Thursday, August 03, 2017

Donald Trump and the Children's Hour

As you know, the other day Donald Trump was quoted as calling the White House a "real dump." 

But now that he's at General Kelly's Tough Love School he's denying it.

And to prove how much he loves the place he's going to extraordinary lengths.

By accepting an invitation from a 10-year-old to mow the Rose Garden lawn.

A 10-year-old boy named Frank wrote President Donald Trump to offer his lawn mowing services "at no charge" -- and we all know the President loves a good deal.

Sanders said she spoke with the President and not only did he want to pass along the message to Frank that he's "doing a great job," but he also wanted to invite Frank to the White House to cut the grass in the famous Rose Garden. 

Sanders added, "it's our responsibility to keep the American dream alive for kids like Frank."

Only a few days after his hapless press secretary read out another letter from another Trump fan, a 9-year-old called "Pickle."

“My name is Dylan but every body calls me Pickle,” Wednesday’s letter began, read by spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders from her podium. “I’m 9 years old and you are my favrit president. I like you so much I had a birthday about you. My cake was the shap of your hat.”

And although at first reporters were sceptical about whether Pickle really existed, since as we all know Trump lies like a thief. 

And there were some suspicious circumstances.

Donald Trump Jr. had once told the New York Post that he’d kept a doll from childhood named Captain Pickle.

The president's son is after all on his mind a LOT these days.

And it seemed hard to believe that even a nine-year-old could spell THAT badly.

But the boy, unlike so many things in the Trump White House, or in Trump's mind, turned out NOT to be fake.

And as his mother SueAnne made clear, he does love the Orange Oaf, and she's only too happy to indulge him.

When Pickle asked for “a Donald Trump suit” for his birthday, she bought him one, and when he asked for “a Donald Trump cake,” she made him one herself, because she couldn’t find a bakery willing and able to do it. 

 “Do you think Donald Trump will live to be 100?” he asked her one day. She told him she didn’t know, and asked why he was asking. “Because then he can watch me be president,” Pickle told her.

Because what mother wouldn't indulge her child's love for a pussy grabbing lying bully pervert?

And the good news?

Frank may want to mow his lawn, or his hair. And Pickle may want to be like him one day.

But luckily most adults in America don't share that infatuation, and Trump's approval ratings have never been lower.

Just 33% of American voters approve of how President Donald Trump is performing as president, a new Quinnipiac University poll has found.

Sixty-one percent of respondents say they disapprove of the President's performance, with 55% of people saying they strongly disapprove -- the highest share of respondents yet.

And even many Republicans are abandoning him.

Trump's numbers declined more among Republicans than they did among Democrats, who had already viewed the President unfavorably. In late June, 84% of Republicans approved of Trump's performance -- now, 76% of Republicans say the same. Seventeen percent of Republicans now say they disapprove of the way Trump is performing in the job.

Which explains why Trump was sounding so bitter this morning...

Because he wanted Putin to be his best friend ever, and that's clearly NOT going to happen...

Yup. And what else can I say?

Except what I've said before.

Donald Trump is America's ugly child president.

And you know where he's going...


Anonymous said...

Mueller is gonna fix this shit and it's gonna be beautiful.

Anonymous said...

*Sigh* Another day, another Trump is going to jail post from Simon. You know, if you just hit copy and paste you'd save a whole lot of time.

Anonymous said...

@anon3:15 Simon is the most creative blogger in our political blogosphere, so while his message may be consistent (and shared by millions) he never says it the same way. If you were as honest as he is, you would also recognize that Trump is heading for a very bad place.

rumleyfips said...

The Grand Jury is ominous. Maybe Trump will cooperate, convict himself then pardon himself then it will all be unicorn farts at the ruble laundromat.

Steve said...

A Grand Jury will indict a ham sandwhich. Trump Jr should be binge watching OITNB.

Simon said...

hi anon...I don't drink, but when I hear the words "Mueller time !!!" I just might start... ;)

Simon said...

hi anon...I'm not surprised you're sighing. If I was a Trumpkin I would be too. It's looking awfully bleak isn't it? Trump is melting like a block of butter in a pan. So maybe I am a bit repetitive, but what can I and about 250 millions others say? Trump is falling apart and all roads lead to the pen...

Simon said...

hi anon...thank you for defending me from that annoying Trumpkin, and for your kind words. I don't think we can change his mind, but it's our humanitarian duty to try. They can't believe their Great Leader is going down after only six months. And if we don't try to console them they'll be jumping out of buildings....

Simon said...

hi rumleyfips...yes, the shadow of the Grand Jury is enough to make Trump tremble like a jelly, or want to flee the country. He's making a huge mistake by alienating his own supporters. He's heading for the memory hole, and we're all in for the ride of our lives...

David said...

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