Thursday, December 28, 2017

The Shameless Con Media and the Cowardly Cons

As I'm sure you know, many Cons are not very smart, they tend to be extremely paranoid, and they're definitely not very brave.

Not because their brains are necessarily smaller, but because their fear glands are humungous. 

Peering inside the brain with MRI scans, researchers at University College London found that self-described conservative students had a larger amygdala than liberals.

Which can affect the way Cons see the world.

The conservative party is big on national defense and magnifies our perception of threat, whether of foreign aggressors, immigrants, terrorists, or invading ideologies like Communism. To a conservative, the world really is a frightening place.

Or the way they react to threats, as we know only too well...

For who can forget how Stephen Harper hid in that tiny broom closet?

Or forget how Andrew Scheer ran away from journalists when asked about why he had hired  Hamish Marshall, the co-founder of the hate mongering Rebel to be the new Con campaign manager.

For that said so much about him, and Marshall, and the grubby Ezra Levant...

And the cowardice of the Cons.

Which is why I believe the Globe and Mail's decision to publish this poll is criminally irresponsible.

Nearly two-thirds of Canadians say the government should prosecute and lay criminal charges against individuals suspected of being involved with jihadi groups overseas, instead of focusing on rehabilitating them when they return to Canada, according to a new survey.

For it makes absolutely no sense, it will only scare the cowardly Cons further...

It's clearly just another attempt by our shabby Con media to smear the Trudeau government.

The survey raises questions about the Trudeau government's multifaceted approach to dealing with returning suspected jihadis, which includes enforcement, surveillance and deprogramming individuals.

And the reason it doesn't make sense is because there is rarely enough evidence to charge suspects.

Like we could have charged this Canadian, John Maguire, or Aboo Boo Boo or whatever... 

But only because he made a video threatening to behead us, before happily being blown to pieces in Syria in 2015.

While most who fought for ISIS didn't make videos, and there are no witnesses to testify against them.

Which as Lorne Dawson, director of the Canadian Network for Research on Terrorism, Security and Society points out, makes the poll question itself suspect.

"The question suggests 'either or,' when in fact I would say it's both, meaning we should prosecute whenever we can but have to realistically recognize we're not going to be able to prosecute a lot of the time. So if you can't prosecute, wouldn't you like to have some kind of rehabilitation or deradicalization option available?" he said.

And makes Andrew Scheer a scummy Con artist...

Who would twist the truth for crass political purposes.

To try to scare Canadians into voting for him

Even if that means undermining our safety, like a filthy terrorist sympathizer.

And looking like a zombie scaring his own Cons...

And all I can say is they ain't seen nothing yet.

The Con media will be busted.

And long before the next election.

The cowardly Cons will be destroyed...


  1. Anonymous11:52 AM

    Just out of curiosity, how much does the "Boo Terrorism!" stuff actually work in the rest of Canada? Living in North Toronto, it's not exactly something that comes up in casual conversation with friends and neighbours. Is this the kind of thing that motivates blue sectors of the country?

    1. hi anon...I don't think trying to scare people with the spectre of terrorism works wth most Canadians. I think that Scheer's ads are mainly aimed at keeping his Con base intact. They may work to some extent in some rural areas, where people who have never seen a Muslim or a darker skinned person can me made to fear what they don't know. But diversity is our strength, and as Stephen Harper found out, the politics of fear are a dead end road...

  2. Anonymous11:58 AM

    By trying to sabotage efforts to deal with any returning ISIS fighters Scheer can rightfully be accused of being a terrorist sympathizer and should be charged as such. Cons are not just cowards they are incredibly ignorant.

    1. Jackie Blue5:45 PM

      They all should be charged, and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Levant especially, and every last one of his lackeys and associates including the "IT guy" Marshall. Canada needs its own Nuremberg Trials to expel every last trace of far-right fascists from the halls of Parliament and the breadth of the country. This madness has gotten out of control, and it is the most dangerous height of cowardice to brush it off as "legitimate debate" or "trolling for the lulz".

