Thursday, August 17, 2017

Why Are The Cons Still Riding On The Sinking Rebel?

For weeks even as his ratty Rebel sank slowly beneath his feet, Ezra Levant  desperately flogged tickets for a Caribbean cruise. 

No doubt because he really needed the money to pay for all his legal bills. 

As well as a little sun and fresh air to try to make him forget the sight and the stench, of the skanky Faith Goldy heaping praise on white supremacists and neo-Nazis...

Especially since Goldy's disgusting performance may turn out to be for The Rebel, what the iceberg was to the Titanic.

For first some of the best known members of his scurvy crew, like Brian Lilley, John Robson, and Barbara Kay, jumped off the Rebel, and started swimming for their lives. Or what was left of their reputations. 

And now the self-styled "Rebel Commander" has been hit by another iceberg, or torpedo.

The Norwegian Cruise Line company has decided to give Levant and his gang the hook or the boot, as have so many other businesses.  

And after years of trying to normalize the grubby hate mongers, some in the MSM are starting to wonder whether the Charlottesville fiasco is the beginning of the end of Canada's Rebel Media.

These are (again) tough days for the Rebel Commander. But this time it feels different for Ezra Levant and his Rebel Media because the appalling scene that unfolded in Charlottesville, Va., last weekend, threatens to wash away the house of sand his alternative media site is built upon.

Levant is nothing if not resilient. His following is devoted. He has not been slowed by lawsuits, forced apologies or social media attacks. Such controversy is his oxygen; his crack cocaine.

But if The Rebel is becoming toxic, and there are signs it is, he will not come back this time.

As well as letting Levant know what they think of his absurd claim that The Rebel is not a willing tool of the so-called alt-right...

But despite the wave of revulsion sweeping across Canada, one group of Canadians is refusing to condemn Levant's filthy Rebel, Andrew Scheer's hate mongering Cons.

For while Cons like Michael Chong have vowed never to appear on The Rebel again, and Michelle Rempel seems to be suggesting the same thing.

Even if Rempel's conversion comes a little late, considering the number of times she has appeared on The Rebel to spread her own toxic message...

And seek the fame that continues to elude her.

The sad fact is that although the Cons have made The Rebel their favourite sandbox or sewer, those are the only two Harperites willing to denounce it.

An analysis of the Rebel Media website by Press Progress reveals one-quarter of all Conservative MPs elected in 2015 have previously made appearances on the alt-right website. Contacted by Press Progress, only two Conservative MPs would denounce Rebel Media's activities in Charlottesville.

And this story is even more disturbing.

A statement from the Conservative Party distancing itself from the controversial alt-right Rebel Media has been shown to Andrew Scheer, the party’s leader, but has yet to be released. 

It’s not clear whether Scheer, who has been interviewed by the controversial opinion site on four different occasions, is uncomfortable with the move, or whether the announcement is merely delayed.

For it suggests that Scheer doesn't really want to condemn the Rebel, even though he's spent a lot of time breaking bread with those bigots,

Last November, Scheer sat down with Ezra Levant to talk immigration; then again with host Faith Goldy in February to talk about his opposition to a motion condemning Islamophobia; with Alberta correspondent Sheila Gunn Reid in August; and finally with former correspondent Brian Lilley immediately after winning his bid for the leadership in May.

But then why should we be surprised?

When Scheer could lose at least half his rabid base if he said something nasty about their beloved "Rebel Commander."

He owes the The Rebel sooooooo much, including his job.

Scheer's campaign manager during the 2017 Conservative leadership race was Hamish Marshall – one of Rebel Media's directors.

And as I've pointed out before Scheer is also a right-wing extremist who conceals his sinister views behind a creepy smile.

Even though you can't put lipstick on a record like this one...

Which is in many respects as reactionary as Levant's record, and explains why him and the grubby Rebel Commander are a marriage made in heaven.

Or should I say in view of the latest developments, a marriage made in hell...

Because the ugly truth is that both men need each other, for both are fishing in the same bigot pond.

But the good news is that by embracing Levant, the Cons are also embracing Trump's smelly and thoroughly un-Canadian political philosophy...

The Cons have now branded themselves as the alt-right party, the party of white supremacists and neo-Nazis.

