Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Andrew Scheer's Long Night of Humiliation

As you know Andrew Scheer has been looking a little desperate recently. 

And who can blame him?

Ever since he became leader of the Harper Party he has thrown everything but the kitchen sink at Justin Trudeau.

He has all but called Trudeau a crook, and a traitor. He has accused him of being soft on ISIS. He has tried to smear or Schmear him in every possible way, aided and abetted by our shabby Con media.

But it's just not working. His polls are stuck in neutral, the more Canadians know him the less they like or trust him.

And after last night he must be a LOT desperate.

For this was a Monday night massacre, a long night of humiliation.

The federal Liberals went into Monday's four federal byelections holding two of the four seats that were up for grabs but walked away with three, delivering a blow to the Conservatives for the second time this fall.

This must have REALLY hurt.

It was the second time this fall that the Liberals were able to win a seat away from their Opposition rivals. Last time the victory came in the Quebec riding of Lac-Saint-Jean. 

This time it came in South Surrey-White Rock.


In this riding it was a landslide...

Where the heroic Newfoundland Brigade clubbed the Cons like seals.

And this win was pretty impressive too... 

Especially considering the filthy tactics Schmeagol's Cons pulled out of their asses.

As only Cons can.

But that of course is their big problem. 

They are now seen as the Dirty Party, the one that smells more American than Canadian...

And when the Con Dirties, or Trump zombies, go after a decent person like Justin Trudeau, they look like grotesque bullies, and get LESS rather than MORE popular.

It's a lesson the Cons never seem to learn...

The more you attack Justin the more popular he becomes.

And that's something our shabby Con media still doesn't get either...

For that too is pathetic.

And one can only hope what happened last night will serve as a wake up call for the Con fluffer David Akin, and the other members of our mediocre media, who are clearly living in a bubble, and don't know their own country. 

One can only hope that they will finally get the message:

Drop your Con bias, and start better reflecting our country, or lose what little credibility you have left, as well as most of your readers and viewers.

And sink slowly beneath the waves, along with Scheer and his Dirty Party...

Because that's where those Trumpkins are going.

And really what more can one say, except something that drives the loser Trudeau Haters of this country really CRAAAAZY.

Wowser !!! wowser !!! wowser !!!

What a Prime Minister !!!!!


  1. I couldn't be Happier this morning!

    1. Hi Kathleen....I'm glad to hear that, you and about 15 million others...๐Ÿ˜€

  2. I don't know if I should doubt this, but the liberals did lose some support in Newfoundland's riding. Just look at this link: http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/federal-byelection-decided-tonight-1.4443683

    Would they continue staggering in 2019?

    1. Anonymous12:09 PM

      They lost ground in ridings that were not close, but won the one that was up for grabs. This is a disaster for Andrew Scheer.

    2. Hi Myworld1916... It's not unusual for a government to lose some support during a byelection which tends to bring out the protest vote. But the strength of the Liberal vote suggests that in 2019 they will be in an excellent position to win another majority....

    3. Hi anon 12:09...I agree, the Con media won't say it, but it is a disaster for Andrew
      Scheer. Women don't like him, millennials don't like him, Trudeau is crushing him in Quebec and Atlantic Canada. If he can't boost his popularity, the knives will be out for him by next summer....

  3. Anonymous9:34 AM

    I agree Simon, we are truly blessed to have such a fine Prime Minister.

    1. Jackie Blue3:54 PM

      I confess -- Americans are not supposed to fantasize about dynasties, but I hope there's a future Prime Minister Trudeau waving hello in that election-night photograph up there too. ๐Ÿ‘ซ๐Ÿ‘ฆ๐Ÿ‘ง๐Ÿ‘ถ Nobody in Canada knew for certain they'd be getting a prime minister for Christmas in 1971, so who knows, anything could happen. ๐Ÿ˜Š (About the only thing Nixon ever got right.)

      Just like I would love to see a President Malia or Sasha, or Chelsea -- or grandbabies Charlotte or Aidan. But not Marine Le Pen, nor Ivanka, Jared, Uday or Qusay (aka Twittle Dumb and Twittle Dumber), and not Jeb either. (Little Barron is the one who I hope manages to get away from his circus family and stay out of the public eye.) Cons are cruel and incompetent. No heart nor head, only a weak spine and the vacuous stare of a green-eyed monster. Funny how the features of the parents get visited upon the next generation, for better or worse...

    2. Hi anon 9:34 am...I think Canada is very lucky to have Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister, not just because he is a decent person in an ugly world, but also because the Cons in this country are so sinister and dangerous...