      Trudeau said so himself, you should not be allowed to use your freedom to deprive others of their freedom or cause them harm. (Pierre made the boys read a lot of philosophy books as kids; at some point, he must have introduced young Justin to Karl Popper and the paradox of intolerance.) This isn't "free speech" or "parliamentary privilege." This is fanning the flames of hate and sabotaging counterterrorism efforts that have been proven to work, while deliberately turning a blind eye to the homegrown menace that hides behind such "polite" veneers as "old-stock heritage" and "defending Western civilization."

      The cons are actively courting white-nationalist terrorist groups and allowing them to infiltrate the party ranks. Just like their GOP counterparts after every single mass shooting that gets swept under the rug because they dare not offend their merchants-of-murder paymasters, the Crappers will do nothing but shrug, feign mourning, and deliver empty "thoughts and prayers" if one of their "constituents" does the worst: fulfills his sick, wet-dream fantasies of LARPing as Oswald against Justin Trudeau.

      They won't stop until some Levantine whack job makes the October Crisis look like a game of hide-and-go-seek. The cons are worse than ignorant. They're criminal. Period.

    2. hi anon 11:58...well as I said in my post, if there was any justice that's what should happen. First the Cons stir up xenophobia, and then they would strip us of the tools to fight radicalization, just to play cheap political games. It's normal to want to punish beasts like ISIS, but if you want to win the War on Terrorism your have to be smart, and the Cons are both bestial and ignorant....

    3. hi Jackie...I completely agree with you. we need to expose the religious fanatic extreme right winger hiding under that creepy smile. By failing to do that, the Con media is letting their country down badly. I don't expect them to be turned into beacons of progressive thought, but they should recognize danger in the dark places where it lurks. And how the co-founder of a hate mongering rag that is full of hateful articles and death threats aimed at Justin Trudeau is calmly accepted as the Con's new campaign manager is simply beyond me. It speaks to the moral corruption of the press gang in Ottawa, and requires urgent action if our democracy is not to be totally corrupted...

  3. Anonymous12:17 PM

    That toilet seat Con feeder is a classic, you should put it on more of Scheer's cult. I bet it would drive them wild !

    1. hi anon...Oh it did drive them wild. I had to delete four comments today, each one nuttier than the other. I mean really sick stuff, which makes me shudder at the thought of the people who wrote them. However, although I don't write to annoy the Cons, I write to warn and encourage the decent but complacent. The thought of those ugly Cons jumping up and down and screaming with frustration is definitely a bonus. As for the toilet seat, believe it or not, I actually dug up one for possible use as a frame for my Con Stooge of the Week Award... ;)

  4. Its more than likely given human nature that the returning ISIS terrorists will be saying to the jihad, chill. I have never experienced war more than paint ball and that was enough to convince me I never want to do it for real.

    I have faith that those who come back will be matter of fact. Those who are still in the cloud will be shot down. The freedom of Canada should defeat any rebel although we still have Ezra. Who is funding him? Should that not be considered a terrorist orginiation?

    1. hi Steve... That's a good point and is in fact backed up by studies of those returning. Many of these wannabe jihadis have been scarred by the reality of war and ISIS, and are only too happy to kiss the ground of Canada again, and try to forget what happened. A handful who are still conflicted are prime material for de-radicalization programs. And if there are any hard core members you can be sure that they will be monitored very closely, and if they act up they will bring the roof down upon themselves. As for Ezra Levant and other hate mongers, I have always considered them to be agent provocateurs. Peaceful coexistence is their worst enemy, and our best guarantee of a decent country to live in...

  5. If history is any measure, lets look at the terrorist DR Bethune.

    1. hi Steve...Norman Bethune is one of my greatest Canadian heroes, a my model of what a good doctor should be. And he did pay a price for going off to help fight the fascists in Spain. The nuns in the Montreal hospital where he worked adored him, but were instructed by their superiors to shun him. And his home, which he had turned into an art school for poor children, was trashed by fascists. And had he survived the Chinese war against the Japanese, and returned home I'm sure many would have agitated to have him thrown in jail. But he was no terrorist, and he's still my hero...