And that will be the death of them.

You know, I've spent years denouncing Levant and his scummy gang of bigots, because I knew that sooner or later they would end up poisoning this country.

So the day that they are finally broken and buried, will be a happy day indeed...


  1. Anonymous10:31 AM

    Looks like the ad for the cruise is still up on their website. Someone might want to let them know it's cancelled.

    1. hi anon...maybe they want to keep it up until they can get a fishing boat or an Ethical Oil tanker to replace the cruise ship... ;)

  2. Good for the Norwegian Cruise Lines to cancel the Rebel cruise but you know Levant is going to turn it around and make himself the victim of another liberal, lefty, antifa plot to suppress free speech. The rats who have jumped ship so far only did so because something really bad finally happened during one of their disgusting rallies and the knives are out. I don't buy for one second Lilley's BS statement, he was fully engaged and complicit in the activities and point of view of the Rebel. And Levant's "staff memo" is a joke. It only takes a cursory glance at the site and especially the comments section to see how toxic it and its readers are. Even now, his devoted readers are defending the Rebel and turning on Lilley and the others labelling them essentially traitors to the cause.

    But this is not surprising as they do this with every right wing journalist or pundit who says something reasonable or who questions one of their heroes. If you don't stay on the narrative you're a CINO or RINO or a traitorous lefty who needs to be brought down hard. We saw this with Megan Kelly last year after a Republican debate, Sam Shepard and Charles Krauthammer, also at Fox, who are critical of Trump, Michael Coren when he agreed with the changes to the Ontario Sex Ed curriculum, and now Lilley and others. They aren't interested in reason, facts or anything other than the espousing of their ideology facts be damned.

    I see that Bannon denounced white supremacists yesterday in an interview but Breitbart has completely ignored the story. No surprise there as one look into the comments section of that site is a cesspool of white nationalism, bigotry and conspiracy theories.

    1. hi Joe...yes, I think you summed up the situation very well. This whole situation is floating in a sea of hypocrisy. I heard a rumour that Lilley and Levant were arguing over the amount of money Levant was paying himself, so I would take what Lilley says with a grain of salt. And anybody who worked at The Rebel would know the place has been a sewer of bigotry for a long long time. I've been reading the comments in Levant's rag and I can't believe how many of his readers still think he's god's gift to humankind, instead of a cheap hustler. It's like a cult and deeply disturbing...

  3. Anonymous1:28 PM

    And now he's saying he was blackmailed by two gay men.

    1. hi anon...yes I saw that and will do a post on it, because the allegations by the former employee Caolan Robertson have the potential to bring down The Rebel....

  4. but the ship wont sail. Will the crew loose money, can they immigrate to cut conservative hedges?

    1. hi problem, if they can't rent an Ethical Oil tanker, they can get an amphibious bus to take them around the Caribbean. I would love to see that, especially since it is the hurricane season... ;)

  5. e.a.f.11:32 PM

    This weekend in Vancouver, B.C. the hate groups which support racism, etc. are planning a "gathering" at City Hall. My opinion, I think the Rebel will survive, under ground. We are not as "civilized" as we would like to think we are. Racism is alive and well in Canada. We have only to look at some of the reactions to Haitian refugees coming in through Quebec from the U.S.A.

    If politicians continue to appear on the Rebel and I think they will, they will continue to survive. they may be in "hiding" for awhile after Charlotteville, but they will be back, unfortunately.

    Racism in our country is still alive and well and its not going away. We have only to look at how the police forces treat people of colour or treat their deaths. Unfortunately there will always be a "place" for idiots who support the free speech of the Rebel. They will hide behind anything they can grab on to. Right now its "free speech". Well that "free speech" is not free. It came at a great cost to others and its not free for the people who it negatively impacts.

  6. hi e.a.f....I don't doubt The Rebel will survive, unless Levant is arrested for fraud. But it will never be what it once was. Its brand has been finally tarnished beyond repair, and finding advertising dollars won't be easy. As for that rally in Vancouver, it is another example that racism is indeed alive in Canada. Trump is fuelling a racist wave in this country and we've got to make sure it doesn't spread or our peaceful kingdom could become a nightmare....