Monday, August 28, 2017

Andrew Scheer and The Rebel Ties That Bind

As we all know, Andrew Scheer has vowed not to grant more interviews to Ezra Levant's hate mongering Rebel until it changes its "editorial direction."

Whatever that means.

But after having spent so much time with the Rebel, and after having one of Levant's flunkies run his Con leadership campaign, severing the ties that bind isn't easy.

So one moment he's Mr Positive, or Mr Cheery Scheery, whooping it up with Jason Kenney.

The next moment he's Mr Darkness.

And sounding like Levant himself.

Trying to whip up hatred against refugee claimants or asylum seekers, for crass political purposes.

While his Cons refuse to say whether they'll let the Rebel keep selling their ghastly swag at CPC events. 

The Conservative party sold space in the corridors outside each of its last two conventions to the Rebel — in Vancouver in 2016 and at the leadership convention last May from which Scheer emerged the victor — so the outlet could set up a booth to promote its incendiary brand of conservatism and sell its wares to delegates.

Among the items on sale at the leadership event were T-shirts emblazoned with "I Believe in the Separation of Mosque and State" and a book by Rebel contributor Lauren Southern entitled "Barbarians: How Baby Boomers, Immigrants and Islam Screwed My Generation."

Conservative party spokesman Cory Hann did not respond Friday when asked if the Rebel would be allowed to set up booths at future party events.

As Faith Goldy, Scheer's favourite Rebel, is doing here...

But while the Liberals call for this trade with hate mongers to end. 

Scheer is doubling down on his vow to force universities to allow hate mongers to peddle their wares to students.  

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer said "extreme examples," like the University of Toronto's telling a white nationalist group it doesn't have permission to hold a rally on campus, shouldn't be used to detract from his promise to halt federal funding to universities that fail to uphold free speech. 

 "I won't allow kind of those extreme examples to be used as a justification for what's going on campuses here in Canada," Scheer said responding to a question about the Toronto incident and the removal of controversial monuments.

And still refusing to say why most Cons, haven't denounced Levant and his hate mongers, or why those who did slap them with a wet noodle, took so long. 

Despite the fact that The Rebel's editorial bread and butter is an endless stream of seething, paranoid invective toward Muslims – with snarky slams at women thrown in – little besides headlining at Rebel events has been remarked upon by Conservative Party faithful.

Ms. Goldy's video, White Genocide in Canada?, warning that white Canadians are being "replaced," came out on The Rebel in May, virtually unremarked-upon. Star Rebel contributor Gavin McInnes's hateful anti-semitic rants of this past March were largely given a pass as "satire." (Literal pro-tip: They're not.) Yet shortly after winning the leadership race, Andrew Scheer granted an interview to The Rebel. His campaign manager, Hamish Marshall, served on the Rebel's board until stepping down just last week.

And as Heather Mallick points out, at a time when Donald Trump is poisoning his country, Scheer, the Rebel, and other right-wingers are trying to do the same thing in Canada.

The more American social norms stretch, the more I love Canadian ones, but then along came Levant and the CBC online commenters to make me doubt my nation. Along comes Conservative leader Andrew Scheer dog-whistling against Haitians crossing our border in preparation for Trump sending them back to Haiti. 

Canadians are very rule-based. They line up well. They get most irate about... parking. It’s fear of events getting out of control that would trouble them.

So Scheer is poking us with a stick. He is criticizing Ottawa but not saying what he would do instead, a trick that reveals his contempt for his own voters. He is doing a Trump and roiling the base. How base will the base turn out to be?

That poison is spreading. 

Police arrested two people Saturday during the largest protest in recent memory in London, Ont., which pitted anti-Islam groups against counter-protesters. 

A group called the Patriots of Canada Against the Islamization of the West (PEGIDA) had organized the rally on social media. Other far-right groups — including one called the Three Per Cent — had supporters there. They were wearing camouflage and black flak jackets.