  6. Anonymous12:22 PM

    From the files of "you can't teach an old Con new tricks", I love how Schmear is doubling down on Harper's tried and failed method of trying to scare us into voting for them. Decent, intelligent Canadians didn't buy it in 2015 and most certainly wont in 2019 so keep up the great work Schmeagol.

    1. hi JD...yes, it does seem like you can't teach a Con new tricks. Scheer is trying to use the same tactics that brought the Harper regime crashing down, and still seems to think he can win by simply feeding his rabid base. Unfortunately for him that base is shrinking, and unless he can reach out to more moderate Canadians he is heading for the same fate as Harper. Repeating the same mistake, but expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. It really is pathetic, it's not good for our country, but it can only help us crush those hate mongers once and for all...

  7. Anonymous2:17 PM

    Hardy har har. It's all fun and games til a bomb goes off at the Air Canada centre. And you will all pray it's a white guy too so you can blame Levant. Until the Arabic name appears, then it's time to light candles and change your FB photo. Libtards.

    1. anonymouse 2:17 Until the arab extremists actually set a bomb off in the Air Canada Center, we should statistically be more worried about white extremists who hint at bombs going off in the Air Canada Center.

    2. Anonymous5:06 PM

      Anon 2:17, why wouldn't Levant be blamed? It's little pukes like him and said puke(chunks) like you that need to be watched, and you are.

    3. Jackie Blue5:27 PM

      @Anonymous Coward 2:17 -- Contards is more like it. What's your excuse for the blue-eyed blond with a French name who pulled a Dylan Roof on a mosque in Québec after binge-watching the whole damn channel? How about the Aryan disaster race fanatic who plowed over a brave counter-protester at that Trump-inspired Nazi rally that Ezra sent his sh!t-disturbing Maplejugend "reporters" to in West Virginia?

      Damn right I blame Levant. He's setting the conditions for a Timothy McVeigh or a Lee Harvey Oswald (or both), and even if it was some inbred nosepicking skinhead who did something horrible, he'd blame Muslims like usual. He wants something horrible to happen, because he's a deranged kook who at the very least needs to be quarantined in a psychiatric institution before anyone else gets hurt. Either that or he's a craven attention-seeker like Trump, who just wants to see Trudeau get blown away by some storm trooper on a grassy knoll at the Toronto Pride Parade because it'll get bigly terrific ratings. In any event he's a menace to society, and his channel, his whole sick movement needs to be stopped. If anything happens to the prime minister, as far as I'm concerned, Scheer would have blood on his hands too. "Just following orders" wasn't a credible defense in 1945 and it won't work today.

      I've been reading Justin's memoir Common Ground, which I was happy to get as a Christmas gift. In it, he writes about how proud he was to learn of his maternal grandfather's military service in North Africa. Well, if Jimmy Sinclair was alive today, I bet he'd be the first to let everyone know that he didn't fight fascists in WW2 along with millions of other young men in that generation (and even the queen), just to see a bunch of tiki-torch punks seven decades later get their marching orders from a self-loathing hypocrite who clearly has no problem with any of them using his website to make death threats against Jimmy's grandson. Anyone who gives safe haven or encouragement to Nazis is no better than a Nazi himself. In Ezra's case, a kapo. A terrorist leader in his own right, who should be sent to prison and subsequently exiled like his forebear Zündel. The founder of the Rebel Media is a traitor. Take him away!

    4. hi anon 2:17 pm... honestly, it's Cons like you that make me shake my head and wonder what bleak planet you come from. What an example of ugly Con thinking complete with the word Libtard. The last thing we would do if a bomb did go off anywhere in Canada is pray that we could blame Levant. But he would bear a measure of responsibility for working so hard to whip up hatred against Muslims and other minority groups. And what your comment does reflect is the fear that I wrote about in this post. And what makes it so disturbing is that it's a self fulfilling prophecy. Your fear leads to bigotry, which fuels terrorism, and leaves you more frightened than ever. Life is too short to live like that, so please try to change your thinking in 2018 before it's too late...

