Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Night Donald Trump Went Off The Deep End

On Monday, after his speech on Afghanistan, some in the media were praising Donald Trump for looking and sounding "presidential."

Which I thought was hilarious because I knew it wouldn't last. 

And sure enough it didn't.

For if he was Dr Jekyll on Monday, last night in Phoenix he was Mr Hyde.

And it was a scary spectacle. 

President Donald Trump spent much of last week hearing from friends, donors and aides that he needed to dial back some of his rhetoric in the wake of Charlottesville. 

He gave his response on Tuesday night in Phoenix, with an angry, meandering and frequently disingenuous 75-minute rally address designed to soothe his ego, rev up his base, and remind the naysayers in Washington and New York that he can still command love from his crowd.

It was the ranting and raving of a madman.

He threatened a government shutdown, essentially promised to pardon a controversial sheriff, made false claims about the news media and his opponents, pushed for a legislative change that infuriates Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, criticized two Republican senators and intimated he would pull out of NAFTA.

If you saw it you know what I mean, if you didn't you wouldn't believe it. It was THAT bad.

He went after the media like a rabid hyena. He lied like a thief about everything. He rambled on in a deranged manner for what seemed like FOREVER.

All over America people must have been staring at their TV screens, with their eyes bulging in disbelief, and their mouths wide open.

When it was finally over, and after a few moments of stunned silence, this is how CNN's Don Lemon reacted.

And the verdict of James Clapper, the former director of National Intelligence, was even   harsher. 

James Clapper, former director of National Intelligence, said Wednesday morning he questioned President Donald Trump's fitness for office.

"How much longer does the country have to, to borrow a phrase, endure this nightmare?"

And couldn't have been more ominous.

Clapper also said he is worried about the President's access to the nuclear codes. "In a fit of pique he decides to do something about Kim Jong Un, there's actually very little to stop him," Clapper said. 

"The whole system is built to ensure rapid response if necessary. So there's very little in the way of controls over exercising a nuclear option, which is pretty damn scary."

But the good news is that Trump wouldn't be acting like a madman, or a Klansman, if he wasn't mortally wounded.

Or leaking hot air out of every orifice.

He's at war with the Republican leadership. 

The relationship between President Trump and Senator Mitch McConnell, the majority leader, has disintegrated to the point that they have not spoken to each other in weeks, and Mr. McConnell has privately expressed uncertainty that Mr. Trump will be able to salvage his administration after a series of summer crises.

He's practically begging to be impeached. Big Business is shunning him, his rabid base is starting to desert him.

And then there's Bob Mueller, Trump's living nightmare...

The one who keeps him awake at night, the man he fears the most.

The one who as Keith Olbermann explains, could end this horror story sooner than most people imagine.

One can't be sure about anything these days, but it looks as if Donald Trump's time is finally running out.

He was always unfit to be president. He has made too many enemies.

And just as I have always predicted. 

With a little bit of luck he WILL end up where he belongs...


Anonymous said...

The media is run by a bunch of lying rootless cosmopolitans to put it lightly. CNN is nothing but propaganda. I think you're aware of this but you turn a blind eye because they share the same agenda as you. Good day.

Anonymous said...

"The media is run by a bunch of lying, rootless, cosmopolitans..." - don't be shy, no need to speak in code, just come right out and say what you mean. The word you gutless Nazis are too scared to say is "JEWS," you know, like CNN boss Jeff Zucker. Now fuck off and go back to reading the Daily Stormer.

Anonymous said...

My theory has long been that James Comey was getting uncomfortably close during the FBI investigation. Firing him was an idiotic move on the surface, but it may have also been a hail Mary. I predict a resignation and pardon from Pence and an attempt to end the Mueller investigation in the glow of a trump resignation. Probably all sooner than most think.

lagatta à montréal said...

Freedonia goes to WAR!

jrkrideau said...

What can Pence pardon him for? Can he just say, "Go, all your sins are forgiven" even if he and the rest of the world have no idea of what the sins are?

Unless he can do that, Trump is vulnerable to any inquiry into money laundering both with Russian oligarchs and politicians and other oligarchs in the other former Soviet republics.

It still seems likely that a Trump company was involved in laundering Iranian Revolutionary Guard money through some hotel scheme in Azerbaijan.

Anonymous said...

Is that you Steve?

mr perfect

Anonymous said...

I only saw about twenty minutes of the speech, but I still think it was the worst speech I've ever seen. Even many of his supporters stopped paying attention and were checking their phones or talking to each other. Total bust and epic failure.

David said...

Aired August 22, 2017 - 19:00   ET


[19:41:41] SCIUTTO: Breaking news, you are looking at live pictures out of Phoenix, Arizona. Protesters waiting to welcome, greet President Trump he arrives for a campaign rally there tonight. Trump hoping to begin to turn things around after his much criticized response to Charlottesville.  

