Tuesday, December 19, 2017

The Day Andrew Scheer Was Exposed As A Liar

In my last post I told you how Andrew Scheer had been caught lying like a thief or a Trump.

Claiming that Justin Trudeau had called some Canadians "tax cheats."

When in fact Trudeau never used those words.

But while Scheer has yet to admit he lied, it seems that what little credibility he had left, has been dealt a mortal blow.

By one of his own.

The ghastly Con House leader Candice Bergen.

Who now admits that Trudeau didn't use the words "tax cheats" he just said that some Canadians weren't paying their fair share of taxes.

And I have to admit I was stunned, stunned I tell you.

For not only did Bergen make Scheer sound like a liar, or a man who puts words into the mouths of other people to try to smear them or Schmear them. 

It seemed, for a moment at least, that Bergen was actually promising the Cons were going to turn over a new leaf !!!! 

The opposition Conservatives were disappointed by the loss of a seat in British Columbia last week, says House leader Candice Bergen, but the party intends to keep pushing a “positive” message to Canadians in the months to come.

“What we’re going to continue to do is show Canadians that we’re not only a government in waiting, but they can count on us to have a positive message.”

And when I heard about her plans to channel all that positivity, I began to wonder whether I was going to have to stop comparing Bergen to Miss Piggy...

As I have in the past, for all the right reasons.

But sadly that redemption moment didn't last long. For as soon as Candy heard about Justin Trudeau's latest move.

The government is changing the rules around which employers can qualify for funding to hire students through the Canada Summer Jobs program to try and ensure that groups advocating against abortion rights or the equality of LGBTQ2 Canadians will not be able to get funding.

She went berserk.

And like the cat, the pig came back...

Even though the Trudeau government is only standing up for our Canadian values, and trying to keep the young out of the hands of religious fanatics and bigots.

“The objective of the change is to prevent Government of Canada funding from flowing to organizations whose mandates or projects may not respect individual human rights, the values underlying the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and associated case law,” the briefing material states.

And what Bergen also forgets to mention, is that the Canadian leader who really did act in the manner of a  monstrous dictator, was her beloved Stephen Harper. 

Critics are accusing the Harper government of ideologically driven intimidation for cutting funding to women's groups even as it prepares to champion maternal health at next month's G8 Summit. The Conservatives have axed funding for up to 14 women's groups in the past two weeks. 

Who waged war on women's rights from the moment he came to power. Denied LGBT groups any funding for almost a decade.

And the reason the Cons can't project a positive image is because Harper's legacy lives on. 

And they are as rotten as he was...

They just can't help themselves, the politics of personal destruction is all they know.

Scheer had a chance to re-invent his party, but he blew it.

The way him and his Cons went after Trudeau, could only remind Canadians of the nightmare they left behind.

He has now been shown to be a liar, he is now hopelessly tainted.

And before the knives come out for him, or he gets slaughtered in the next election, he should probably jump off his piggy.

And stop making a fool out of himself... 


  1. Candice Bergen tweet - "... What's next for these organizations? Charitable Status denied?" Umm .. that was Harper.

    1. Hi UU4077...yes, the Cons do seem to forget their atrocities rather easily. Fortunately we don't, and since I recorded those atrocities every day on my blog for almost ten years, I won't let anybody forget...

  2. Anonymous12:19 PM


    "PLEASE HELP: Anti-Israel extremists are suing The Rebel"

    Oh no! Ezra is being sued again! This time by Anti-Israel extremists. Showing his true colours. Not red and white, blue and white.

    1. Hi anon...the only colours Ezra Levant cares about are the colours of money. He's a professional bigot, and his only loyalty is to himself...

  3. Jackie Blue2:58 PM

    She's no Murphy Brown, that's for sure. Obviously this Candice Bergen only deals in fake news.

    Speaking of "FYI": New study demonstrates the obvious: Trump kicked a hornet's nest in Canada and has emboldened hate across the border. The fact that Levant, through his lackey Marshall, is attempting to replicate Bannon's operation as string-puller behind the scenes is exhibit A for the prosecution, Your Honour.


