Friday, August 04, 2017

Donald Trump and the Mueller Moment of Truth

He is the man Donald Trump fears the most, the man who keeps him awake at night.

Robert Mueller, the man investigating the Trump mob. 

The man who could nail his family, bounce him out of power, and make him look like the biggest loser EVER.

And yesterday Trump's nightmare became even more real. 

The Ice Man cometh.

Special counsel Robert S. Mueller III began using a grand jury in federal court in Washington several weeks ago as part of his investigation of possible coordination between the Kremlin and the Trump campaign, according to two people familiar with the inquiry. 

The development is a sign that investigators continue to aggressively gather evidence in the case, and that Mueller is taking full control of a probe that predated him.

And at a rally in West Virginia last night, Trump never sounded more desperate, or more dangerous... 

For those are the desperate words of a cornered Con man. 

And those of a dangerous demagogue who would set America on fire to try to save himself...

Maybe even blow up the world, so massive is his ego.

And what if Tony Burman is right? Now we know how the Trump presidency is going to end. 

Has the time come to ask whether we will SURVIVE?   

How will the Donald Trump presidency end? It will end badly, so let me count the ways: 

1. America is hurtling towards a constitutional crisis that will rock its institutions to the core. 

2. Its president and his business empire will soon be exposed as beholden to Russian oligarchs and mobsters. 

3. Trump will try to fire special counsel Robert Mueller to prevent this from becoming known, but Congress will intervene. 

4. His only remaining hope will be a 9/11-scale disaster or contrived war that he can exploit.

What if Garry Unger is right?

“Whether Trump knew it or not, Russian mobsters and corrupt oligarchs used his properties not only to launder vast sums of money from extortion, drugs, gambling and racketeering, but even as a base of operations for their criminal activities. In the process, they propped up Trump’s business and enabled him to reinvent his image. Without the Russian mafia, it is fair to say, Donald Trump would not be president of the United States.”

And what is Trump? A crook, a traitor, or a maniac? 

Or all of the above?

Does anyone doubt that he will fight like a rabid animal to save himself? 

Like a cornered rat, he will fight to protect his interests. In every conceivable way, he will work to stop Mueller’s probe, to challenge Congress if it intervenes, to undermine the press and judiciary if they get in the way and — yes — even to engage in reckless military adventures if he thought that would strengthen his position. 

Or doubt that the moment of truth is fast approaching.

This next stage of this Trump story will no longer be a diverting reality show. It will be the moment when Americans — and the rest of us — will learn if U.S. democracy is strong enough to stop him.

Will it be fascism? Will it be revolution? Will we survive?

Support the Great American Resistance.

Help destroy Trump and his murderous zombies.

Before they kill us all...


  1. Anonymous8:11 AM

    He would start a nuclear war to save his sorry and fat ass. That is why the Generals are all there. There will be a coup if he tries to nuke anyone.
    Normally I'd be against so many Generals near the levers of power, but I can clearly see that they are our fail safe against anything catastrophic.

    1. hi's frightening to admit it, but I think you're right. Those generals probably are our best defence against Trump. His rabid base is trying to get rid of his national security adviser Gen. McMaster. Let's hope they don't succeed or we'll be in real trouble...

    2. Anonymous11:21 AM

      McMaster is a brilliant and decent man. It was a great day when he replaced the traitor Flynn.

  2. Anonymous8:37 AM

    During the speech, the Democrat governor of West Virginia, Jim Justice, announced that he was switching to the Republican party.

    Funny how you left that detail out Simon. I know you love to cherry pick information that suits your agenda but come on now be fair.

    1. Anonymous1:25 PM

      Anon 8:37 - You forgot to mention that Justice sold his coal mines to Russian interests for 600 million in 2012 and recently bought those same mines back for 5 million. He is now under suspicion of money laundering. Maybe criminals feel there's safety in numbers? The swamp keeps growing.

      mr perfect

    2. hi anon 8:37 am...I did read something about the Democratic governor going over to Trump. But even though his name is Jim or Jimbo Justice, he won't save Trump from Mueller, so why would I even mention it? Try to focus on the big picture, because it's getting uglier and uglier....

  3. The surprising thing here is the speed at which the investigation is moving. Not long ago pundits were predicting an investigation lasting through the 2020 election. It seems that Trump's right wing entitlement has revealed low hanging fruit.

    1. hi rumleyfips...yes, I'm also encouraged by the speed at which the investigation is moving. It suggests at least two things:
      One ,there is so much corruption in the Trump swamp it's like shooting fish in a barrel. And two, like so many others Mueller knows if he doesn't stop Trump quickly, he could blow us all up...

  4. If Subpoenaed By Grand Jury, Will Donald Trump Take The Fifth?

    Why Is Donald Trump So Afraid Of Vladimir Putin?

    Video Archive: The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell | MSNBC

  5. Anonymous9:59 PM

    Tick-Tock ... who will get there first, Trump or the Doomsday clock?

    1. hi RT...thanks for being so cheery. Not. Let's hope time runs out for Trump before it runs out for the world. I figure at this time our chances are fifty-fifty...

  6. I'm very frightened that he will use the mess in Venezuela to send in the Marines.

    Sad looking at the people in the crowd. Obviously poor, aged beyond their years, and nothing but their whiteness to tie them to that creep.

    1. hi lagatta...yes I am too. He needs a war, and for him there would be nothing better than invading another country with oil. If you remember he recently wondered whether there was any way to grab Iraq's oil. As for his supporters I too find them a little sad. Try watching that video with the sound muted, and their desperate desire to believe he will save them is even more apparent...