And it's time to send a message to Scheer, and Levant, and all those other fascist goons.

Canada is NOT Trump's America.

Stop playing your dirty racist games, before you take this country to a very dark place...


Anonymous said...

Good, good. Let the hate flow. You will suffer under Scheer as we have had to suffer under Trudeau.

Anonymous said...

And there he is, another right winger making threats to those of us who don't drink his urine laced koolaid: "Just wait until we get back in power, you'll be sorry!" Believe in democracy much? Not anon 9:32. You're not suffering one iota keyboard warrior under Trudeau. You also don't frighten anyone. Stay in your dark place, cockroach.

mr perfect

Anonymous said...

Prime Minister Scheer??? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ya sounds as ridiculous as President Trump. Oh wait...

luceforma said...

the whole country suffered under harpie-the-stevie.
we are much better now, thank you, even though we are daily reminded of the way the Cons F up this country - Khadr, Duffy, the environment, etc.
never Conada again!!!

btw... the hapless sheer as PM?
pshaaa.. the conservatives have not had a leader since mulroney and have had zero happening on that front since.
have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

Don't count it out. Nobody thought "President Trump" would ever be a thing. Especially with ol' Vlad The Impaler Poutine having a vendetta against Chrystia Freeland and salivating over all that oil in the prairies. Even if he makes no direct gains from destabilizing already fragile Western democracies, his goal is to simply destroy the West, period. He's succeeded with the USA and is having mixed results with the EU. But Brexit already rocked Britain, Macron is struggling, and Merkel won't be around forever to hold the ship together. Southern Europe is a mess; the Scandis are toast if he gets any stronger, and the former Eastern Bloc is already ideologically aligned with Russia.

Canada is separated from Russia only by Alaska and the Bering Strait (or, by default, the world's longest undefended border with a de facto Kremlin-run oblast). They're next on his hit list. Not to mention, Vlad is a rabid hater of both Muslims and LGBT (which is why conservatives love Russia now). Pictures of Trudeau welcoming refugees, hosting Malala as an honored guest in Parliament, and marching at Pride incense him.

Scheer comes across as a blithering moron but, then, so did Trump. And we know how much both of them (if not cons in general) "love the poorly educated." There's Trudeau's trifecta. He's an enemy of the "regular folks" because, horror of horrors, he held a position as a fifth-column subversive -- a schoolteacher.

We can't put anything past the corrupt and dangerous cons who will stop at nothing and even cheat to win.

May the Force be with Obi-Wan Trudobi. He's our only hope.

Anonymous said...

Who's "we"? Harper put all the eggs in the petroleum basket and crashed the economy. First and worst administration to be held in contempt of parliament. He makes MacDonald look like a saint and Mulroney look competent. You mean you have to "suffer" the unbearable indignity of -- oh noes! -- people with complexions darker than the pure driven snow in NWT coming in (in many cases fleeing unfathomable destruction and desperation of their homelands), building homes and families, and contributing to society, while you sit in mom's basement and play with your fidget spinner as Lauren Southern and Faith Goldy spew vomitous crap in Rebel Media's award-winning production of "Two Nazi Girls, One Cup"?

You "suffer" because the PM marches at an event meant to celebrate people who were unfairly and brutally marginalized for who they love and who they are? Maybe you "suffer" because senpai Justin won't notice you and you're jealous of Sophie? Are you and Ezra part of the Trudeau Haters Book Club, sharing the same copy of "Common Ground" with the pages stuck together?

I have so many words that I could use for a storm trooper such as yourself, Anon 9:32, but they're not exactly suitable for polite company. I will say, however, that Trudeau père could be blunt and feisty at times, to say the least, and communicated my sentiments towards your type very well in nonverbal sign language once upon a time. It was called the Salmon Arm Salute. Or just, "fuddle duddle."

Jay Farquharson said...

18 neo-Nazi's showed up to protest in Vancouver, all but three had to travel hundreds to thousands of miles from outside BC, to attend.

