The thing is that Trump doesn't really care about regime change (unless someone hires him) and Kim already has enough fire power to deter anyone but the insane so the only issue still on the table is ego and retraction of the threat. This can can be massaged with $$ and political spin if Tillerson can find the key before being deposed by the warriors.
    Unfortunately after years of global mayhem the sudden pivot to a golden isolationist empire will be continuously tested by those with old and new scores to settle until someone is vaporized or Trump is removed. Hopefully if hard deja vu lessons are in the cards they will be contained and future more progressive generations will learn from them.

  8. HI RT....From what I understand Tillerson has been trying to moderate Trump's approach to North Korea and Iran, which is why I thought that talk of replacing Tillerson to be so troubling. No good can come out of any war, after Iraq and Libya surely that should be clear. And as difficult as it may be, only negotiation can solve the Korea crisis. I read that Canada was offering to try and help calm the situation, and I can't think of a better or more urgent project...

  9. e.a.f.6:10 PM

    don't consider Kim 3 to be a mad man. he isn't the dangerous one in this world. As they say, the Kims may be homicidal but they're not suicidal. Trump doesn't know the difference. Trump doesn't understand war or the repercussions and if he does, he doesn't care. He expects to be in the "bunker" along with his family well fed and watered.

    the tweets vilifying the FBI and every one who doesn't agree with him is written strictly for his base. He doesn't care about the rest of the world, they don't keep him in office. His base loves these types of tweets. Trump may be crazy but he isn't stupid. Its all in the marketing of himself. As long as he keeps his base and they continue to vote as he directs, he could stay in office for some time along with rabid republicans. Really what can you say about Republicans wanting to elect a pedophile in Alabama? Evangelicals make up a large part of the American electorate and they will vote for Trump and his Republicans regardless. They're voting to Moore.

    It was interesting to note Trump is concerned about loosing even one senate seat. Some American blogs are reporting Trump wants Orin Hatch to run an 8th term, after he had decided to retire. Turns out Trump is afraid of Mitt Romney taking over the seat.