    3. Hi Jackie....Prime Minister Hadrien Trudeau? Yeah I could probably live with that. Although what we need is at least two or three female Prime Ministers before Hadrien can run for office. It's been too long since we had one, and the young women and girls in this country need to be reminded that they can be anything they want to be. As for Barron Trump, he is the only one in that family I feel sorry for. I don't know if he is autistic or what, but he always looks like he wishes he was somewhere else, and I only hope he can escape the deathly influence of his monstrous father...

  4. Anonymous10:41 AM

    Whatever promises Trudeau has broken (and he's broken several, but not as many as he's kept according to TrudeauMetre), what kind of politically-deaf nincompoop would think for a second that progressive voters would start casting ballots for Conservatives? If they were banking on NDP votes to split the Liberals enough for the Cons to worm their way in, nah, our memories of the Harper years are too fresh.

    And of course the Cons can't critique Trudeau from the left without their screeching base tearing them apart. Ah, poetic justice....

    1. Hi anon...I was struck today by the number of Cons lamenting the NDP's disastrous results. I am sentimentally attached to the NDP, but when they are the Con's best chance to become the government, I cannot support them. The NDP has become far too close to the Cons, and they need to change their approach if they wish to be more than a noisy rump....

  5. the shabby pollsters with their con bias also got caught.

    1. Hi Steve....between the pollsters and the disappointed Con media, I really enjoyed my day. ๐Ÿ˜Ž Especially watching the stooge David Akin trying to put a positive spin on the Con's performance. As we say in Quebec, more con than that and you die...

  6. e.a.f.3:08 PM

    The federal Liberals won with Hogg and in my opinion, he is no prize. Not that Diane Watts was any prize either. She came into federal politics, hoping to make the jump from Mayor of Surrey to Con cabinet minister. alas it was not to be. Once in opposition, one can not say Watts lived up to anything but her less than stellar qualities.

    Hogg had served as Mayor of White Rock, and it historically had been a very white community which is changing as are the size of houses. A bull doze special will go for $1.5M and up. The South Surrey area is also fairly high end, making it very difficult for working families to purchase homes in the area.

    Provincial politics may have spilled over into the federal election. People in B.C. weren't too happy with the B.C. Lieberals, which in no way looks anything like the federal Liberals. They are made up mostly of Cons. So a win by a federal Liberal was not that surprising.

    The win in Diane Watt's former riding, is good for the federal Liberals, but I would suggest, Hogg not be ever moved to cabinet. In my opinion, he isn't that great or good.

    Diane Watts is now trying to make it as the leader of the B.C. Lieberals and is very low profile. She has the backing of the crew who backed Christy Clark, but it is my understand the money is also backing Michael Lee. Look forward to the demise of the B.C. Lieberal party and the Liberal Party's continued success, but it might want to find better candidates than Hogg or they too may not last/.

    1. Hi e.a.f...I must admit I had never heard of Gordie Hogg, but he is a prize in the sense that he managed to steal a seat from the Cons, and it does seem a bit unfair to blame him for the disastrous housing situation in your province. I have a couple of friends in Vancouver who even though they love the city are thinking of leaving it because they can't afford a place to live, especially since they are expecting a baby. But then I admit it, I find BC provincial politics to be something only people who live there can understand...๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Jackie Blue3:28 PM

    You folks are so lucky up there. I had a flicker of optimism for the Democrats after the Virginia surprise (I guess what we call "special elections" here are "by-elections" everywhere else?). But I'm doubtful about the prospects for Doug Jones in Alabama. Dixie is Dixie, after all, and even if Moore wasn't such a perverted sleaze, the fact that Jones locked up good ol' boys for bombing a black church has got to be a thorn in the side for a lot of the old racist sticks-in-the-mud, not to mention the young'uns they've managed to brainwash. Moore could have bombed the church himself and would still have a deluded mob of fans. 150 years later, they are still fighting the "damn Yankees" tooth-and-nail (literally, a single tooth), and won't be brought into the 21st (or even 20th) century without another fight to the death. Even Al-Berta isn't the outright time-warped mini-caliphate that Al-Abama is determined to remain. Because it's 1819.

    Canada seems to be a different culture too, where a deplorable garbage fire like Scheer and his Fox News-on-steroids Rebel Party aren't as successful in "playing to the base" like Trump. Not to mention you don't have exactly the same history as we do, having pretty much been forged out of the ashes of the American Revolution, and even taking the time to carve out a separate Thanksgiving after the bloodshed of the Civil War to be glad you're not us. (On what later became "Columbus Day," at that.)

