Monday, December 05, 2016

Chris Alexander and the Ezra Levant Freak Show

As you may know, the story of Chris Alexander has always reminded me of the Oscar Wilde story The Picture of Dorian Gray.

Where the portrait of the once promising young diplomat morphs into something monstrous, after he sells his soul to Stephen Harper.

Well yesterday that portrait became even uglier, if that's possible.

After Alexander disgraced himself again.

When as he attacked Rachel Notley at a rally on the steps of the Alberta legislature, the crowd started chanting "lock her up," and he did nothing to discourage them...

But did later claim that the chant made him "uncomfortable." 

Federal Conservative leadership hopeful Chris Alexander said he felt "uncomfortable" during a rally at the Alberta Legislature this weekend as the crowd chanted "lock her up" in response to his comments about Premier Rachel Notley's leadership.

And even though he can be seen in the video nodding and smiling, and moving a pointy finger up and down like an orchestra conductor, he also claimed that he was only wearing that devilish smirk because he was thinking. 

"It was not something I initiated, it was not something I said at any point and it's not something I agree with. I was smiling because I was trying to think of a way to change the chant." 

Which couldn't be more outrageous or hilarious...

When what Alexander should have said is that in this country we vote people out not lock them up.

And what he also should have been uncomfortable about, is attending that foul rally or freak show...

Which was packed with bigots.

And larded with crackpots.

Among the other speakers at the rally was Bernard (the Roughneck) Hancock, the oil rig worker who went to Parliament Hill to deliver a speech in September. Hancock spoke to the rally, asking supporters if they knew anyone who was a "computer hacker."

"I know there's a bunch of stuff they can dig up on what's going on in that building," he said Saturday, pointing to the Alberta Legislature building. "We need their help."

One that couldn't have looked and sounded more like a Donald Trump rally.

And to make matters even more sordid, was organized by the sleazy bigot Ezra Levant...

Who is clearly hoping that Trump's victory will make hate mongering more profitable in this country.

And has a "Big Plan" to expand his ratty Rebel into something grander. 

I’ve got a big plan that I’ve been working on for a year now, and I’m ready to tell you about it. Because I want to ask you if you agree with my big plan, and if you want to help me do it. 

The big plan is to take our channel,, and turn it into the largest, most influential news media outlet in Canada.

Or at least another big plan to beg his supporters to send him more money...

Which judging from the comments, isn't being well received by some of his not so faithful viewers...

So much for the Big Plan, and Ezra Levant's delusions of grandeur.

And so much for Chris Alexander, who somehow always manages to be associated with the scummiest people in this country.

A flyer with the title "Unnecessary Immigration is Destroying Canada" was distributed at the rally. The flyer is supported by the Immigration Watch Canada organization and said Canadians should band together and stop unnecessary immigration.

The racists and xenophobes he once used to encourage.

And can now join the ones running for the leadership of the Trump Party...

And take on Kellie Leitch his old partner from the Cultural Barbarism Show.

While the decent people in this country are left to wonder how low can the Cons go?

How soon can we remove that Trumpling tumour from the Canadian body politic? 

And of course, how long must we wait before the grotesque Ezra Levant is charged with stirring up hate?

And sent to the place he belongs...


  1. Anonymous11:13 AM

    Looks like Ezra has already raised 86 thousand. Pushing half a million subscribers on YouTube. Like him or not, the rebel is becoming more and more popular.


    1. Nearly half a million subscribers is not to be taken lightly. But are there enough bigots in Canada to elect Ezra Levant as our next Prime Minister???

    2. hi MC...I don't believe those numbers. That seem a little high.

      Where did you get yours from Ezra Levant or Alex Jones?

      My impression is his show is tanking. He may have collected a fair amount of subscriptions this year, but I doubt he'll collect as many next year.

      And let's say it like it is: the man is a professional bigot, and The Rebel is garbage.

    3. Anonymous9:03 PM

      Calling for Levant to be locked up as a response to the unplanned chants of 3000 unemployed Albertans is hilarious.

