Saturday, December 17, 2016

Trying To Come To Terms With The Grim Year 2016

Like so many others I will always remember the year 2016 as an absolute nightmare, an annus horribilis if ever there was one.

A year that began promisingly in the still smouldering ruins of Harperland.

But ended with a world seeming to spin out of control, the agony of Aleppo, and the horror of Donald Trump.

So although I found this Google Year In Search video moving, I don't think it quite captured the nightmare of 2016.

I did like the closing message. We can't get enough love in this hateful world.

And this was the image that best summed up for me the sad state of humanity...

Or best symbolized the beast that resides within so many of us, and demands to be fed even with the blood of the innocent.

But there was no Donald Trump in that video. Not a single picture of the deranged demagogue who forced himself upon us so often this year. And coloured our world an angry orange.

Raging like a maniac, bellowing like a beast or a bigot. And among other things, vowing to keep Syrian refugees like that shattered child out of the United States.

So I think this video better captures how I feel about the grim year 2016.

Stephen Colbert, Michael Stipes from the legendary group R.E.M, and James Franco, singing another version of R.E.M.'s classic song It's the End of the World.

Yes, that's more like it. Although I'm not sure about the "I feel fine" part.

But I'm sure, like the rest of you, I'll soon recover.  

2017 will be a year of resistance. An exiting time, a new beginning. 

Maybe even the beginning of a revolution...

And one thing is for sure eh?

It's gotta be better than the ghastly year 2016 ... 

The deathly right stole this year, but the next one will belong to us. As will the future.

And in the meantime, it's still not the End of the World.

But it is The End of the Week. Thank God almighty.

Have a great weekend everybody...


Anonymous said...

There is no resistance coming in America. A few minorities will rise up and quickly be put down. I'll eat my hat if white progressives get up off their asses. America is lost.

David said...


A Modest Proposal by Aeon 999

David said...

Leonard Cohen - First We Take Manhattan

"I'm coming to reward them. First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin."

Leonard Cohen - Democracy

Anonymous said...

On the bright side this was the year I discovered your blog so it's not all bad.


Simon said...

hi you I can't see into the future, but I think you're wrong. I have never seen such anger out there, and if Trump starts stepping on people's rights, or seriously threatening the war on climate change, there will be resistance and it will take many forms....

Simon said...

hi MC...thank you, that's a nice thing to say. Let's hope you feel the same way next year, and that we both survive what promises to be the scariest year of our lives...