    Good on Trudeau for standing up for human rights and Canadian values. Schmear and his schrill schilling schrew would do better as has-been hack "pundits" for King Rupert's tabloid cable channel, or cleaning up poodle doodles left behind on the sidewalk of the Avenue of the Americas. Their platform of lying and fanning the flames of hate has no place in a civilized country like Canada.

    1. Anonymous4:04 PM

      Please tell us more about how much you love love love Justin Trudeau. There's other countries besides us you can swoon over. Tell the Germans how much you admire Angela Merkel. New Zealand even has a female Prime Minister. How progressive is that?

      Honestly, are you on the Liberals payroll? Even North Koreans don't praise "Dear Leader" as voraciously as you.

    2. Anonymous8:00 PM

      Anon 4:04, That's a rather overblown comment. I happen to enjoy Jackie's comments and let's face it, after enduring Trump for the past year it's amazing she's not in therapy or restraints instead of regaling us with her rapid-fire wit and above average knowledge of all things Canadian.
      So be nice Anon. It costs nothing, it's neighbourly and after all, it's the Canadian way.

    3. Hi Jackie....no, Candice was once called Candace, but she's no Murphy Brown. She's one of the biggest Trudeau haters in Parliament and she debases that institution and herself every time she opens her mouth. As for Trump, he has definitely given the bibots in this country a boost. But by trying to jump on to his bandwagon the Cons have made a huge mistake, because when he goes down, they'll go down too...

    4. Hi anon 4:04pm...Jackie is only reflecting the way many Americans feel about Justin Trudeau. As I have pointed out many times, you have to leave Canada to truly understand Trudeau's popularity. On my last two trips to Europe, every time I let it be known I was a Canadian, I was bombarded with questions about Justin, and told over and over again how much they wished he was their leader. He is a global phenomenon, and there is nothing you Cons can do about it. What you can do however is be more polite. Jackie has more education in her little finger than you have in your whole body, so you would be well advised to listen and learn...

    5. Hi JD....well said, and very polite and Canadian. A lot of us enjoy Jackie's comments and her amazing knowledge of Canada. The fact that she's annoying Cons is only another sign that she must be doing something right...

  4. Anonymous6:19 PM

    Wow! Dissention in the ranks by none other than fellow JT hater Candice Bergen. Schmeagol may send you barefoot back to the kitchen for that one Candi.
    I must admit I was stunned as well Simon. For a moment I thought Mrs. Grinch's heart which was no heart at all had grown two sizes too tall.
    Alas, it was not to be as her claws were back out upon hearing JT had slighted those who would deny rights to women and the LBGTQ2 community. How dare he deny funding to those that would discriminate, those in the hate filled Con fold.
    Good for you Mr. PM. At least you haven't tried to destroy or set the CRA on them as our former PM was known to do to anyone who merely opposed him.
    How ironic that while the Cons are cooking their Christmas turkey they will undoubtedly be stewing over this one Simon. Ho! Ho! Ho!

    1. Hi JD....I must say I wish that clip was a little longer, because I enjoyed every precious second. And good for that host for stopping Bergen from repeating that big lie. Those Cons really have no shame. Complaining about Justin Trudeau standing up for the Charter of Rights after the way their depraved leader attacked it over and over again. But as I said in my post, they are only killing themselves. The more they attack Justin, the more popular he becomes....

  5. Anonymous6:49 PM

    It does seem like the cons will never learn. Stephen Harper spent a billion dollars attacking Justin Trudeau in the most disgusting way, but the more he attacked him the more popular Justin became. And now Scheer is making the same mistake. As you said, they just can't help themselves.

  6. Hi anon...yes, as I said in my post, the Cons are only hurting themselves. And the latest polls only make that even clearer. Whatever else they may think of Justin Trudeau most Canadians can see that he is a decent person, and when the Con scumbags attack him as only they can, they only diminish themselves....

  7. e.a.f.4:41 AM

    They can attack Trudeau all they like but much of it isn't reported in the MSM. what is reported in the MSM, many don't care about. They see that the economy is still working and all those parents at the poverty line are still receiving their monthly cheques to help feed and clothe their children. Now if Trudeau could clean up the RCMP we could all rejoice.