      P.S. if your fear gland is too large to overcome, please report to Dr Simon. I have a super Black and Decker drill and a soldering iron, and I think I can solve your problem... ;)

    5. hi Filcher...thanks for pointing out that statistics are not on the side of the Cons either. In Canada, the terrorist who killed six innocent Muslims and injured nineteen others in a Quebec City mosque was a white Christian. And according to Britain's Royal Statistical Society’s statistic of the year, more Americans were killed by toddlers with guns (21) than terrorists (16). For the hate mongers the truth hurts...

    6. hi anon 5:06're quite right, people with that kind of thinking are danger to the relatively peaceful society we live in. I shrug off all the vile comments and death threats I receive, but as a society we need to do more to control and punish the hate mongers for if they are left unchecked they will lead us all to a very bad place...

    7. hi Jackie...thank you for reminding that ugly Con of that horrible massacre in Quebec City, for I can't help feeling that it has been too easily forgotten. And I agree that Levant is a loathsome bigot who stirs up bigotry for money. As I keep reminding people, in Britain he would have been jailed long ago, or driven out of business with heavy fines, for failing to recognize the difference between free speech and hate speech. Also like you I will never accept that so many gave their lives to defeat the Nazis, only to have all kind of weird fascist groups pop up like poisonous toad stools all over the place, as if that sacrifice was for naught. We need to strengthen the hate laws in this country before our complacency leads to tragedy...

  8. Anonymous9:56 PM

    The motion to prosecute any ISIS fighter returning to Canada is a sick Con joke only proposed for the purpose of creating propaganda for replay along with all of the other Con trash at the next election campaign. The strategy is to use the Rebel, Twitter,Facebook and any other "news" sources to open up the "fire hose of misinformation" and drown out any rational thought just prior to the next election. To be effective they need a collection of bogus printed material to compliment the fake material that will be generated when the time comes.
    The request to "bring to justice any ISIS fighters returning to Canada" is at the center of the joke they are playing on their supporters who are stupid enough to believe the Liberals are welcoming these fighters with open arms and whisking them off to a luxury retreat for deprogramming. Wonder if they believe the fighters are showing up at customs with severed heads dangling from their belts or declaring "ISIS fighter" when asked about their occupation. More likely the smarter Con clowns figure if the suspects are on a watch list they are guilty and should be locked up or taken out and shot. The more enlightened Cons would probably support trial by a Con lead military tribunal or Con appointed hanging judge before shooting them. No thought that all Canadians have a right to a fair trial by jury including someone suspected of being an ISIS fighter. The very Con supporters that want to take those rights away are the same ones that are crying about lack of freedom of speech and overbearing governments laced with corruption. I ask what is more corrupt, overbearing and dictatorial than a government that imprisons its citizens without a just and fair trial by their peers? The current government will prosecute when sufficient evidence is available and use other methods when evidence is lacking. Scheer knows this but is using our tax dollars to play the electorate for suckers.

    1. hi RT...yes it is a sic joke isn't it? And worse as you point out, it implies a lack of respect for the rule of law that is truly shocking. When in fact in most cases there is no way of knowing what any Canadian was doing in Syria or any other place in the Middle East. They could have been fighters, or they might have been working with some relief agency, or mere tourists. But complexity is not something the Cons can handle. Many of them are either poorly educated and couldn't tell you where exactly Syria is. Or just downright senile. They are after all the ones who screamed at Trudeau for insisting that the root causes of terrorism needed to be studied if we are ever going to win The Great War on Terror. Even though as we now know, the Harperites secretly knew that, and were keeping their dumbo supporters in the dark for crass political purposes. When will those dumb Cons ever wake up, and will the Wizard of Oz get them at least half a brain?