4500 Vancouverites showed up to counterprotest, and had a block party.

Their online activities as trolls and lutz clowns, and their thousands of Russian FSS bots, make the neo-Nazi's appear to be a horde, but it's just amplification.

Meanwhile, the Con's and conservatives are climbing in bed with the neo-Nazi's and Russian FSS, and will wear that taint in the next election.

Anonymous said...

"Even if he makes no direct gains from destabilizing already fragile Western democracies, his goal is to simply destroy the West, period."

Really? That's what's destabilizing the west? And here I was thinking it was the mass Muslim migration into Europe and all of the terrorist attacks.

Putin is the last hope for western civilization (besides Trump). And that's why conservatives love Russia now.

Anonymous said...

Oh like when papa Trudeau was tooling around on motorcycle with a German helmet in the dark days of 1940?

The elder Trudeau sure knew how to 'deal' with real Nazis, didn't he?

Anonymous said...

Putin the last hope for western civilization? The you better fuck off to Russia immediately, you racist prick.

mr perfect

Anonymous said...

Gee Anon 5:01, how many Islamist terror attacks has Trudeau presided over versus his predecessor? Try 0, compared to the Toronto 18 and Parliament Hill shooting. You ever think that maybe this is because he treats them like human beings and they see that they are not being marginalized for peaceful applications of their faith (any religion can be warped for evil, look at Westboro Baptist and the Zionist kook who killed Rabin in Israel because he dared make any concessions to the Palestinians) but welcomed as equals in Canadian society? How many terrorist attacks did Naheed Nenshi commit? Malala Yousafzai? Nazem Kadri of the Maple Leafs?

Now count how many neo-Nazi groups have flourished under Trudeau because they don't like having to share space with despondent refugees or gay people (which puts them ideologically equal to ISIS). Six innocent Muslims were killed during Friday evening prayers at their mosque by an FLQ wannabe punk who was radicalized by -- wait for it -- Rebel Media, Marine le Pen, and Donald Trump.

If anyone is deserving of a barbaric practices hotline (boy am I glad Leech the Screech is out of the limelight at last), it's Soldiers of Odin, Gavin McAnus' "Proud Boys" who harassed First Nations kids demonstrating peacefully at a statue of Lord Halifax, and all the other white-supremacists who can't stand Justin and wish death on him and everyone in his family because -- horror of horrors -- he's a nice guy.

Trudeau is the last hope for Western civilization. In case you haven't noticed, Trump couldn't be damned to pay any heed to the Texas hurricane victims other than "good luck" and "we should build the wall to keep Mexicans and flood waters out!" Trump is bankrupting the U.S. with his stupid daily trips to his golf courses alone, let alone all the companies he's driving away with his hateful rhetoric (and off to Canada, how about that), his and Congress' incompetency with the budget, you name it. Now he wants to go ahead and tear up NAFTA because he didn't get what he wants (which he doesn't even know other than more fawning applause from his stupid WWE base). Conservatives love Russia because Putin is a hateful, crooked thug who sells off the country to the highest bidder and then silences those who dare speak out about it, just like their beloved Trump.

When the dust settles, Trumpmerica is going to be the one in need of a Marshall Plan, and it'll be Canada, the E.U., and probably even Mexico who pull together to bail us out. Just like Mexico is sending aid to Texas and the Canadians gave stranded 9/11 passengers shelter a la Come From Away.

Trump fuddle-duddled bigly. Nothing to do with Muslims and everything to do with corrupt conservative crooks.

Anonymous said...