    Be glad you're not us, Canada. But don't get complacent either. Fight against the dark side and the dying of the light, and cherish your compassionate young Trueheart for as long as you can. He really has made Canada great again. The Roypublicans (love that term, Simon), Trumpanzees, Pence's Puritans, and Jefferson Beauregard's Covfeferate Army, lead us all into tarnation, down a dead end of their long march of the mental institutions making America grate (and hate) again and again and again. It'll really be a holiday miracle if someday enough Americans wake up and topple them once and for all -- and make America "South Canada" (whether in name or simply in political and social progress) for the very first time.

  8. Anonymous4:34 PM

    The Trudeau haters must be so sad today, and I'm loving every minute!! You should check out the Disaffected Lib's blog today. Just as you predicted he's calling on Canadians to use Justin's gut for garters !! From the guy who said Trudeau should be raped in jail. Why is he still blogging for Progressive Bloggers? And where is the RCMP?

    1. Hi anon 4:34 pm.....yes, the Trudeau haters are wailing like banshees, and the Disaffected Liberal is in a frenzy. But then he is truly disgusting dirty old man. When I was younger he used to send me anonymous messages that were among the most vile anti-gay comments I have ever read. He is also a grotesque misogynist and all of the above is what he hates Trudeau so much and so violently. I'll have more to say about him in one of my next posts...

  9. Hi Jackie....yes Dixie is Dixie and as a Civil War buff all I can say is that those racist rednecks are lucky they only had to deal with General Sherman and not me. ๐Ÿ˜ก
    We have some Texans in the family, which is bad enough, but Alabama really is the outhouse of America. And don't worry, as I've said before, I see what's happening in your country and what's happening in this one, to be the same struggle with the same enemies. There are powerful interests in this country that want to destroy Justin Trudeau, and we will defend him...

    1. Jackie Blue10:52 PM

      Simon, I have some terrific and shocking news to report.


      We're celebrating our "by-election" here in America too. Even the BBC is breathing a sigh of relief, and something tells me that as bad as your Con Broadcasting Cabal is, they're probably singing "Hallelujah" right now too -- whether Leonard Cohen's version or the Handel chorus.

      Free at last, free at last. Thank the voters (especially the black voters who came out in DROVES), we are (soon to be) free at last.

      Maybe war is almost over, with enough people wanting it and we're about to know it's Votemas after all.

    2. Hi Jackie ...I was watching CNN and when I saw Moore had pulled ahead I switched the channel. And when I returned about thirty minutes later I couldn''t believe my eyes and let out a whoop that could probably be heard about a block away. ๐Ÿ˜€How sweet it is, and I hope the beginning of the end of the Trump regime....

  10. Visitor - Pierre D.12:24 AM

    David Akin is really losing it these days.
    It's unfortunate as he can be quite cogent, but I guess he got the message from Lord Godfrey to target PM Trudeau, but it isn't working and never will. And as PostMedia closes small papers that carry progressive and alternative opinions, people will simply stop buying papers and clicking on those dirty links.

    And Andrew Scheer will lose in 2019, as the CPC fails to understand one thing: Canadians want a leader that gets the big stuff right, and that big stuff is human rights, openness, consultation with the public, spending on services, health, entente between provinces and harmonious life.

    It's time for the CPC to go down in flames, and hell, take Rosemary Barton with you as she's become a shireking hysteric Trudeau hater herself...

    1. hi Pierre...I completely agree with you. David Akin is capable of being a good reporter, but his Con bias is ruining whatever credibility he had left. And yes, Lord Godfrey must be demanding his pound of flesh from all the journalists who work for him. It is worth reminding people that Akin was quite happy to work with Ezra Levant at sun TV News, so one can say it's not the first time his reputation has been tainted. And yes, Barton is another one who seems to think it's her mission to singlehandedly bring down the Trudeau government. And I'll have something to say about that in one of next posts...

  11. Anonymous3:35 AM

    Nope, not one scintilla of anger.. just relief that electoral reform failed. Can you imagine sharing power with Scheer’s Rebel Media Party or the Elbowgaters? No, And neither could Surrey.
    We’re not sharing power with the Dirty Party and their NDP Comrades.
    I have to admire our American Friends, they’re revolting against their fascist after less than a year and appear to be on the verge of toppling him, while Canadians gave our Dictator 8 years. For our American friends- google “Shit Harper Did” for an idea of what we endured. Of course Harper wasn’t a KGB puppet ( that we know of) but he did spend a lot of time in the States with his Bananna Republican Friends.
    I don’t know where he is now Simon but it wouldn’t surprise me to find out he’s down there helping Trump. I’ll bet he’s pissed he didn’t think of going Russian first.
    Happy Holidays And Sunny Ways, and of course Happy Birthday to Canada’s saviour Justin. ❤️ Pamela.