Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Professional Bigotry of Ezra Levant

When Ezra Levant organized an anti-carbon tax rally on the steps of the Alberta legislature last Sunday, he was no doubt hoping it would make him a force to be reckoned with in that province, and a ton of money.

Not necessarily in that order.

But as we all know it all went horribly wrong, when Chris Alexander managed to inflame the Rebel mob into chanting "lock her up, lock her up."

And Levant's ugly rally was condemned by decent people all over Canada.

So now the self styled "Rebel Commander" is furious.

Claiming the chant was just a "joke,"

Lashing out at the media AND his own Cons for dumping all over his nasty little show.

And as this excerpt from one of his latest diatribes demonstrates, clearly going off the deep end...

Claiming that his supporters are the real victims not Rachel Notley. 

And that he's not going to try to stop his Rebel mob from chanting those ugly words at a similar rally in Calgary today.

Conservative provocateur Ezra Levant says he won’t tell people attending an anti-carbon tax rally in Calgary on Sunday what they can chant, despite the controversy over cries of “lock her up” aimed at Premier Rachel Notley at last weekend’s event in Edmonton. 

Asked in an interview Thursday if the “lock her up” chant would be discouraged or encouraged, Levant replied that “you better get a good seat if you want an answer to that question.”

Which of course is no surprise, since he has been demonizing the decent Rachel Notley in a most bestial manner ever since she was elected Premier.

And that professional bigot is already flogging this t-shirt at his ratty Rebel shop...

And like Kellie Leitch and other Cons, is now also channelling Donald Trump and importing his racist and xenophobic filth into our country. 

But despite that, his rally today will be attended by a long list of the usual suspects. Kellie Leitch will be there, and Chris Alexander will be addressing the Rebel mob. 


And while I can see the comic possibilities, the media will cover them and by so doing help normalize an Ezra Levant production, which should never be normalized.

For obvious reasons...

Not unless we want to encourage a man who has made bigotry his business. 

Or see our peaceful country torn apart by racism and xenophobia, like the U.S. and so many European countries.

In these dark times we need that like a hole in the head.

And yes, as I have said for years, if we had proper hate laws in this country like they have in Britain.

Our shabby professional bigot would have been locked up long ago...


John B. said...

How about just once one of these rebels who professes to be a representative of the "right" doesn't label everyone who doesn't share his views as a lefty.

the salamander said...

.. steer clear .. of the Ezra debacle Simon .. Fight or support the battles you can win .. promote exemplars.. Of course its admirable to identify toxic 'politics' & ideologies or scumbags.. but Canadians benefit from identifying exemplars & their ideas or actions.. we gain nothing from wading into or dithering by the toxic cesspools of partisan freak shows or repeating their poison message - Don't feed the trolls is good advice - though its so tempting

Anonymous said...

Any of those meatheads that are dumb enough to waste $25.00 on the bigot's shirts or to donate to his bigot website reminds me of the timeless phrase "a fool and their money are soon parted". Save your money you fools or better yet, donate it to a charity that actually helps people affected by the oil crash that your provincial and federal Cons failed to see coming and had no plan B to go to in such an event.
I can't wait to see triple K Kellie's response if they do start chanting "lock her up". Will she try to calm the masses or will the choir suddenly have a Donald Duck-esque voice join in?

Anonymous said...

The fact that Levant is able to finance his orgy of hate with other people's money proves the economy must be more robust than we think.

Where do people find money to throw away like that? Please if you have unused money lying around the house don't light it on fire by giving it to this hate-monger. Donate the money to a local food bank or homeless shelter. That way you can be sure your money has utility for the benefit of others.

Do something positive with your donation instead of contributing to negativity. There is enough suffering and hate in the world.

st hate

Anonymous said...

It's just a joke! All in good fun! Hahaha!... but seriously lock her up, she's a pinko commie who probably eats babies.

What actually makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end is that this garbage is actually getting the support of elected officials. Any ignoramus can get a few drunken yahoos outside waving placards and chanting awful things, but an elected Member of Parliament letting this kind of thing pass is just beyond the pale. Of course the Cons wouldn't do anything to chastise their own, but isn't there something the Liberals in parliament can do to call out this behaviour in an official capacity?

Leitch and Alexander should be condemned for giving this nonsense the time of day, let alone attending in person. This is not something you see liberals (small "l" or big) do.