Some 14 years ago the mainstream Conservative party of Canada made a faustian pact with the Reform group of wing nuts to bolster membership. By keeping the old brand name and piggybacking on the fear and destruction fueled by failed US foreign policy they rode into a position of temporary political power. However that was then and they are now facing a major political schism. The Reformers are vocal but don't have enough political clout to win an election therefore the Con party has to fish in the mainstream political pool for additional support. This doesn't work as long as they are spouting Reform nonsense. Faced with this dilemma their response is to codify the nonsense so that mainstream supporters hear one thing such as "free speech on campus" but with the help of a third party translator the Reformers hear their party is fighting for the right to expound all of the hate they can muster whether its abortion supporters are all murders or certain religious groups are all terrorists. Unfortunately the wing nuts don't understand code so the Cons need a media outlet like the Rebel to keep them on board and fired up by translating it for them. Its a sticky situation but necessary as long as the main population doesn't drink to much piss laced Kool Aid.
Its good to see that tech giants such as Google are stepping up and although they are not censoring quasi hate speech they are making the piss bowl harder to disguise as a normal beverage, find, sponsor and amplify.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Russia, 4 times the population of Canada yet with a lower gdp. Where people are so bored and poor they poison themselves with bootleg vodka, they cannot even afford the real stuff. I recently heard people are starting to cut staples like meat and fish out of their diet. Now if you want to endure all this just so you can have a faux tough big daddy dictator to make you feel safe from the skeery gays and Muslims, by all means, please give up your comfy Canadian lifestyle and move to that criminal shithole and leave us be.

Simon said...

hi anon 9:32 seem to be confused about a few things, so let me set you straight. I'm not for hate, I'm against it. I don't hate people for who they are, like your side does, I hate people for what they do. And in that regard the notion that you are suffering under Justin Trudeau, like Canadians had to suffer under Stephen Harper, is absolute nonsense. Trudeau has treated you with kid gloves despite all the death threats your side has aimed at him, and at other decent politicians like Rachel Notley. And I should add, at humble bloggers like me. So please spare me your crocodile tears, try to be a better person, and as for prime minister Scheer, good luck or sweet dreams with that one...

Simon said...

hi Jay...thanks for reminding me of that great block party in Vancouver. I was really impressed by my brothers and sisters in that city. And I only wish I could have seen that small neo-Nazi posse scuttling back to the Roach Motel they came from. And what you say seems to be true all over the place. The fascists make a lot of noise, and dress up in fancy costumes, but wherever they go they are seriously outnumbered by our side.
Which as you point out, only makes the way the Cons court them look even more ridiculous. Once I was worried that the post-Harper Cons might be able to reinvent themselves, but not any longer....

Simon said...

hi RT...yes, you're right about the Cons being forced to speak in code. And that what you and I understand about free speech, means something completely different for the Con's rabid base. Which is why Scheer seems to have made it his number one issue. It is his dogwhistle and he does need the Rebel to amplify it for him.I find it all very weird, and the way the Trumpian Cons of today talk reminds of the Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Who are they, and where did those pods come from?

Simon said...

hi anon 4:02...Obi-Wan Trudobi? I like it. May the Force be with us. And whatever the Cons or the Trumpkins say about Trudeau he's at least ten times better and more decent than any of them...

Simon said...

hi Mr Perfect...I can truthfully say that in all the years I have been blogging, I have never received so many vile comments and death threats veiled or not. Most of them are so vile they can't be published. Those Nazis think they can intimidate us. How wrong they are...

John B. said...

Governor Edward Cornwallis.

lagatta à montréal said...

The mosque killer was right-wing; you can compare him to the FLQ for illegal terrorist acts including homIcide, but they were not of the same political orientation. The FLQ was explicitly anticapitalist and anti-imperialist; its very name was chosen to echo those of the national liberation fronts in Algeria and Vietnam.

Note: I'm not saying that to defend the FLQ.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't surprise me Simon, these internet sweethearts/tough guys hate the way you challenge them and their medieval beliefs. I don't agree with you on everything Trudeau but out of respect for you I don't debate you here on your blog. It's more important you continue to post about these cretin's misdeeds because you would be the first one they come for if they gained power. I support you and salute you. Never again.

mr perfect