Saturday, August 19, 2017

The Levant Tapes: Now You Can Be the Judge

It's been two days since a young British videographer, Caolan Robertson, revealed he had secretly recorded a meeting with his former boss Ezra Levant.

And made some shocking allegations about the way Levant runs the ratty Rebel, and what he does with all the money he collects.

Only to have Levant reply by claiming he had been blackmailed.

I told you what my initial impressions of both videos were here.

But now you can make up your own minds.

By listening to a full version of the secretly recorded meeting between Levant, Robertson's producer George Llewelyn-John, and the former English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson, here. 

The meeting between Levant, Llewelyn-John and Robinson is the one that Robertson played excerpts from during his YouTube video. Global News has obtained the full recording, made earlier this month, and is releasing it below. The voices on the recording, which is unverified but appears genuine, align with other voice, video and audio recordings of Levant and Robinson.

After listening to the tape, which is hard to follow because it was made in a very noisy place, I still can't figure out what exactly is going on.

But I do have five questions:

(1) Why would the young videographers hand over the tape and their e-mail exchanges if they were blackmailing Levant and had something to hide?

Llewelyn-John provided e-mails to Global News showing requests made to The Rebel and Teneycke for severance pay, which he said never materialized. “Obviously don’t want to be a bother, just a little disappointed as this was promised to come in with our regular pay yesterday,” he wrote to Teneycke on August 1. Teneycke responded the same day: “Roger that George. I will get it sorted tonight.”

(2) What on earth is Kory Teneycke, Stephen Harper's former flak and a former big boss at Sun TV News, doing working for Ezra Levant?

How low has he fallen, and is he THAT desperate?

(3) Why did Llewelyn George sound so reasonable while Levant sounded like the ugly bully he has always been?

(4) When will that freakish blowhard stop acting like a lowlife thug?

(5) And lastly but not leastly, since something smells really fishy, or really Levant, when is the Canada Revenue Agency going to audit the ratty Rebel?

Sadly, I can't answer any of those questions, but I do have some good news.

Many of the Rebel's followers seem to be voting with their feet...

And letting Levant know what they think of him.

So while I can't predict who will collapse first, Levant or the Rebel.

I am sticking to this prediction...

The Rebel is a dirty bigoted thing.

It's an affront to every decent Canadian.

And it can't die soon enough...


Anonymous said...

Bah the tape is 50 minutes long who's got time to listen to that baloney?

Simon said...

Hi may be long, and it did give me a headache, but how often do you get a chance to listen to the real Ezra Levant. He sounds like such a gangster, and he couldn't be more disgusting...

David said...

Trump asked a reporter to define the "alt-right". She was partway through her response when he interrupted as she was giving John McCain's definition.

Steve Bannon has said is the platform for the alt-right.

Now Levant says Rebel Media is not part of the alt-right.

Would someone like to give a definition of the alt-right?

Found this:

Anonymous said...

This Robertson punk and the EDL hooligan want to start their own millennial hate channel in Rebel's ashes. I can't stand any of them, and think Google needs to clean up the superfund site that is YouTube by kicking all of these troublemakers off the platform. Along with Milo, Red Ice, that Mormon Stepford Wife (whatever her name is) and Canada's own academic bigot Jordan Peterson. Twitter and Facebook need to follow. They need to stop being "neutral arbiters" engaging in bothsiderism who only care about eyeballs and ad dollars and start acknowledging that they are content providers, and they do have a social and moral responsibility to keep this filth out of the mainstream media landscape. If Google banned Daily Stormer, they can tell Ezra and his ilk to take a hike just the same.

Just pray to the eclipse gods that Sinclair Broadcasting, a revitalized Breitbart (Bannon's back in town and he's got nothing to lose), and/or King Rupert don't gobble (Goebbel?) them up and make them even more powerful. Don't forget it was King Rupert who unleashed the unholy hellspawn of Roger Ailes onto the American media landscape. Ailes begot Breitbart, Breitbart begot Bannon and Bannon begot Trump.

They create boogeymen for desperate and isolated people to fear -- and to lash out against. Yoda told us the reason "phobia" means both fear and hate. Fear is the path to the dark side... fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, and hate leads to suffering. There really is an imbalance in the Force right now. It thrives on the Internet and is now a metastatic cancer that's consumed real life.

Anonymous said...

There is no "alt-right" it's just their own P.C. term for what it's always been: white-supremacism. Ezra knows he'll never really be welcomed among the so-called "alt-right" because, lo and behold, they hate Jews. The only reason they temporarily and begrudgingly support (or pretend to support) Israel is as a sort of enemy-of-my-enemy thing against Muslims. In reality, they'd rather both groups be exterminated. This is the policy of Christian Dominionists like Ted Cruz, Mike Pence, and various televangelists: give Israel whatever they need to "mow the lawn" over Palestinians and be at the center of a massive, apocalyptic war in the Holy Land so that Jesus can "come home from college" to "his father's house" in Jerusalem and either convert all the Jews or kill them and banish them forever to hell. The "alt-right" is a stupid Internet meme term for Nazis who smoke weed.

Simon said...

Hi David....I don't care what Levant calls it, nobody can deny that The Rebel is a filthy rag that stirs up hatred for money. Levant could have made it a Con magazine which although it would have been as weird as he is, at least would have been Canadian. But his greed made him want to expand into the U.S. And Britain, and now it's very un-Canadian and it couldn't be more toxic...

Simon said...

Hi anon...I agree with just about everything you say. Robertson and his partner Llewelyn-John, and Tommy Robinson are all right-wing scum, and there are no good guys in this story. And I agree with you, I don't believe that channels that whip up hatred for profit should be on YouTube. I realize that protecting free speech is important, but garbage outlets like the Rebel only normalize hate, and inevitable lead to violence. In my opinion our hate laws are not strong enough, and as a result Canada runs the risk of ending up like the United Stated, poisoned and violent....