But a leading member of Congress now pushing to remove Trump from office, in part because of his response to Charlottesville. 

Democratic Congresswoman Jackie Speier becoming the first member of Congress to say that Trump should be removed through a never before invoked section of the 25th Amendment that lets the vice president and a majority of the cabinet declare him, quote, unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.  

She recently tweeted, quote: POTUS is showing signs of erratic behavior and mental instability that place the country in grave danger. Time to invoke the 25th Amendment.  

And Congresswoman Speier is joining me now.  

Thanks very much for taking the time to join us.  

REP. JACKIE SPEIER (D-CA), INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE: Thank you, Jim. SCIUTTO: So explain to us, our audience, what exactly you are basing this on? What specific examples can you cite as evidence that the president is not stable enough to fulfill his job?  

SPEIER: Well, there's actually a growing mountain of evidence that the president has been very erratic, has shown a mental instability. It was crystallized last week with a combination of his comments about fire and fury that he offered up against Kim Jong-un and North Korea and how we would take him out, followed by his back and forth on Charlottesville and how he really became almost abusive in calling people out when he was really telling from his soul what he thought about the Charlottesville incident.  

And I think the combination of those, coupled with the fact that there has been a lot of people behind the scenes talking about his instability in Congress for some time now, if you go back in time like six years and watch interviews that he gave then where he could put a whole sentence together, but now tends to put a few words together and then goes off into another sentence unrelated to the first. It is an indication to me that there is some trouble there that is more than just a one off.  

And I am concerned for the American people. I am concerned about him having his finger on the button that could send nuclear warheads around the world. And -- 


Anonymous said...

Anon 10:06 It's a well known fact Jews are proportionally over represented in the media, just like saying Blacks are over represented in football and basketball. I imagine you're one of those liberals who believe facts are racist. Please return to your safe space.

Anonymous said...

They pardoned Nixon before he was charged with obstruction. I'm sure they are cooking up a scheme, I'm not sure it will work. I think it's a guarantee trump will not be President. Other than that, we are gonna have to wait and see.

Simon said...

Hi anon 9:36 am...I understand that "cosmopolitans" which I always thought was a good word is now a buzz word for Nazis and other white supremacist scum. I thought people like you and The Rebel losers were using the word "lugenpresse" but I guess that's so yesterday, or so 1933, or so obvious. At any rate kindly take a hike, thank you.

Simon said...

Hi anon 4:52...please keep your anti-Semitic canards to yourself. It's not a well known fact that Jews are "proportionally over represented" in the media. And even if they were so what? Do you think that all Jews think alike? That's nothing but Nazi talk and I won't have it on this blog. Kindly take that hateful nonsense to some other place...

Simon said...

Hi anon 10:11 am...I have no idea how this hideous drama is going to end, but I must say I like your scenario. I also believe that Trump is more likely to resign than be impeached. And let's not forget what happened to Gerald Ford after he pardoned Nixon. His political career went into the toilet, and hopefully the same thing would happen to Pence. I'm pretty sure Trump won't destroy the U.S., but I'm almost certain he will destroy the Republican Party....

Simon said...

Hi lagatta....long live Freedonia, land of the brave, and the free, and the Trumpling idiots!!! It's too bad the Marx brothers aren't around to take the piss out of Trump...

Simon said...

HI anon....yes, I should have mentioned that on top of everything else the speech was incredibly boring. I found myself fiddling with my mobile,mane at one point I started dozing off, which I have never done before during a Trump speech. The orange oaf is losing it in more ways than one...

Simon said...

Hi David...thanks for that. I'm very encouraged that more people in Washington are talking about Trump's mental state. I don't want to stigmatize the mentally ill, but the stakes are too high to ignore the question. As you probably know I started comparing Trump to the emperor with no clothes a long time ago, and nothing I've seen has made me change my mind. I shudder to think what might happen if a serious crisis should erupt...

e.a.f. said...

no one is going to win Afghanistan. Its named the graveyard of empires. The people of Afghanistan fight any outsider and when one of those aren't available, they fight with the tribe next door. It has been a country of fight or die for at least 1500 yrs. Trump is too soft to win, even the Russians were too soft to win.

The night Trump went off the deep end? which one? every night he seems to be going off the deep end, now it is agreed some nights are worse than others and certainly the press conference at trump tower and the Phonix convention centre do stand out as a couple of dozzies. However, as much as people call for his resignation or question his sanity, there is no getting rid of him until either his Cabinet, the Senate or House of Representatives gets up and does something. And although some are speaking up, most of the Repbulcians aren't. Trump's bully tactics are working, just like Hitler's did. For that matter Trump has much more in common with the president of Eygpt and Turkey than he does with the other leaders around the world. In my opinion he is a thug, bully, racist, etc. Not material for President of anything much beyond perhaps a crime syndicate, such as Russia.