  2. Anonymous12:20 PM

    "The big plan is to take our channel,, and turn it into the largest, most influential news media outlet in Canada."
    That's funny. If Ezra thinks that'll ever happen then he needs to be locked up alright, in the loony bin.

    1. hi JD...yes that was my reaction too, after I had stopped laughing. But you know, that shabby professional bigot will say anything to get people to send him money. I simply can't understand why the MSM insists on trying to normalize him. His message is not normal, and he's absolutely disgusting...

  3. Lulymay1:04 PM

    Not surprised to see the Gullibillies acting up in Alabamberta! or maybe they were the Gullibullies, eh. Come to think of it they're probably one and the same. So freaking original, doesn't it just make your heart sing...

    1. hi Lulymay...yes, it's horrible what is happening in Alberta. The economic catastrophe, and the very real human suffering, is proving to be a breeding ground for bigotry and extremist behaviour. And you can be sure that if Jason Kenney ever becomes premier it will only get worse...

  4. Anonymous3:27 PM

    Forget the carbon tax. This shows we need an oxygen tax.

    1. hi anon...are you suggesting that Chris Alexander wear an oxygen mask? I'm sure that after he realized how bad he had looked, he probably needed one... ;)

  5. Anonymous9:23 PM

    Paranoid populism promoted through over simplistic reasoning, half truths,lies and conspiracy theories sells well in Merica. Trump proved that it sells exceptionally well if you can dress it up with a semblance of prestige and prosperity. Poor Ezra... no vision ... trying to charge a subscription membership when he could be selling bogus anything to his gullible audience. That's where the true wealth lies but perhaps bogus product advertising is criminal except in politics or the number of reason challenged Canadians are too few.
    Eza, Leitch and Alexander really need to start thinking BIG; where are the stories and retweets about one of our politicians operating a pedophile ring out of an Ottawa Pizza joint run by a new Canadian? Their Merican "Lock her up" political cousins are running way ahead, guess they will just have to try harder or move to a more receptive environment. Propaganda advisor to Kim J Un would be a good place to start as Trump has filled most of his key positions.

    1. hi RT...yes, I saw someone in our useless MSM call The Rebel Canada's Breitbart. And although I'm sure Ezra has that comment gold-plated by now, it couldn't be more ridiculous. The Rebel still looks like an amateur production, as ratty as ever. And as I said in my post,Levant must have delusions of grandeur....

    2. Ezra's still stunned that Harper didn't gift him with cable-subscriber funds for his SunTV; so he could preach free market ideology from a subsidized pulpit. Moving his operation into his basement must have been a dark day for him.

    3. Ezra's still verklempt about his failure to get cable subscriber funds for his Sun TV circus. It was clear that Harper threw him under a bus instead of forcing the CRTC to subsidize his free market pronouncements from a safe sinecure. The day he had to move his operation into his basement must have been a dark one indeed.


  7. Anonymous7:42 AM

    They are fucking insane.

  8. Iwas smiling because I was trying to think of a way to change the chant.

    Scot Gilmore calls it perfectly That's a perfectly reasonable explanation. Unless, of course, you watched the video.

    That was not an "I'm embarrassed" grin. That was "It's working, the crazies are buying my crap" sort of grin.

    1. Anonymous9:01 PM

      Ignoring the ugly hypocrisy of the "Everyone I don't like is Hitler" treatment Harper got as PM while feigning outrage over this chant would be hilarious if it weren't so pathetic.

  9. Anonymous11:26 AM

    Ezra always struck me as Rush Limbaugh, but without any of the broadcasting savvy. He's so blunt and befuddled that anything he says blows back in his goofy face.

    And if he thinks he's going to go the Glenn Beck route and try to copy The Blaze's business model... got some bad news for Ezra: it's going down in flames.

  10. While Notley should pay attention to the frustration behind the chant I must say that this chanting a tad ridiculous.